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We can help cover your odd-shaped windows!Windows do more than let natural light and air in. As an architectural detail, they can transform the entire look and feel of a room or entire home. Custom windows come in numerous shapes and sizes, and serve a variety of functions, creating a unique need for specialty window coverings. Before deciding on a custom covering that’s right for your specially designed or odd-shaped windows, here are some things to think about:

Does the window primarily serve as an aesthetic design feature, or do you need to retain some sort of functionality (i.e., does it need to open and close?)?

What direction does the window face (north, south, east, west)?

How much light comes through the window and how do you want to control it?

What level of privacy do you need?

Will the window treatment obstruct or enhance the view outside?

Can the window be reached to easily operate the covering?

If you need suggestions for selecting the right materials and coverings for those hard-to-fit window designs and shapes, just give our Customer Loyalty Team a call at (888) 257-1840 to talk to one of our technical design experts, or chat with one now. In the meantime, here are some examples of odd- or unique-shaped windows and tips for covering them.


Custom made skylight window treatments from SelectBlinds.comFrom popular and practical flat roof windows to soaring, pitched, or angled architectural design features, skylights can dramatically open up any room to let in more natural light. These specialty design elements often speak for themselves without the need for any covering. Depending on your needs, though, for privacy, light control and energy efficiency, there are lots of options for enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of your skylight windows.

We can help you cover your skylights!When selecting window treatments for skylights, consider their location (north, east, south, or west-facing), style (ventilating, fixed, or tubular) and function (do they open and close to provide ventilation as well as views?). Energy-efficient coverings such as light filtering or room darkening cellulars are a great choice for skylights. In addition to controlling the amount of light in a room, the insulating properties of these materials can help control temperature by blocking heat and cold. They also are easily customizable to fit odd-shaped windows, including curved and angled shapes. Think, too, about how to operate coverings for these hard-to-reach windows. Select Blinds offers many products with motorized lift systems for modern, convenient operation via remote control.

See our Buying Guide for skylights for more information.

Arches and Geometrics

There’s nothing like a graceful arch to instantly add architectural detail and interest to a plain window. In fact, arches are so popular, it’s hard to consider them as “odd shaped,” but they are still considered a specialty custom window treatment. What isn’t hard to consider are the unlimited options for decorating arched windows using almost any type of blind or shade.

Let us cover your different types of arched windows!

Traditional arch-shaped window styles include half-moon, sunburst and eyebrow arches. They can go full circle to cover geometric octagonal and trapezoid shaped windows. Cover them in materials from soft to edgy with soft-spun, light filtering or room darkening cellulars and faux wood products, or custom-shaped shutters to create stylish window treatments that are also functional. Depending on the size and location of the window, you can customize with a stationary, moveable, or top down/bottom up window covering to meet your needs. And to keep your design neat and clean, we recommend the use of child-safe cordless lifts, an option Select Blinds offers on every product. 

Specialty Shutters to cover odd shaped windows


Rotating, Stacking and Sliding Doors and Windows

Rotating, Stacking and Sliding Doors and Windows

Unique door and window designs like rotating, folding, stacking and oversized sliders create stunning statements all on their own. Covering these larger expanses of glass can pose a design challenge, depending on the functionality you need and how the door or window operates. Selecting the right window treatment depends on how the door or window opens and moves. Side to side? Inside out? Outside in? Right to left? You also need to consider how wide and deep an opening you have to work with, as that will help determine if you will need to mount the treatment inside or outside of the window or door.

A variety of vertical window coverings can provide the functionality and coverage you need. There are numerous options, from traditional vertical blinds, to modern-looking wide panel tracks, in a range of styles, sizes and materials. Look for durable, energy efficient window coverings that can withstand intense, direct light so your energy costs don’t soar as high as your design. Also consider light filtering, room darkening and blackout liners and fabrics to control light and privacy. Many products we offer also provide the option of hanging two or three blinds on one headrail, which ensures a more streamlined, cohesive appearance with oversized window treatments.


We can cover your sliding glass doors.

If you have any questions, need measuring tips, or you’re ready to order, contact our customer loyalty team at (888) 257-1840 or

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