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Experiencing the seven-year redecorating itch? Scratch it with the timeless beauty and elegance of our Premium Stained Wood Shutters. These exquisite window treatments are exp... More

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Remember: not all windows are exactly the same even if they look it. Please be sure to measure each window before ordering multiple of the same size window covering.
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*Some or all of the features/options may not be available based on your selections or the requested size.

2 Select Mount Type & Size
W "
H "

Mount Type ?
Mount Type
Inside mount means the window coverings will be mounted and hung on the inside of the window frame. Not recommended for shallow windowsills. Outside mount means the window coverings will be mounted and hung outside of the window frame.

Measure width
Measure and Install

Measure height

3 Select Features

Louver Size ?
Louver Size
Choose from a variety of louver sizes, including 2 1/2", 3 1/2", and 4 1/2". The 2 1/2" louvers are ideal for small windows and narrow windowsills, and they're great for door shutters. The 3 1/2" louver is the most popular size. Choose 4 1/2" louvers for large windows with deep window sills. The larger the louver size means the a clearer, less obstructed view to the outside when they are tilted open.
2 1/2"
3 1/2"
4 1/2"
Panel Configuration ?
Panel Configuration
Choose how you want your shutter panels configured, including the number of panels and which sides are hinged. Single panels are ideal for smaller widths, while multiple panels are recommended for wider windows.
1 Left
1 Right
2 Left
1 Left, 1 Right
2 Right
2 Left, 1 Right
2 Left, 2 Right
Feature Unavailable
Min width: 32".
1 Left, 1 Right, T-post, 1 Left, 1 Right
Feature Unavailable
Min width: 36".
Number of Frame Sides ?
Number of Frame Sides
Choose a four sided frame for inside or outside mounted traditional windows. A 3 side frame is used for windows with a hand crank or other obstruction at the bottom, or if the shutter will be used as a door.
4 Sided Frame
4 Sided Frame for Windows w/ Extending Sill
3 Sided Frame
Door Shutter ?
Door Shutter
Will this shutter be used as a door? We will use stronger hinges to prevent bowing and sagging.
Frame Type ?
Frame Type
L Frame is recommended for widnows with existing trim and flush application when inside mounted. A Z Frame is recommended on windows with no existing trim or out of square windows to eliminate light gaps. A Deco Frame is outside mounted and will add a decorative trim to your windows.
Beaded L-Frame
Bullnose Z Frame
2" Z Frame
2" Deco Frame
Tilt Type ?
Tilt Type
Front tilt is the traditional tilt type for shutters. An offset tilt will move the tilt bar to the side, allowing you greater visibility to the outdoors. An invisible tilt moves all tilting components inside the shutter, giving you a clean, streamlined look. To tilt the shutters, simply move one louver and the rest will follow. Depending on your panel configuration, your pricing may change.
Front Tilt
Offset Tilt
Invisible Tilt
Hinge Color ?
Hinge Color
Choose the color of your hinges to match or accent your shutter color.
Dividing Rail ?
Dividing Rail
A dividing rail adds stability to tall panels and separates the louvers into two sections. The tilt bar will be separated allowing you to operate the top and bottom portions independently. Diving rail will be in the center of the shutter.
No Dividing Rail
Dividing Rail
Next to other shutter? ?
Next to other shutter?
Please let us know if this shutter will be next to or in the same room as another shutter in your order. We will make every effort to match the number of louvers per panel and the height of the dividing rail (if necessary) as near as possible.

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*Some or all of the features/options may not be available based on your selections or the requested size.
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Product Information

Description and features

Experiencing the seven-year redecorating itch? Scratch it with the timeless beauty and elegance of our Premium Stained Wood Shutters. These exquisite window treatments are expertly carved from the highly-sustainable Paulowina tree to give you quality, custom craftsmanship that will last for an eternity. Meticulously hand-stained and polished to a high luster in a variety of traditional wood stains, they’re guaranteed to last a lifetime with minimal maintenance. 

Enjoy the distinct, natural grains and characteristics of these terrific timbers in three popular plantation-style sizes: 2-1/2”, 3-1/2” and 4-1/2”. Like they’re painted counterparts, this product is custom crafted and specially treated to reduce shrinking and swelling according to moisture levels where they’re installed. And speaking of installation, you can DIY quickly and easily with pre-installed magnets and hinges, pre-mitered frames and slotted keyholes for simple assembly.

Sustain your style for years to come. Order a free sample (or two or three) today to help the environment – inside and out!

  • Reinforced engineered stiles for more durable shutter support and light blockage between panels
  • Mortise and tendon joinery resists shear and racking forces for prolonged stability and durability
  • Treated with Prescription Wood Conditioning™ technique according to moisture content of final installation location to reduce post-installation shrinking and swelling
  • Pre-installed magnets and hinges, pre-mitered frames and slotted keyholes for easy assembly and installation
  • Child-safe, no cords
  • Free of lead and heavy metal substances
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Free shipping


  • Minimum width: 12"
  • Maximum width: 104"
  • Minimum height: 12"
  • Maximum height: 120"
  • Inside Mount Deductions: 1/8"
  • 36 inch maximum width for single panel
  • For Panels over 66 inches in height, a dividing rail is suggested. For Panels over 78 inches tall, a dividing rail is required
  • Invisible tilt for products over 55" tall will be split, allowing you to tilt the top and bottom halves of louvers independently
  • Dividing rail has a standard height of 3". Up to 2" of deviation from center is acceptable depending on height.
  • Panel locks are brushed-nickel in color.  Placement of locks is typically in the center bottom of the product. Steel hinges are recommended for coordination
  • Ring pull will be color matched to the hinge selection

Measuring Considerations

  • There will be sizable light gaps when ordering the L Frame for inside mount applications on windows with no existing molding. We suggest upgrading to a Z Frame.
  • Min. depth of 2 1/4" is required for 2.5" louver;  Min. depth of 2 7/8" is required for 3.5" louver. Min. depth of 3 1/2" is required for 4.5" louver.
  • Outside mounted products will arrive at ordered width and height. Frame additions are necessary to properly clear window opening and allow the shutter to be installed. Add 4" to window opening measurements for L Frame. Add 5 1/2 " for 2" Deco Frame (If window has protruding window sill, add only 2" to height for L Frame and 2 3/4" to height for Deco Frame).
  • When ordering adjacent shutters in the same room, to achieve a uniform appearance you must specify that all adjacent shutters and their divider rails be built exactly the same height. If the measurements of the products differ slightly, apply one of the three options:
    1) For outside mounts, increase the ordered height of the smaller ones to equal the taller ones.
    2) For inside mounts, reduce the ordered height of the taller ones to equal the smaller ones (not recommended for L Frame).
    3) For inside mounts with height differences of 1/2" or more, change to an outside mount.
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