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Made of elegantly textured sheer fabrics and thoughtfully designed by Carriann Johnson, the @Home Collection 2 ½” Sheer Light Filtering Treatments consist of horizontal vanes in between the two sheer layers. These stylish shades combine the look and functionality of both horizontal blinds and shades. The sheer fabric gently filters the light, bathing your home in a soft, warm glow. Choose from 5 classic neutral colors to perfectly accentuate your current interior design.

Now 100% Cordless! The elegance of the @Home Collection 2 ½” Sheer Light Filtering Treatments will take your style and décor to the next level. They come standard with an easy-to-use cordless lift system.  We also offer a cordless motorized wand, which provides a sleek and modern look, at no additional cost. Ideal for those hard-to-reach windows, modern convenience, and for those with limited mobility, choose the remote-operated motorization lift style.  No matter the choice, you are sure to impress with these treatments. The combination of modern functionality and traditional simplicity has never been so stylish.


  • 2 1/2 inch vanes combine the light control of a horizontal blind with the look of a fabric shade.
  • These shades with larger vanes are ideal for large windows and allow for a more unobstructed view to the outside.
  • Cordless lift easily raises and lowers the shade.  The bottom rail controls the tilt of the vanes.
  • All colors match our 2 inch Sheer Light Filtering Shades.
  • Conforms with C.P.S.C. child safety guidelines.
  • Made in the USA!
  • Light filtering fabric blocks 87% of UV rays when vanes are open and 99% when vanes are closed.
  • Privacy Factor: 3.5 out of 5

Motorization Details

  • Simplicity EZ Motorization
  • Remote will lower shade to full drop position and then open the vanes.  You can adjust vanes slightly by gently tapping the up or down button.  A single remote can operate up 5 individual shades on separate channels.  You can program multiple shades on same channel as long as they are in proximity to each other (approx. 230 ft).  You can hit the ALL button and operate all shades at the same time. You can also program a "favorites" position for each shade. At the touch of a button you can raise or lower each shade to their favorite position. Typical rule is to have one remote per room
  • Battery wand for motorized shades is 17" long and can be mounted to the back of head rail or to the wall near the shade. The wand comes with 8 alkaline batteries housed in the wand.  Depending on the size of the shade and the amount of use, batteries could last up to 18 months.  You can change to lithium batteries to extend the life.

Recommendations and Limitations

  • Outside mount head rail will be ordered width plus 3/16". Fabric will measure ordered width minus ¾".
  • Inside mount head rail will measure ordered width minus 3/16". Fabric will measure ordered width minus 1 1/8".
  • All Shades will come with the Ultra Sleek Plus head rail. Dimensions are 3 3/8" Height by 3 3/4" Depth.
  • All cassettes will be color coordinated with a matching fabric insert.  Colors Birdseye, Earthen, Ecru and Ryegrass will have an Ivory cassette.  Cambric will have a White cassette.
  • Single headrail can be made up to 96" wide.
Specifications and Installation
Width 15" - 192" *
Height 15" - 120"
Min inside-mount depth 1 1/8"
Min flush-mount depth 3 3/4"
Min outside-mount space 1"
Headrail dimensions 3 3/8" H x 3 3/4" D

* Wider widths are available utilizing multiple shades mounted side by side.

Product Reviews
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Love our sheer shades by 05-23-2016

Great product, looks very elegant in our master bedroom.. We love the motorized wands and easy installation. We wished we would have ordered the remote since we have 5 sheer shades to open in the morning!

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Awesome Shades by 01-10-2017

These shades aren't cheap, but they are well worth it. We have never had so many compliments on any window treatments. When we grab the remote and drop blinds people are in awe of the beauty, quality, and mechanics. Our great room overlooks our woods and pond so we didn't want to block the view, but we needed something so I wouldn't make the neighbor sick when walking around in my underwear! These were the perfect solution. Almost unnoticeable when up; sheer and elegant when down, but open; and provides privacy when down and closed. We went with the remote control, motorized option. Again, well worth it. There are 4 large blinds so it would be a pain to open and close them. The remote is great. It has 5 different settings so you can control all of the blinds or one side of the room or individual blinds. I had to call to get help with the programming, but it was pretty easy when they walked me through the process. I was stubborn so I wouldn't call and was getting frustrated. Suck it up and call. Customer Support is outstanding and very helpful. Battery life has been outstanding; after 3 years we are yet to replace the AA batteries. I was initially concerned because each blind has 8 batteries so that is 32 in total. I am writing this review three years after getting the blinds because I came back and bought these for another room.

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