Select Roman Shades

Select Roman Shades

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Touchable texture best defines the feel of these rich looking Romans. They come with a free standard or upgraded blackout liner to meet your needs for light and privacy.

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for 24" x 36"
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1 Selected Color: Duneland White

For a true color comparison, please order a free sample. Color of shade may appear darker than sample with the addition of a liner.
Duneland White
Essential Collection | Priced at $108.59
Lifestyle Collection | Priced at $121.19
*Some or all of the features/options may not be available based on your selections or the requested size.

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Lift Cord Location
Lift Cord Location
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Remote controls for motorized products are an additional cost. Min. 1 remote required per order. Select 1 remote for first shade. Select No Remote when adding additional shades to your cart. Single (1)-channel remote recommended when ordering just one shade. Multi-channel remote recommended to operate multiple shades with one device.
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*Some or all of the features/options may not be available based on your selections or the requested size.
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Why You'll Love Them

Rich Fabrics
Rich Fabrics
Linen or metallic finishes in quality polyester blends
Classic Patterns
Classic Patterns
Floral and Greek Key designs plus soft, neutral colors

How They'll Help You

When it comes to designing any space, you know there's more to it than picking out fun accessories. You need to factor in ‘unseen’ details, like light and privacy levels and how they play into the look of a room. That’s part of the fun part, too, though, because there are so many window covering options to accessorize with.

Roman style window treatments are a great option for almost any space, from she-sheds to formal dining rooms. Depending on the fold style, fabric and color, they play well with any design theme, from urban chic to fancy formal. In traditional floral patterns or modern metallic colors, you can take your design in any direction with Select Romans.

Touchable texture best defines the look and feel of these rich-looking custom Roman blinds. High quality woven synthetic blends of metallic, linen and silk-like finishes add a touch of class to any room. For a really high-end custom look, coordinate them with the same fabrics found in Select Custom Drapes and Curtains.

Available in modern pleated or full, upgraded soft folds, they bring style and grace to any space. Pair them with patterned and solid cloth edge bindings to trim your treatments in a truly custom look. For that final designer-inspired touch, add your own custom accent pieces made from Select Fabric By the Yard in coordinating colors and patterns.

These quality-constructed Roman window coverings come fully lined with a standard light-filtering liner (To better protect your privacy and in rooms you want to keep darker, change it out for an optional blackout liner). Cords on the corded lift are accessible from behind the fabric for an uncluttered look on the front. Optional cordless lifts feature pleat stiffeners to keep folds smooth and uniform when raising and lowering. For a uniquely stylized look, especially over several windows in the same room, upgrade to a corded top down bottom up lift system. Lift and lower your Romans from the bottom or the top to easily adjust your light and privacy needs on each window. With an upgraded motorized lift, control one or multiple shades separately or together with a 1-, 6-, or 16-channel remote. Added bonus: You can pair with the SelectConnect Bridge, which integrates with the free Bond Home app, and/or with Amazon Alexa/Echo and Google Home. Open and close your new Roman shades using your smartphone or tablet. You can also completely automate your window coverings with voice commands. Set them on your schedule to open and close at once, by room, section of your home, or individually. Find out first hand the joys of automating your window coverings!

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Concerned about getting the correct color, pattern or material? Don't be. We'll send you up to 15 free samples of any product so you can order with confidence and know exactly what your custom color will look and feel like. And we'll ship them to you for free!
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Happy Customers

"These were easy to measure, easier to install and look great! The two included screws were all it took to hang them. Shipping was quick. The free samples helped us make our color selections. Our room now looks complete with the addition of three Romans, which add character and class at a reasonable price."
- Ken G., Collingswood, NJ

"This is one of my best purchases ever! Recently moved and this item made my kitchen window so beautiful.great quality and easy installation. I placed the order then wanted to swap the color. Customer service was excellent!! And shipping was super fast. Don’t hesitate! You will be happy with your decision."
- McKenna F., Old Saybrook, CT

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  • Factory deducts 1/4” on inside mount orders to ensure proper fit. DO NOT adjust for this in your measurements. Deductions may vary +/- 1/8".
  • Outside mounts with continuous cord loop, corded top down bottom up, or motorization will be 1" wider at the headrail than ordered width.
  • Shades over 58" wide and 58" high with continuous cord loop will have minimum flush mount depth of 3- 3/4".
  • Multiple shade orders of different heights may not have the same size pleats. We recommend ordering all shades using the longest length in the room.
  • Corded Top Down Bottom Up lift will have a valance for both inside and outside mount. Continuous Cord Loop lift and Motorization lift will have a valance for outside mount only. Corded and Cordless lift systems will not have a valance on both inside or outside mount.
  • All Corded Top Down Bottom Up shades ordered with a Blackout Liner will have a small light gap at the top of the shade between the headrail and fabric. The valance will cover this gap, but some light may show through.
  • Corded top down bottom up products come with lift cord on right and top down cords on left.
  • The length of the bottom pleat will range between 3" - 9" depending on the total length of the shade.
  • Soft Fold and Pleated Fold will cause some discontinuity in the pattern due to pleats.
  • Pleated Fold with a Blackout liner will have Blackout Strips applied to the rear of each pleat to cover light gaps caused by pinholes.
  • Lift cords are located on back of shade for a clean, uncluttered look on front.
  • With all lift systems, bottom pleat may not fully retract with other pleats when fully raised.
  • Fabric color can vary from one dye lot to another. To ensure all materials are from same dye lot, please place orders for multiple coverings at the same time.
  • Fabric Roman window coverings may appear wrinkled after installation. Most minor wrinkling will smooth out after hanging for several days. For quicker results, use a garment steamer or iron on the back of the shade, being careful to avoid direct contact with the fabric.
  • Hold down brackets are not available on this product.
  • Coverings over 48” wide will have vertical seams.
  • Edge binding is 2" wide.
  • Motorized options for this product are not covered under our FIT Guarantee.


Romans Angle
Romans Straight
  • 13" - 115" Corded Lift
  • 13" - 115" Corded Top Down Bottom Up
  • 13" - 115" Continuous Cord Loop
  • 18" - 84" Cordless Lift
  • 23" - 72" Motorization
  • 16" - 120" Corded Lift
  • 24" - 120" Corded Top Down Bottom Up
  • 25" - 120" Continuous Cord Loop
  • 18" - 84" Cordless Lift
  • 24" - 72" Motorization
  • 1 1/4" Corded Lift
  • 2" Corded Top Down Bottom Up
  • 2" Continuous Cord Loop
  • 1 1/2" Cordless Lift
  • 2" Motorization
  • 1 1/2" Corded Lift
  • 2 1/4" Corded Top Down Bottom Up
  • 2 3/4" Continuous Cord Loop (under 58"W x 58"H)
  • 3 3/4" Continuous Cord Loop (over 58"W x 58"H)
  • 2 1/4" Cordless Lift
  • 2 3/4" Motorization (under 58"W x 58"H)
  • 3 3/4" Motorization (over 58"W x 58"H)
  • 1" Corded Lift
  • 1 1/2" Continuous Cord Loop
  • 1 1/2" Corded Top Down Bottom Up
  • 1 3/8" Cordless
  • 1 3/8" Motorization
  • 3/4" H x 1 1/4" D Corded Lift
  • 3/4" H x 2" D Corded Top Down Bottom Up
  • 3/4" H x 2 1/4" D Continuous Cord Loop (under 58"W x 58"H)
  • 3/4" H x 3 1/4" D Continuous Cord Loop (over 58"W x 58"H)
  • 2" H x 2" D Cordless Lift
  • 3/4" H x 2 1/4" D Motorization (under 58"W x 58"H)
  • 3/4" H x 3 1/4" D Motorization (over 58"W x 58"H)

Motorization Details

  • Motorization remote is not included and at least one remote is needed per order. Motorization charger comes standard.
  • Add a 1-channel remote which can operate on a single frequency or upgrade to a 6-channel and 16-channel remote available at additional cost. When upgrading to multi-channel/frequency remote, please select 'No Remote' for any additional motorized shades you want to add to and power with it.
Motorization Instructions
  • 1 channel remote can operate up to 1 shade. If you have more than 1 shade to operate on a single remote we recommend 6 channel or 16 channel remote.
  • 6 channel remote can operate up to 1 shade on each channel for a total of 6 shades.
  • 16 channel remote can operate up to 1 shade on each channel for a total of 16 shades.
  • Battery operated white remote comes included with a lithium battery CR 2032 – 3v.
  • Remote reaches from approximately 260 feet away from shade.
  • Add-on SelectConnect Bridge allows you to operate your motorized shade with Alexa and the free downloadable Bond Home app. Available for both iOS and Android systems.
Motorization Instructions
Product Reviews
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Another perfect experience all around

I’m a long time customer with only great experiences time after time. Yes the products are pricey even with the sales pricing. I couldn’t afford them without the sales. But the quality and craftsmanship is top notch every single time. And the Roman shades last for years! I love Select Blinds and will continue to use only this company for all my window treatments.

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Love my New Shades

I love them. I have purchased all my Roman Shades through Select Blinds. This is my second pair for my living room, as I wanted to have the option top down/bottom up. Fast delivery and easy to install. So happy with the samples, it made it much easier to decided which fabric and print to choose.

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Great Shades for the Price

I love these shades. This order makes the fifth, sixth and seventh time I've ordered this product and would absolutely recommend. My only issue, one that I have been able to resolve but may be an issue for some is that the mounting brackets don't have screw holes that align with my my interior window stiles and I have to drill new holes in each bracket.

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Roman shades

Love my bedroom blinds! I’ve had temporary blinds up for a year because I couldn’t find anything I liked. Saw an ad for Select Blinds and checked them out. Website was very easy to use, so many varieties and choices! Great at updating me throughout the process including delivery. Received them sooner than expected. Husband had both of them up within 45 minutes and they look so nice. Great quality! Showed them to my sister-in-law and now she’s buying some. I will be ordering again for my other rooms!

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