Adjustable Roman Door Shades

Adjustable Roman Door Shades

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The quick solution for French door coverings, for any occasion. You’ll love the ease and versatility of these fold-up, elegant Roman shades, in dozens of color options. More

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for 24" x 36"
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3.8 (65 Reviews)

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1 Selected Color: Midnight Black

For a true color comparison, please order a free sample. Color of shade may appear darker than sample with the addition of a liner.
Midnight Black
Casual Collection | Priced at $30.79
Classic Collection | Priced at $52.79
Rustic Collection | Priced at $52.79
*Some or all of the features/options may not be available based on your selections or the requested size.

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Mount Type
Outside mount means the window coverings will be mounted and hung outside of the window frame, making it ideal for shallow windowsills or for more complete light blockage by reducing the halo effect.
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Why You'll Love Them

Lift Options
Quick Decorative Solution
Solve decoration dilemmas with no-tool installation and removal
Vast Color Assortment
Quality, easy-install, and budget-friendly; swap different colors out for any season or occasion
  • Great For Doors
  • Budget Frinedly
  • Kid Friendly
  • Great For Shallow Windows

How They'll Help You

The Adjustable Roman Door Shade is the perfect quick solution that doesn’t have to be a permanent decision. Make preparing for guests simple with a Roman Shade that is stylish, budget-friendly and easy to install.

You can rest assured that our Adjustable Roman Door Shades can provide that quick and smooth transformation of your doors with windows, so you can relax in your space with fewer things to worry about. Roman shades have a classic, stylish look and feel, and have a way of dressing up a room. They are also highly functional in terms of managing your natural light and privacy. Keep things interesting with a simple design that offers literally dozens of color options, along with different roll-up vs. fold presentation options. They can work wonders for apartments, too, allowing you to trade in those hard vinyl vertical blinds for something much more gentle and stylish. These Roman shades feature the easy versatility of a casual look to a more polished look depending on how you fold them or the fabrics you choose.

Adjustable Roman Door Shades are made to look amazing in any environment. Fit them seamlessly into numerous décor styles such as traditional, contemporary, or modern. You’ll love how easy these shades are to install and uninstall with no tools or hardware (they attach with a self-adhesive strip). They’re easy even just to change out for a different color and look, whenever you might be in the mood for a change.

These adjustable door coverings come standard with ties and a matching fabric valance included.

One of the most attractive features of these Adjustable Roman Door Shades is how well they coordinate with other window treatments we offer in similar colors and designs, like: Classic Roman Shades, Classic Grommet Drapes/Curtains, Rustic Americana Roman Shades, Rustic Americana Curtains, Modern Roman Shades, Modern Grommet Drapes/Curtains, and Casual Pleated Roman Shades.

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Happy Customers

"I bought these Roman Blinds for my french doors, and my front and side door windows. They were simple to install and they look beautiful! They are well made and provide the right amount of privacy and sun control for my home."
- Lynne, Newnan, GA

"Although I am a Professional Interior Designer, these were purchased for my home. So easy!! I needed some thing for a front door with a window. There were blinds on the door when I moved in and absolutely hated the banging and the look of the blinds. The shade lays flat against the door, required no hardware to hang, and looks very nice. I can unroll it and have privacy when needed, and open it up daily to let in the sunshine!!"
- Terri, Owasso, OK

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  • 6” Valance comes standard on Adjustable Roman Door Shades.
  • Number of straps varies by width. Shades with widths up to 37 1/2" will receive two straps, widths 37 1/2"-61" receive three straps, and widths 61"-84" receive four straps.
  • We recommend 4+ inches be added to the width of your shade when outside mounting to prevent light gaps.
  • We do not recommend installing Adjustable Roman Door Shades directly to your window pane.
  • The length of the straps on Adjustable Roman Door Shades does not allow for them to fold all the way up, and fabric will always cover approximately 1/4 of the door.
  • Hold down brackets are not available on this product.
  • Color of shade will be seen from exterior.
  • The following fabrics have an additional layer, resulting in less light transparency: Golden Ecru, Seaglass, Robins Nest, Rainstorm, and Midnight Blue
  • Fabric color can vary from one dye lot to another. To ensure that all materials are from the same dye lot, please order shades for the same room at the same time.
  • Fabric Roman shades may have wrinkles in the material after installation. Most minor wrinkling will smooth out over several days. For quicker results, you can use a garment steamer on the back of the shade, being careful to avoid direct contact with the fabric.
  • Mounting adhesive is most effective on smooth, clean surfaces, and is less effective on textured surfaces like walls or raw wood. For any application, clean the surface well and allow it to dry fully before mounting for best adhesion.


Romans Angle
Romans Straight
  • 24" - 84"
  • 36" - 96"
  • 1"
Product Reviews
65 Reviews 3.8 Average Write a Review
Great product and price

Great product made from quality products. Easy to install and looks great. Very reasonable price.

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Roman Shade

This product exceeded my expectations. Such amazing quality and great pricing. Perfect addition to my patio door where I didn’t want to always have it covered but if privacy needed there’s something. Super easy to install!

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Perfect Adjustable Roman Door Shades

This adjustable Roman door shade is perfect. Just make sure to add an inch on all sides of your measurements.

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Great product!

Purchased these for a glass patio door. Didn’t want to drill holes and install curtains, and don’t want to use privacy film. I wanted something for privacy as well as light blocking, and these are perfect!!!!! These panels are great heavy quality ! I was actually worried about the heaviness of the panels and staying. But the Velcro has held strong! Happy with my purchase!

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