Gives Away Over 82,000 Free Cord Cleats Menu is serious about child safety. While all their products are CPSC safety compliant and safety devices are sent with each corded product, after the news early last year of four more children losing their lives to corded window covering accidents, they knew they had to do even more.

Select Blinds has created a  free cord cleat program open to all consumers, both customers and non-customers. Consumers can request free cord cleats for every corded window covering in their houses. Cord cleats are small, easy-to-install safety devices that allow dangling cords to be wrapped up and kept out of the reach of children. So far, Select Blinds has already sent over 82,000 cord cleats to families with small children, giving parents the tools they need to keep their children safe.

In their official announcement of the new program, Select Blinds said:

The loss of a single child is too many, so we are taking our commitment to safety one step further. Effective immediately, we are offering free cord cleats to everyone, whether they are a SelectBlinds' customer or not, for their current corded window coverings. We're taking a stand, and we invite you to stand with us to help prevent injuries and save lives.

But that's not all they're doing to try and protect children from preventable window covering cord accidents. "In the future, cord cleats already sent with corded blinds will be distinctly packaged with improved safety information, making them impossible to ignore." In addition to the new attention-grabbing packaging, Select Blinds has updated the cord cleat and cord tensioner-the safety device for products with continuous cord loops-installation instructions to ensure they're easy to follow, concise, and straightforward. While the cord cleat isn't essential to the window covering's functionality, it is the most important piece, a piece that has the ability to change and save lives.

To further spread the word about window covering cord safety, teamed up with Safe Kids Worldwide and Safe Kids Day. In 26 years, the Safe Kids Worldwide organization has helped reduce the childhood death rate in the United States related to preventable injuries, like window covering cord accidents, by 55%.

Great progress has been made, but every child's life is precious, and that's why Select Blinds is devoted to educating and informing the public and providing them with the safety devices they need to protect their children. Select Blinds stands firm that the best way to protect children is to choose cordless blinds and shades, but they want to make sure every home is safe, even those with corded window coverings.

Based out of the Phoenix, Arizona metro area, specializes in custom-fit window coverings for every budget. Because of their firm stance on child safety, all their cellular, roman, and roller shades offers a free cordless upgrade. They believe that parents shouldn't pay extra to keep their children safe.

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