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Measuring the Width

Measure Drapery
  • If you already have a drapery rod, measure the distance between the finials (the decorative ends of the drapery rod).
  • If you already have a track, measure the total length of the track.
  • If you do not already have a rod or track, then you will need to determine the total width that you would like your drapery to cover.
    • Measure the width of the window, including the window frame/trim if applicable.
    • When measuring the width to be covered, we recommend that you add between 4”-8” allowance to each side of the window measurement. You can add even more allowance if you want to create the effect of a wider window.
      • By doing this, when the curtains are open they will not block as much of the glass and it will allow more light and make the window appear larger.
      • Also, by adding these extra inches to the width, it will extend the drapery coverage and help keep out extra light when they are closed.

Measuring the Length

  • If your drapery rod is not already in place, you will first need to determine the height at which you want to place your drapery rod.
    • Measure from a minimum of 4” and maximum of 12” above the top of your window (not including tabs or rings) to create a professional look and to give the illusion of height. This will become the placement height of your drapery rod.
    • Pleats and grommets are included in the length you order.

Pleated Drapery 

  • If you are using metal clip rings, you will need to adjust the panel length.
    • Eyelet + clip adds 3" of length, so you need to deduct 3" from the panel length.
    • Eyelet only adds 2" of length, so you need to deduct 2" from the panel length.

Grommet Drapery 

  • Measure from the top of the rod to the bottom where you would like the drape to end.
    • The final panel measurement will be from upper inside of the grommet to the bottom of the panel.
  • The finished panel length you provide (rounded up to the nearest 1/8") will be the exact measurement the drapery panel will be made to.

Drapery Panel Length Tips:

  • You can specify any length desired rounded up to the nearest 1/8".
  • For uneven floors, make sure to measure each side and submit the longest measurement.
  • For floor length drapes, you have some options:
    • A classic, clean look is to have the drapes end ½” above the floor or just touching the floor.
    • For a more luxurious look, you can add 1”- 10” to the drapery panel length so that they “puddle” on the floor.
      • 1” Puddle is sometimes called a “trouser break.” It is a clean look that just touches the floor.
      • 2”-4” Puddle is a more common puddle length with just a slight spilling of fabric onto the floor.
      • 5”-8” Puddle creates a full look with enough fabric to fan the fabric over the floor.
      • 10”+ Puddle is the most luxurious and is typically used in very formal settings.
      • Puddling is not recommended for drapes that will be open and closed on a regular basis.
  • For sill length drapes, you need to decide if you want the length to the sill or just below the sill.
    • If you choose “to the sill,” measure the length to the top of the sill.
    • If you choose “below the sill,” measure the length an inch or two below the bottom of the sill.

Grommet Panels

Grommet Panels
  • Easy, elegant way to update any room.
  • Hang from 1-1/4" diameter metal  rod. Grommet size is 1-1/2" diameter.
  • Grommet colors available: Satin Nickel or Antique Brass 
  • Standard panel comes unlined on all products. Classic, Essential, Modern and Architect panels available with free privacy liner or upgrade to blackout liner. Privacy and blackout liners available as upgrade options on Lifestyle, Luxe and Select panels.
  • Sold as a single panels.
  • Final length will be measured from the upper inside of the grommet to the floor (no deductions taken at factory).
  • Bottom hem is 4". Side hems are 1-1/2".
  • Fullness varies by product, please check the product description for more information.
  • Where available, please make sure you are ordering the decorative rod to match the grommet finish.

Pleated Drapes

Pleated Drapes
  • Pinch pleated drapes are used with a traverse rod (not included) that is operated by a cord.
  • Sold as single panels.
  • The operation of the traverse rod is very similar to that of a vertical blind.
  • When ordering for a traverse rod with a split draw, order the total width needed and it will automatically be split into two panels. One-way draw will have a single panel in the width ordered.
  • Length provided will be the length delivered. Pleat included in length. Usual and customary to specify length as 1/2" off floor.
  • Bottom hem is 4". Side hems are 1-1/2" inches.
  • Standard panel comes unlined on Lifestyle, Luxe and Select panels. Privacy and blackout liners available as upgrade options.
  • Recommended for frequent opening and closing. Hang from traversing hardware, or by rings on decorative rod.
  • When ordering decorative rods, please make sure to order the rings that the drapes will attach to.
  • Drapes do not come pre-pinned.


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