2" Designer Contemporary Faux Woods

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It's hard to tell the difference between these and real wood blinds. But these hard-working faux woods are the real thing for long-lasting looks and use on windows and doors. More

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  • Pecan
  • Oak
  • Deep Cherry
  • Chestnut
  • Beechwood
  • Light Grey Cobblestone
  • Stonewash
  • Weathered Pewter
  • Dark Grey Canyon
  • Sandstone
  • Dark Walnut
*Some or all of the features/options may not be available based on your selections or the requested size.

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Mount Type ?
Mount Type
Inside mount means the window coverings will be mounted and hung on the inside of the window frame, or the ceiling. Not recommended for shallow windowsills. Outside mount means the window coverings will be mounted and hung outside of the window frame, making it ideal for shallow windowsills or for more complete light blockage by reducing the halo effect.
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Room Name

You may enter a room name to help you specify where each blind goes. Each blind will be labeled accordingly when they arrive from shipping.

3 Select Your Features

Easy Lift System
Corded Lift
Tilt Type
Slats are rotated by twisting the tilt wand or pulling the tilt cords.
Tilt Type
Tilt Type
Slats are rotated by twisting the tilt wand or pulling the tilt cords.
Tilt Type
This product is considered child safe when cordless or motorized lift options are selected. We strongly recommend one of these kid friendly lift options for homes with children or pets.
Headrail Option
Standard Headrail
2 Blinds on 1 Headrail
*Why is this unavailable?
Feature Unavailable
2 Blinds on 1 Headrail is not available for blinds under 48" wide.
Hold Down Brackets ?
Hold Down Brackets
Brackets to hold down window covering to minimize movement
Hold down brackets secure the window covering to the wall or to a door, limiting the window covering's movement when the door is open, for example. These are for outside mounts only.
Extension Brackets ?
Extension Brackets
Use extension brackets if you have an outside mount and your window frame protrudes too far and is in the way. Extension brackets will give you extra depth so you can mount them properly. Extension Brackets are unavailable with Inside Mount.
Spacer Blocks ?
Spacer Blocks
This is for outside mount only! Spacer blocks add clearance for the blinds if window trim is in the way.
*Some or all of the features/options may not be available based on your selections or the requested size.
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Remember: not all windows are exactly the same even if they look it. Please be sure to measure each window before ordering multiple of the same size window covering..
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Product Information

Why You'll Love Them

Lift/lower sturdy slats with optional Cordless Lift & Lock™
Designer Colors
Designer Colors
Fresh-cut contemporary colors, accents fit any decor
  • Designers Choice
  • Great For Doors
  • Made In USA

How They'll Help You

You can tell how old a tree is by counting the number of rings in the cut wood. If only telling the difference between real and faux wood window treatments were that easy. Especially with these tip-top 2" Designer Faux Wood Blinds window coverings.

It may be hard to tell the forest from the trees, but if it’s the quality look of real wood you really love and want on your windows, you won’t be disappointed with these formidable fauxs. With the long-lasting durability of the sturdiest oak, these top of the line faux wood window treatments will never go out of style.

These high-impact horizontal window coverings are made of durable, high-quality PVC. Moisture- and fade-resistant and easy to clean, you’ll enjoy years of use without worrying about the wear and tear of traditional wood blinds.

These designer-favorite faux wood window coverings have been featured on Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours to Hell and Back. So you know they can take the heat in the kitchen or any other room in your home. They come in timeless wood-hewn hues and fresh, contemporary colors with a wood-grain look to add top-notch design to any décor.

A sleek, modern contoured valance gives these handsome faux wood horizontals a sophisticated finishing touch to tie rooms together. Create even more dynamic window designs by hanging two blinds on one headrail under a single valance. This headrail option allows you to operate each one separately for customized light and privacy control. Complete your custom look with the addition of decorative cloth tape in coordinating or contrasting accents. (A great option, too, for covering the little pinholes of light coming through the cord holes in the slats.)

Easy to install, you can count on years of dependable performance from a corded lift or optional cordless Lift & Lock™. Raise, lower and lock your window treatments in place with the touch of a button on the handle. Not only does the cordless option keep children and pets safe from dangling cords, along with the clear diamond wand tilt, it also gives windows a seamless, uncluttered look.

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Concerned about getting the correct color, pattern or material? Don't be. We'll send you up to 15 free samples of any product so you can order with confidence and know exactly what your custom color will look and feel like. And we'll ship them to you for free!
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Happy Customers

"I have a big picture window I wanted one blind for. It’s 94” wide and I couldn’t find any that size till I found SelectBlinds.com. I have had so many people come in my home and comment on how nice it is. It was super easy to hang and so simple to order. The price was $100 cheaper than Lowe’s. I would recommend SelectBlinds to anyone. They sent emails throughout the process letting me know updates and tracking when it’s shipped. A+ product and company."
- Joni, Pauls Valley, OK

"This is by the best blind I’ve bought anywhere on this planet !!! It’s so welll made and luxurious. Transforms my bathroom to something like in million dollar homes! It’s so good I’m contemplating changing all the shades to blinds in my house. Superior , excellent blind in black ."
- Pam B., Jurupa Valley, CA

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  • Wand tilt available with Cordless Lift & Lock™ lift system.
  • Blinds 17-7/8" net width and under must have split controls. Tilt and lift controls cannot be on the same side.
  • Headrail and slats made 1/2" smaller than width ordered on an inside mount.
  • Valance and slats may not perfectly match due to dye lots.
  • Inside mount valances will have 1/8" deduction.
  • Decorative cloth tapes are 1 1/2" wide.
  • Due to weight, multiple blinds on one headrail is recommended for widths over 84".
  • Lift cords must be located on the outer side of 2 Blinds on 1 Headrail to allow for cord cleat installation.
  • Product is not eligible for 24-hour hold time. Changes/cancellations are not guaranteed once order is placed.


Rollers Angle
Rollers Straight
  • 13" - 96" Corded Lift
  • 13" - 96" Cordless Lift & Lock™
  • 12" - 108" Corded Lift
  • 12" - 84" Cordless Lift & Lock™
  • 1 1/8" All Lift Styles
  • 3" All Lift Styles
  • 2 1/4" All Lift Styles
  • 2" x 2 1/4" All Lift Styles
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