Faux Wood Blinds
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Faux Wood Blinds

#1 top seller! Real-wood look for less.
2" Designer Faux Wood Blinds

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Signature 2" Faux Wood Blinds
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  • Value with longevity
  • Most popular white colors
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2" Premium Faux Wood Blinds
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  • Easy-install magnetic valance
  • Manufactured in America
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NEW Premier 2" Faux Wood Blinds
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  • Cordless Lift & Lock™ Available
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2" SelectWave Cordless Faux Wood Blinds
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  • Made in 2 Days
  • One touch lift & tilt. No cords or wand
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Designer Contemporary 2" Faux Wood Blinds
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  • Modern dark hues
  • Crown or contoured valance
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2" Designer Faux Wood Blinds
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  • Best light & privacy control
  • Durable & low-maintenance
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1 1/2" Cordless Faux Wood Blinds
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  • 3" crown valance included
  • Ideal for doors & shallow windows
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Good Housekeeping 2" Polymer Plus
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  • GH seal of approval
  • Sturdy and dependable
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Faux Woods

In days past, faux wood products used to look like cheap plastic. Thankfully, those days are long gone. Modern faux wooden products look just as great as real wood, and they’re more budget friendly than other blinds. Faux wood window treatments are affordable, but that doesn’t mean they’re cheaply made. Faux slats are actually more sturdy and durable than real wood, making them a perfect choice if you have children. This durability means they will last a long time and give you your money’s worth. If you want window treatments that can withstand extra attention, faux wood is the best choice. And because they’re vinyl, they are moisture and humidity-resistant, making them perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, and in homes that are in high humidity climates.

Bargain hunters will love the economical fauxwood products. They’re low-cost, and with these window treatments, your money goes a long way when you custom order from SelectBlinds.com. Just remember: Faux wood is where affordability meets durability.

Faux wood vinyl slats are warp-resistant and some have UV ratings as high as 500. This high of a UV rating means that the faux slats will maintain their color instead of yellowing or fading with heat or direct sunlight.

Faux Wood Options for Your Windows

Slat Sizes
There are a couple of slat sizes available in faux wood, including 1 1/2” and 2”. Because these horizontal window coverings come in a variety of slat sizes, you’re sure to find the perfect size for your home. If you’re looking for faux wood vertical window treatments, they come with 3 1/2" slats. This will provide a cohesive look to all your verticals. If you’re looking for a way to distinguish your windows from each other, there are many color options to choose from.

Color Choices
Depending on the specific faux wood product you choose, there are up to 15 different color choices for each option. Even though the slats on faux wood verticals only come in one size, it doesn’t mean you’re limited when it comes to color choices. This is where you can really personalize your windows to match your décor and style.

Decorative Cloth Tape
Another popular option with faux woods is the decorative cloth tape. By mixing your slat sizes, color choices, and decorative cloth options, you can order a customized, unique product for every room in your house. Decorative cloth tape will give your faux slats an elegant and streamlined look. This provides your windows with just a little something extra to set them apart from the rest.

Multiple Units on One Headrail
If you have a large window or you want to use faux wood or fake wood window treatments on sliding glass or patio doors, multiple units can be added to one headrail. For a large window, having up to two or three units on one headrail will give a look of continuity. This makes the coverings easier to install and manage compared to one extremely large covering. For patio or sliding glass doors, using multiple products on the same headrail will allow you keep the door’s functionality, because you can choose which sections to raise or lower.

Lift Systems
Many of our faux wood window treatments come standard with a cordless lift system. They can be easily raised and lowered by pushing and pulling on the bottom rail or on the Lift & Lock™ button. Cordless faux wood products are ideal if you have children, and they conform to the CPSC child safety guidelines.

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