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Phoenix, AZ (Nov. 7, 2005) – With winter's frigid temperatures near in some parts of the country, homeowners are mastering indoor décor for entertainment, comfort and function., one of the Internet's leaders in window treatments, offers tips on what to consider when selecting and installing blinds in a variety of home and room options.

Blinds and shades play an incredible role to emphasize the character and feel of a room, while improving comfort levels. Choosing the perfect style and color of window treatment to decorate a room can make a distinct first impression when walking into a room. Winter is a perfect time for indoor fix-ups and easy home improvement tasks.

Show Some Attitude With Color
A splash of color is the perfect remedy for dull walls or windows. When choosing a color scheme, consider how natural light will affect the aesthetics, especially considering the room's main use. recommends these types of blinds to stimulate the impression a room:

- sheer shades come in eight different colors and gently filter the sun, combining the light control of a horizontal blind with the delicate beauty of a fabric shade.

- In fifteen different colors, vertical blinds can be used as a sophisticated substitute for draperies in any room with a variety of colors, styles and textures.

- Roman shades come in thirteen colors and add sophistication with either light filter or blackout styles.

Step Back, Get Perspective of The Room
Depending on the space and style of a room, decide if the window treatment will be a focal point or if it will blend in with the room. Also, consider optical ideas such as using vertical blinds to make a room's ceiling look higher or mounting the blinds outside of the frame to make the window look wider.

- For a traditional look, vertical blinds provide a neat, streamlined appearance and can be installed in narrower windows or doorways to add drama and interest. Vertical blinds come in natural and faux finishes, including Tropical Isle, South Pacific and Designer wood. The natural wood tones blend elegantly in any room. Faux wood blinds provide the finished wood look and feel but at a lower cost than natural wood blinds.

- For a stylish look, bamboo shades come in a variety of styles to serve as the perfect art for a wall, complementing the theme of the room or making a statement all their own. Bamboo shades come in unique bamboo, tropical isle and woven wood tones.

Functionality Is Just As Important As Fashion
Although appearance is important, blinds must be easy to maintain and serve their intended function. Consider aspects such as privacy, as well as light and temperature control.

- Faux wood blinds are made of a low maintenance material and have a very high resistance to extreme heat and moisture, making them an easy choice in areas that experience high temperatures in the summer or cold, wet winters. This type of blind is the easiest to clean.

- Honeycomb shades are darkening and light filtering cellular. As windows account for the majority of a home's energy loss, they provide superior insulation--the larger the cell, the more insulation, therefore assisting with energy efficiency.

Easy Installation
Most blinds are very easy to install, even for the amateur DIYer. Overall, the easiest blinds to install would be the standard mini-blind. For a little more style, the two-inch faux or natural wood blinds are just as easy with the right tools, including a hand, electric or cordless drill with a 3/32-inch drill bit, slotted screwdriver and a pencil.

Select Blinds sells its own superior line of custom-made window blinds and shades. Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, Select Blinds is a division of RISTAL Inc. Select Blinds offers tremendous pricing and convenience when buying wood blinds, faux wood blinds, cellular honeycomb shades, vertical blinds and bamboo/woven woods.
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