SelectBlinds Buy 4 get 1 Free Holiday Sale Menu gives an early present with an unprecedented holiday promotion!, the fastest growing brand of window coverings on the internet, is offering an amazing end of the year opportunity to save money on window blinds and window shades. Plus, on all orders placed by Sunday the 12th, they guarantee delivery by Christmas, or that window blind or window shade is free. Oh, and one more plus. They ship the order for free and they still give the 30% off of the entire order!

So here are the details. They are really quite simple. Shop any category of blinds and/or shades, and when anyone orders 4 then they will get a 5th window blind or window shade for free. This promotion is so strong. Also, there is not a limit to the selection, and anyone is able to mix and match as many blinds or shades as possible.

Maybe someone is shopping for honeycomb shades for the living room. The living room only has three windows. Order those three honeycomb shades. The shipping will be free, and all of thhe shades are going to be 30% off. If that is all the window shade shopping that will be done then place the order. Everyone will be getting great quality honeycomb shades at an incredible price, and they will be delivered by Christmas with free shipping.

Another scenario is that someone may have three windows in that same living room, and they are interested in cellular shades. Cellular shades and honeycomb shades are the same products; there are just two names for them. Or maybe they want real wood blinds for that room. Or maybe they even want woven wood shades. It doesn’t matter for this promotion. Buy the blinds or shades that would fit the decor. Additionally, have the two windows in the bedroom done as well. Everyone has thought about new window shades for the bedroom, but the living room is more important, so maybe it is in mind that the bedroom upgrade will have to wait. Not this weekend! Think about it. Buy the three window blinds or window shades for the living room, and then grab the two shades for the bedroom for the price of one. That’s the entire point of the “Buy 4 Get 1 Free” promotion.

Out of stock items and Roman Shades are not part of the guaranteed delivery. That’s it. No more small print!

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