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A new Window Coverings Safety Council (WCSC) study suggests that 24% of surveyed Americans are not aware of interior blind cords safety hazards, and 15% still are unaware of strangulation hazards related to window covering pull cords. As parents of beloved children, the team at wants to promote safety this Valentine's Day by sharing some top window blinds and shades safety tips.

Hand in hand with the gift of parenthood comes the desire to keep your little ones safe and protected. Valentine's Day is the day of love, and my kids are used to a fun day with special gifts of appreciation from their parents. But one year ago today, I had a scare that I would never want to happen to anyone else. While playing with her new toys at my mother in law's house, my toddler's neck became entangled by the pull cord on their window blinds. I followed into the room to check on her and saw her caught in the cord with half her body hanging off of the back of the couch. I quickly released her, and after a few minutes of snuggling and juice drinking, she ran off to play again, with a small cord burn on part of her neck. I was lucky...I came into the room and found her before she fell off the couch. Today, I am reminded of my scare again, and for this reason, I want to share some safety tips provided by the Window Covering Safety Council.

First of all, there were a lot of things that were hazards in my in-law's house. Starting with the #1 tip:

  1. Pull all furniture, including beds and cribs, or anything that can be climbed away from the windows. My toddler climbed up the back of the couch that was sitting against the wall under the window blinds.
  2. Keep all window covering cords up, and out of the reach of children. After this happened, I quickly tucked the cord up around the top of the blinds.
  3. Only install cordless window coverings in any home with young children. Because of my experience, I urged anyone that may have young children in their home at any time to follow these safety procedures.
  4. Keep pull cords as short as they can functionally be. Any continuous-loop pull cords like those on vertical blinds need to be tight and should be fixed to the wall or floor.
  5. Limit the movement of cords between blinds slats by installing cord stops and adjusting them so they have limited movement. According to the WCSC study, this is a hazard that many Americans are still not aware of. But parents need to be aware that if the inner-cords on window blinds and shades are loose, a child could pull the cord out enough to fit their head between them and be hurt.

At Select Blinds, window safety is an extremely important issue. That is why the company offers many different cordless options available on cellular, roman, pleated, and roller shades as well as aluminum, wood, and faux wood blinds. These cordless window coverings are designed to easily lift from the bottom rail. In addition to cordless options, the company offers cord cleats to tie down loose lift cords, cord stops, and continuous cord loop safety lift systems. Find special Valentine's Day savings on select cordless window products, including 30% off and free-shipping. For more information, please visit our new guide on buying kid safe, cordless blinds and shades.

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