Why Wooden Blinds are Your Best Friend This Winter

2″ Architect Wood Blinds in Roasted Chestnut

During winter, you want to keep everything in your home as warm and cozy as possible. Wooden blinds are your go-to friend with slats that insulate your home against the chilling wind. Friends don’t let friends get cold after all.

Not only are wooden blinds affordable and easy to install, they also bring the essence of the outdoors inside with their natural, furniture-quality hardwood. At SelectBlinds, we only sell wooden blinds that have been sustainably harvested. Each blind is custom-crafted to your measurements and color choice to warm your home.

Plus, wooden blinds have your back with their tight-closing slats, like the 1 3/8″ Architect Wood Blinds, to give you the privacy you need. Cloth tapes are available as an upgrade for certain wooden blinds; the tape hides exposed cords and keeps out more light.

1 3/8″ Architect Wood Blinds in Stripped Jacobean
2″ Select Basswood Wood Blinds in Linden Wood with Dijon Cloth Tape

The only time wooden blinds will let you down is if you install them in bathrooms, kitchens, or other rooms with high humidity and moisture. The slats will warp. However, faux wood blinds’ vinyl slats can be in rooms with different temperatures without warping, fading, or cracking.

Additional Wooden Blinds Benefits:

  1. They can be economical – Wooden blinds are relatively low-cost compared to other types of window coverings. They are also eco-friendly.
  2. Wooden blinds can add personality – Basswood blinds add texture and depth to your rooms. They can be layered with drapes to add another dimension.
  3. They’re easy to clean – A feather duster or dust cloth is all you need to keep them looking nice.
  4. Wooden blinds can help reduce outside noise – Wooden blinds can help reduce outside noise from coming in.

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