Troubleshooting Your Window Treatments – Q&A

Are you having a little trouble with your window coverings? Sometimes they can become crooked or don’t close all the way, but don’t worry. There are easy ways to fix those minor problems. Browse through our Q&As to find information about how to shorten your window coverings, how to replace lift cords, and more. These frequently asked questions will give you everything you need to know about troubleshooting or fixing your window treatments.

How do I make sure the cord lock mechanism is working properly?

How do I fix an uneven cellular shade?

How do I fix uneven horizontal blinds?

My sheer shades are uneven OR the vanes aren’t opening all the way. How do I fix it?

How do I install cord cleats?

How do I install a cord tensioner for my continuous cord loop lift system?

How do I measure my windows correctly for new blinds or shades?

How do I replace the lift cord on my blinds?

How do I replace the cord locks on my blinds or shades?

How do I adjust the string ladders on my window blinds?

My window blinds are too long for my window. How do I shorten them?

How do I tilt or lift my blinds or shades?

How do I replace the stem on my vertical blinds?

How do I change a wand tilt to a cord tilt on my blinds?

How do I change a cord tilt to a wand tilt on my blinds?

How do I install vane savers on my vertical blinds?

How do I replace the slats on my horizontal blinds?

How do I replace the blind tilter on my window coverings?

My blinds are too wide for my window. Can I cut them down to fit?

How do I mount blinds that are too narrow for my window?

How do I clean my sheerweave roller shades?

How do I raise and lower my cordless top down/bottom up shades?

What is the stacking height for roman shades?

How do I lower blinds that are stuck?

How do I adjust the spring tension on my roller shades?

My vertical blinds aren’t closing all the way. How do I align the louvers?

My roller shades aren’t rolling up evenly. How do I fix them?

How do I measure my window so I can order 2 or 3 blinds on one headrail?

How do I measure route holes for my replacement blind slats?

Which window coverings are best for my French doors?

Does Select Blinds sell individual parts for blinds and shades?

Should I choose an inside or outside mount for my window coverings?

I’m a little nervous to order window coverings online. Can I get a free product sample first?

What are some fun window coverings for my child’s room?

I need new window coverings, but I don’t know where to start. Can you help?

Should I choose a wand or cord tilt for my blinds?

Do you have window coverings for odd-shaped windows?

How can I make sure to keep my children safe from corded window coverings?

How do I clean my window coverings?

What is the stacking height of vertical blinds?

16 thoughts on “Troubleshooting Your Window Treatments – Q&A

  1. My bro saved this internet site for me and I have been reading through it for the past couple hrs. This is really going to assist me and my classmates for our class project. By the way, I enjoy the way you write.

  2. It’s Christmas Eve, I have been trying for 4 days to get the reset/programming sequence. Now I have to wait until after the Holidays. All I want is the sequence, I assume it is in the Nuclear football or some other super secure place. I love the shades but customer service has gone downhill fast.

    • I’m so sorry you have not had the best experience. Have you tried calling the customer service department at (888) 257-1840?

  3. I just bought four motorized rolling blinds. I did all the programing. However two blinds go up when I push the UP button and two blinds go down when I push the UP button as well. This is very confusing and I cannot use the function to synchronize the four blinds together.

    Thank you


  4. I’m having trouble with my motorized roller shades remote. I want to remove them from the channels and re-link them on different channels. I’m following the instructions and I just can’t take them off the channels. In trying different things, I’ve now managed to have several shades on multiple channels, so it’s a complete disaster. I just want to start over with the remote programming. Help please!

  5. Customer service is terrible for help! I have had my thread split many times and they continue to give me the same information after I provide them with videos and pictures of the problem. We purchased motorized blinds in October 2019 and they have stopped worked. We have tried reset, removing programming, reprogramming. And nothing works! We have a new baby on the way in the next couple of weeks and really need this blackout mechanism back. Please help!

  6. my motorized battery operated shade is stuck on top and doesn’t come don. I charged the battery and no luck. I don’t hear the motor noise when I use the remote. Please help.

  7. I have top-down/bottom-up shades. A string broke and the top-down feature no longer works. Is this fixable?

    btw… there are no side pulls. You raise or lower by grasping the top or bottom of shade in the middle.

  8. Hi,
    We are having a heck of a time with the cord lift? Mounted on head valance. At the right and where we screwed blinds in for mount. We screwed the blinds into top of window for inside mount. Being this way, leaves the cord behind blind? Not possible to pull up and down with out much effort? The pull cord hangs behind blinds? Not doable?

    • Hello Linda,

      Thanks for your comment! Please send me an email with a picture or a photo showing this issue so that I can troubleshoot for you. If that doesn’t work, I’ll submit a remake for you if your warranty is still in effect. My email is I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks!

  9. I like how you mentioned that it’s easy to fix little problems. My wife and I were thinking of installing roller blinds on our home. It’d be nice to keep our home a little darker and cooler.

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