Tell Me Something Good

We all know the world is crazy right now. But even as toilet paper stocks run short and the number of Amazon orders we place skyrockets, it’s good to know that some good things are still happening.

Clear Canals in Venice!

A beautiful canal in the heart of Venice, Italy.

That’s right, folks! The canals of Venice, Italy are finally clear for the first time in years! Swans, fish and even dolphins are reappearing with a vengeance this spring thanks to decreased tourism (and traffic in general). You can even see all the way to the bottom of some canals!

A Shortage of Animals to Adopt

Happy puppy about to be adopted.

With so many people stuck working from home, there’s way more time to help introduce a new pet to the family! People across the USA (or at least in NYC) are taking advantage of this time at home and adopting dogs and cats of all ages – so much so that there seems to be a bit of a shortage of available animals. Talk about great news!

The Himalayas are Visible Once Again!

The Himalayas in black and white.

This may come as a shock to most of the world since humans don’t tend to stray too far from home, but the Himalayas are finally visible again! Okay, so they’ve always been visible closer, but now you take in their majestic beauty from 125 miles away in India. It’s been more than 30 years since this was possible and it’s all thanks to decreased air pollution!

Hope Lives On

Hands come together in the shape of a heart.

From companies and DIYers dropping everything to make masks for everyone on the front lines to people delivering much-needed supplies to people in need or even partaking in spontaneous sing-alongs from the safety of their homes, it’s truly wonderful to see people across the world coming together to help spread hope and kindness without breaking the rules of social distancing.

Everyone’s Getting in on the Latest Trend

Washing hands is essential for your health and safety.

Ok, so hand-washing isn’t exactly a trend, but how else do you expect us to segue into a story about an orangutan at the Center for Great Apes in Miami, Florida who started washing her hands after seeing her caretakers doing the same thing? She even used soap and a scrub brush! Tell you what, there are probably several people who could learn a thing or two from Sandra.

Have you heard some good news we missed? Let us know!