What Are The Most Popular Types of Window Treatments? Part 1 (Blinds & Shutters)

Whether you prefer a traditional window style, or something more modern, we at SelectBlinds have the perfect custom solution for you. We offer you more than 170 different customizable products, in over 1800 colors, with countless feature combinations, upgrades, and add-ons available. Did we already say that we can make any budget happy? 

What are the most popular types of window treatments? You might not want window coverings that are merely functional. You might want something stylish, as well. It should come as good news that you can enjoy window treatments that are stylish and also that function smoothly, the way they’re supposed to! So, what would work best in your home? In the second installment of this article, we’ll go into more detail regarding window shades and curtains. For now, let’s discuss some of the most popular types of window treatments, blinds in particular, and how they function.

What Is the Difference Between Blinds and Shades?

First, though the two terms are often used interchangeably, let’s distinguish blinds from shades.

Basically, blinds are hanging window treatments, that can have either horizontal or vertical slats that can be tilted open or closed, usually with some sort of mechanism. Different kinds of blinds are made with a wide variety of materials, including wood, faux wood, aluminum, and PVC. Shades, on the other hand, also hang down from the top of a window to the bottom, but they feature a solid, continuous surface that covers the window, and which can be raised or lowered to open up the view outward or to cover up for privacy. Shades can be made from fabrics, bamboo/woven woods, lightweight cellular material, or sheer fabrics, to name a few.

What Types of Blinds Are In Style?

Let’s talk about blinds first. Here are some examples of popular styles of blinds, ranging from traditional to less traditional.

  • Wood Blinds – Solid, natural-looking wood blinds can add real value and style to your home. They are custom quality-crafted to be long-lasting and to add texture, depth, and dimension to your windows and interiors.
  • Faux Wood Blinds – Custom faux wood blinds are more budget-friendly, yet still, high-quality window treatments that don’t look like fake wood! Try faux woods out and get that real-wood look without stressing out your budget! Note that faux wood and aluminum blinds work exceptionally well in damp environments, like kitchens and bathrooms, where they won’t get warped or get moldy. If you decide to install wood blinds or fabric shades in your kitchen (i.e., over your kitchen sink) or bathroom, know that you might need to replace them sooner.
  • Aluminum Mini Blinds – If you’re looking for solid, durable, all-purpose custom window treatment, that also looks great, you should give aluminum mini blinds a chance. Mini aluminum blinds feature slats that measure about half the width of the slats of regular size blinds. They are not only budget-friendly, but they also add a modern, crisp, clean touch to your space. Note that aluminum and faux wood blinds work exceptionally well in damp environments, like kitchens and bathrooms, where they won’t get warped or get moldy. If you decide to install wood blinds or fabric shades in your kitchen (i.e., over your kitchen sink) or bathroom, know that you might need to replace them sooner.
  • Shutters – Louvered shutters, a traditional framed blind with an exposed vertical tilt bar in the middle of the panel for opening and closing, are the peak of posh for window treatments. Easily hang them yourself to transform your house with the unsurpassed style and quality found only in this coveted take on slat blinds. Either in wood or faux wood, they are an excellent investment in your home’s resale value!
  • Vertical Blinds – A trendy twist on these classic coverings for sliding glass and patio doors provides an excellent solution for covering wide doors and windows. Our versatile vertical blinds come in updated colors, fabrics, and textures to complement your interior design anywhere in your home.
  • Panel Track Blinds – Get your window design right on track with trendsetting, smooth custom sliding panel track blinds. Just choose the number of wide vertical panels you prefer to make a stunning statement for covering sliding glass doors, as well as for large windows.
  • Fabric Blinds – A much softer version to the eyes and to the touch of the classic blinds made of solid materials? Soften up any room with the flexible fabric slats (or solid slats wrapped in fabric) of these fresh-looking, custom fabric blinds for your windows.

How Often Do You Need to Replace Your Window Treatments?

Quality blinds, shades, shutters, curtains, or any other types of window treatments can last you for many years (particularly when installed correctly and maintained regularly). There really is no rule of thumb regarding how often you should replace them. Basically, replace them according to your personal preference, as trends and fashions change and evolve.

Just be sure to follow manufacturer directions when using blinds or shades, in order to preserve them as long as possible. Dust and/or wipe them down on a regular basis. Thoroughly clean your window treatments at least twice annually in order to reduce heavy dust accumulation. Curtains tend to be somewhat easier to maintain, as they can be removed for laundering, dry cleaning, or steaming as you need to. 

Select Blinds Staff Recommendations for Your Space

If you’re looking for some recommendations for your home, be sure to keep on reading. We’ve made selections from each of our product tiers for you, to offer viable design solutions for any budget. How about spending some time window shopping to see what custom solutions we’ve got for you?

2” Classic Cordless Wood Blinds (Essential Tier)*

Few things say “classic sophistication” quite like natural wood blinds in your windows. They’ll look amazing from indoors and out, for years. 

Classic Fabric Vertical Blinds (Essential Tier)*

Cover your large windows and patio doors with the subtle textures and soft color palette of these soothing fabric verticals. Amazing for almost any space! 

*Our Essential Tier products include simple designs in familiar styles. Made of materials known for strength, and easy cleaning, Essential Tier products are a great starting point for first-time homeowners or renters that are looking for budget-friendly solutions.

2” Traditional Cordless Faux Wood Blinds (Signature Tier)*

Budget- and kid-friendly cordless faux wood blinds are exactly the solution your family and home need. The printed wood grains give the horizontal slats a realistic, wood-like look and feel. 

1” Single Touch Cordless Aluminum Mini Blinds (Signature Tier)*

These versatile, modern-looking cordless aluminum mini blinds are amazingly affordable and simple to install and use. No wand needed. Just tilt and lift with the bottom rail. 

*Our Signature Tier products feature thoughtful designs in trendy styles. Made with durable materials, Signature Tier products are the perfect place to start when looking for a beyond-basic solution that is also affordable.

Refined Fabric Vertical Blinds (Premium Tier)*

Take your décor up a notch with these high-quality fabric vertical blinds, available in a trendy selection of relaxing colors and patterns. Perfect for patio doors and wide windows.

*Our Premium Tier products feature lasting designs in timeless styles. Made of high-quality materials, Premium Tier products are the ideal choice for an excellent investment that’s made to last. Some upgrade features may be included.

Designer Elements Blackout Panel Track (Luxury Tier)*

Forget those traditional verticals and deck out your large windows and sliding glass or patio doors in ultimate style with these blackout panel tracks. 

Stained Basswood Shutters (Luxury Tier)*

Upgrade your windows with the classic, elegant look they deserve. These beautifully hand-crafted natural basswood shutters will astound for years to come! 

*Our Luxury Tier products include superior design in distinct styles. Made with unique materials and quality craftsmanship. Luxury Tier products are for the homeowner looking to indulge in sophisticated customization. Some upgrade features are included.

Take More Control Over How Your Dream Home Turns Out

DIY Design never meant “Do it ALL by Yourself.” For any space, a home design upgrade should never feel intimidating. 

Nothing makes a space look warmer and more inviting than beautiful new window treatments, and Select Blinds is all about supporting you, all the way from start to finish. We offer you tons of helpful resources to make your life (and projects) easier because we’re invested in your success! Make your dream home ALL YOURS as you custom-craft it into your dream home, without breaking your budget. As you sharpen those interior DIY design instincts, you can save yourself plenty of money in the process. 

Check out our FREE interior design consulting as just another way we can support you from start to finish. Get tips, color guidance, product recommendations, solutions to the problems you may encounter, etc. Call us today at (855) 235-3120 to take advantage of our free design consultation resources.

Free Samples. Free Shipping. Free Design Consulting. Every Day. Only at SelectBlinds.com.

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Unraveling Common Design Project Obstacles

We at Select Blinds take pride in offering personalized window update/interior design solutions for any budget — over 170 customizable, quality-crafted products, in over 1800 beautiful colors, for starters.

Along your design project journey, we also love making things as easy for you as possible. We give you all the helpful resources you’ll need, like videos for how to measure your windows, downloadable, easy-to-follow installation guides and videos, etc. We even offer you FREE one-on-one design consultation help with one of our design consultants.

“Life happens,” as they say, and design project problems and obstacles tend to find you no matter how easy we make it for you and how well-prepared you are. Not to worry, though, as we’re with you every step of the way. We’ve got you (and your windows) covered!

By the way, have you tried this free design consultation service out? Call us today at (855) 235-3120 for quick questions or for help with bigger issues whenever you might get stuck.

Keep reading for three common design problems our Select Blinds customers have run into and how our design consultants have helped them get resolved.

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Common Problem #1: Arched Windows

We have customers calling in all the time asking for help and guidance with arch-topped windows. How to mount, where to mount, what kind of solutions we offer that will work for them, etc. 

Where do the difficulties arise? One common problem spot arises when an arch is the actual top part of a window, with no flat surfaces for mounting (see below).

There are a few solutions for this issue: 

  1. Side Mount
    If a window is narrow enough (e.g., less than 36″), some solutions include:
    *A product that utilizes box brackets that attach to the sides of the window.
    *Cellular shades, as many of our cellular products, offer side-mounting up to a certain width (e.g., our Select and Premier products), but even that is dependent on the lift system selected.
    *Roller shades ordered with the “exposed roll” option also offer side-mounting – but you’ll sacrifice the ease of installation that comes with a cassette since cassettes cannot be side-mounted.
  2. No-Tools Headrail (NTH)
    Select Blinds products are famous for their ease of installation. We offer an even easier installation option, the No-Tools Headrail (NTH). Line your headrail up, and click it right into place. No tools, no hassle. We have expanded our selection of NTH options since we first introduced this option. At first, customers could only get the NTH option with inexpensive cellular or Roman shades. This was a good offering but made the No-Tools Headrail option exclusively available for inexpensive products. We have since introduced NTH for some of our higher-end roller shades, and then more recently with the Little Dreamer and Little Adventurer roller shades for kids. All things considered, No-Tools Headrail is a very viable option for arch-topped windows! 
  3. Drapery / Curtains
    If you can’t fill your window, then cover it! Unless the window in question isn’t too wide (i.e., less than 48″ wide), curtains or drapes can do a great job covering unusually shaped windows. Plus, you can keep the functionality of the window while adding style, as well as bonuses like temperature insulation and noise dampening. Drapes are a more traditional option – so there might be style conflicts with this option. 
  4. Palladian Shelves
    A Palladian shelf is a “floating shelf” that can be installed at the bottom of the arched part of a window. Palladian shelves are great for creating a physical separation (and a flat surface) between the main, rectangular part of the window and the arched part. Select Blinds doesn’t currently offer Palladian shelves, but we will recommend them if we feel it’s the solution that will work best for a customer. These shelves are good for wider windows, as shades can be mounted to the bottom of the shelf as if it were the flat, level top of a window. Palladian shelves also create a surface to mount an arch shade for the top arched part of a window. Palladian shelves are also quite easy to install, not to mention visually pleasing. 

Common Problem #2: Brackets and Depth Visualization

Our website doesn’t always answer every question, so, for example, some of our customers will call in trying to get an idea of what our brackets and hardware look like, how they mount, and how they will fit into their windows at home. Most people are visually driven, so we have a few ways to cater to that need. 

Our solutions for this common customer question include reference materials for the customer, along with a few tips and tricks: 

  1. Specifications Tab (on each product page)
    We can guide customers to and/or through our specifications tab(s) for any products in question. On this tab, we have our depth and deductions numbers listed in a very easy-to-read format. At this point one of our Design Consultants can take all the time needed to talk a customer through these specifications – that’s what we are here for!
  2. “Measure & Install” Tab (on each product page)
    Each product page also includes a “Measure & Install” tab where customers can view installation videos and also look over our installation PDF files. Sometimes getting a visual of the shape and form of a bracket can help customers overcome any uncertainty and get a clearer picture of how our mounting systems really work. Saying that our installation is easy is much different than actually showing it – this helps build our customers’ confidence and answers many questions that customers may not have even known they had. 
  3. Depth Templates
    By taking the flush mount measurements and tracing them out on paper or cardboard, a template can easily and quickly be made. Templates are super useful when it comes to special situations like covering bay windows or windows that meet at 90-degree angles, but they can also be used to visualize simple things like depth. If a blind has a 3.5″ flush mount depth, and you want to know how far that will protrude out from your window, simply cut out a 3.5″ template and hold it up at the top of your window! This will give you a very clear image and help you set accurate expectations.

Common Problem #3: Blinds (or Shades) for Windowed Doors

The uncertainty of how to handle doors with windows has also become a common question from customers. 

  1. Q: “I have a big, protruding handle on my door. Will the blinds have to hang over the handle?”
    Solution: We can suggest you get custom blinds with a “cutout,” or suggest you get a smaller door handle.
  2. Q: “I don’t want door blinds, and I don’t want to get a smaller handle. What now?”
    Solution: We’d probably recommend a roller shade or a cellular shade, in that case. If you order a roller shade, for example, with the “standard roll” option, it can tuck nicely and neatly behind the door handle. If you like “reverse roll” better, it would hang in front of the handle. We could also suggest adjusting your shades’ width so that it hangs to the side of your door handle or knob.
  3. Q: “Can I get a shade so I can still see outside?”
    Solution: Let’s suggest a solar shade, in that instance.
  4. Q: “I don’t want to install hardware into my door. What now?”
    Solution: We’d definitely suggest our Adjustable Roman Door Shades, which can be installed with strong velcro tape, without tools or hardware.
  5. Q: “I don’t want my shade to make noise when I open and close it. What do I do?”
    Solution: Roller shades and Roman shades won’t have this problem, but for blinds, we offer hold-down brackets to attach the bottom of your blinds to your door to prevent them from swinging loosely.
  6. Q: “How do I measure my door’s window?”
    Solution: It depends on the window, so we suggest sharing a photo with us so we can give you the best direction. Generally speaking, for a vertical measurement, if the window is centered in the door, you’ll likely need up to a few inches above the top of the window for mounting, and up to a few inches below the window to ensure ample coverage. Any additions to the width will depend heavily on where your handles and knobs are positioned. 

Take Control of Taking Your Home to the Next Level!

DIY doesn’t have to mean “all by yourself.” For indoor spaces or outdoor spaces, a home design upgrade should never feel intimidating. 

Select Blinds is here to support you all the way from start to finish with tons of helpful resources to make your life (and projects) easier. We’re just as invested in your success as you are! Make your house ALL YOURS as you personalize it just for you, without breaking the bank. As you sharpen those interior DIY design instincts, you can save yourself plenty of money in the process. 

Check out our FREE interior design consulting as just another way we can support you from start to finish. Get tips, color guidance, product recommendations, solutions to the problems you may encounter, etc. Call us today at (855) 235-3120 to take advantage of our free design consultation resources.

With custom window treatments easily and smartly installed, you can help turn your living space into a calm, inviting sanctuary to enjoy with friends and family.

Free Samples. Free Shipping. Free Design Consulting. Every Day. Only at SelectBlinds.com.

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Do New Window Treatments Really Add Value to Your Home?

If you talk to several different real estate agents, you’ll probably get at least several different answers regarding things you can do to help increase the value of your home. One thing they’ll all likely agree on, is that one of the critical factors in maximizing your home’s resale value is to make sure your interior is bathed in good, adjustable lighting

Zillow.com directly mentions lighting on its “Best Home Improvements to Increase Value” list, asserting that: “Good lighting is crucial to showcasing your home’s features…” Zillow continues by stating that one of the best ways to invest in a better resale value for your home is to “Spruce up the décor with window treatments.”

But new window treatments can be an expensive endeavor for your home – not to mention a seemingly overwhelming task. And the cost can add up quickly if you’re paying someone to do your measurements and installation for you. Window installation can start at $20 per window, or for “by the hour” cost, up to $40 per hour. It might even cost you more if you don’t have your window treatments installed by the same company you bought them from.

But you can take better control of the costs if you do things right. You can find budget-friendly blinds and save yourself a ton if you’re willing to “DIY” it. And DIY doesn’t mean “all by yourself.” Select Blinds is here to help, for every step of your design project journey

Consider that window fashion for your home is actually a very worthwhile investment. Read on for reasons why new, stylish window treatments will not only add a breath of fresh air to your home’s interior décor, but why they’re also a smart way to add curbside appeal and increase the resale value to your home (especially louvered shutters).

Why Are Window Treatments a Good Investment?

Why are fashionable window treatments such a sought-after feature in a home? Nothing adds a welcoming sense of warmth and comfort to a space like beautiful custom window treatments. They’re the finishing touch of personalization on a well-designed space that you put your heart and soul into. A space you can be proud of!

Here are some more key reasons window treatments are such a great investment:

  1. Style

Window treatments are a perfect way to add color, depth, visual appeal and a personal sense of design style to any space. They can complement and accent your interior design motif. 

  1. Light Control & Privacy

We’ve mentioned how important lighting is to highlight features in your home. And from a functionality standpoint, maybe you want blackout shades to help you or your children sleep in when you want to. Or maybe you want to watch your favorite movie without an annoying glare shining in. 

Then there’s privacy. You should be able to easily and conveniently manage how well you can see outside, and prevent others from looking in from your home’s exterior. 

  1. Energy Efficiency

Regardless of what type of climate you live in, or what time of year it may be, you can always find energy-efficient window covering options for your home that will help you reduce your energy bills significantly. What a great return for investing in your windows!

According to the United States Department of Energy: “In heating seasons, tightly installed cellular shades can reduce heat loss through windows by 40% or more, which equates to about 10% heating energy savings. In cooling seasons, cellular shades can reduce unwanted solar heat through windows by up to 60%, reducing the total solar gain to 20% when installed with a tight fit.” 

Any type of window treatment blocks out the incoming heat from the sun’s rays and heat during warm weather months to help keep your indoor space nice and cool. For colder months, window treatments can keep the cold drafts out, and in some cases, like cellular / honeycomb shades, they can trap the heat to keep it indoors.

  1. Convenience

For homes with several windows, it can be time consuming to spend each day raising and lowering them all. Why not try motorized window treatments, or better yet, try automated ones. Tie all of the shades in an area of your home to a single remote control button, or better yet, all of your window treatments to an app, so you don’t even have to think about it.

  1. Protect Your Furniture and Interior

Everyone loves sunny weather. However, the sun’s harmful UV rays can inflict lasting damage on your furniture and on your home’s interior. Excessive UV exposure can cause premature drying, cracking, and fading. Keep your furniture and interior looking their best for a long time to come with protective window treatments (especially solar shades for your interior and exterior solar shades for your outdoor areas).

We Can Help You Find the Perfect Solutions for Your Home Upgrade Projects

Don’t let a home design upgrade project intimidate you. You got this! And we’re here to support you all the way from start to finish with helpful resources to make your life easier. Make your house ALL YOURS as you custom-craft it into your dream home. No need to break the bank to do it, either. Sharpen those interior DIY design instincts, and save yourself plenty of money in the process. And we got you! Free interior design consulting is just another way we can support you in all your home upgrade projects. Call us today at (888) 314-1133 to tap into our free design consultation resources.

With custom window treatments easily and smartly installed, you will help your home be a calm sanctuary to live in, and to stand way out over the competition when you need to sell.

Free samples. Free shipping. Free design consulting. Every Day. Only at SelectBlinds.com.

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Mysteries About Vertical Blinds: Solved by SelectBlinds.com

For a lot of folks, vertical blinds are in the same vein of home decor as that old wood paneling from the ’50s. While we can definitely see the similarities in form, function is another story altogether.

While the use of some sort of hanging to block the sun dates back to at least ancient Egypt, modern-day vertical blinds date back to the 1960s. Thankfully, there have been a number of improvements and even advancements that make verticals a fashionable and modern option for covering large windows and sliding glass doors.

Standard Verticals

Maple faux wood vertical blinds covering a sliding glass door.
Premium Faux Wood Vertical Blinds in Maple

While the phrase “standard vertical blinds” might make you think strictly of white or off-white vinyl slats, the truth is there’s much more to normal verticals than simple plastic. Other materials – like wood, faux wood and even cloth-covered vinyl – are a great way to introduce a little more texture and color to your home without straying too far from the “norm.” Plus, some are better able to withstand the hardships brought on by claws, teeth and little hands.

Vertical Honeycombs

Light grey vertical honeycomb cellular blinds covering a patio door.
3/4″ Premier Light Filtering Vertical Cellulars in Thunderstorm

A novel way to cover large windows and doors in the past few years has been vertical cellular shades. They have all the amazing benefits of regular honeycombs (heat/light blockage and insulation) with the added benefit of collapsing vertically so that you can easily access any sliding glass or patio door they are covering. And did we mention they are available in multiple pleat sizes and a plethora of color options?

Panel Tracks

Dark grey solar panel track blinds covering a wide patio door.
Nomad Solar Panel Tracks in Artemisia

The most modern iteration of vertical window treatments, panel track blinds are a fun alternative that can instantly update the look of any room. They’re ultra-stylish and come in a wide range of colors, patterns and fabrics to fit almost any design aesthetic. I mean, just look at how clean-cut these lines are! Absolutely stunning!

How to Perk Up Patio and Sliding Doors without Going Vertical

Beautiful sheer drapes on sliding door in dining room

Yes, Virginia, there really are alternatives to vertical blinds for covering your patio, sliding and French doors. Most people think the mainstay 3-1/2” vertical is their only option. But good news! While still a standard and popular treatment – especially with some of the beautiful new textured fabrics, colors and patterns available today – you have lots of choices other than going vertical. From cellulars, classic Roman, roller and solars, even drapes, sheers and shutters, let your imagination run wild! Mix and match textures and materials to create a unique window treatment that is as functional as it is beautiful.

Before you get started, here are a few things to consider when decorating your doors.

Measurements – Door treatments are typically outside mounts, so when measuring for sliding doors, measure the height from where the top of the headrail will be placed (typically two to three inches or more above the door), and allow for the treatment to hang about a half inch above the floor. And be sure to take into account any hardware such as handles, locks and hinges that may affect or interfere with the operation of your treatments and doors. If you need help, watch our video on How to Measure Window Blinds & Shades.

Lift System – With wider sliding doors, you may also want to consider your lift options. While most coverings come with standard corded, cordless, or continuous cord loop operation, because of their size and weight, motorized wand or remote control systems are available to smoothly and effortlessly lift and lower them.

Light Control – Doors take up a larger area than windows, so think about how much light you’ll have coming through. To protect your privacy and furnishings – and help control energy costs – you may want a light-filtering product, or to add a privacy or blackout liner.

Here are just a few inspirational ideas for opening the door to going vertical, horizontal, or whatever direction your design instincts take you.

Cell and Solar Shades

Cell and Solar shades help insulate your home.

Energy-efficient cellulars (or honeycombs) and solars are terrific, energy- and money-saving choices for patio and sliding doors. Available in various sizes, solid colors, fabrics and UV protection levels, they’re a designer and practical favorite for anywhere in your home.

Panel Tracks

Panel Track Vertical Blinds are the trendy thing to hang in your large windows.

Stylish, wide-panel designer verticals will put your door design on the right track. Available in 3, 4, or 5-panel widths on a single track, we love the bold, dramatic statement this modern take on traditional verticals makes.


Drapery is always a classic beauty.

Don’t discount a traditional drapery treatment to frame or completely cover your doors. With today’s fresh fabrics and styles, perky pleats, great grommets, back tab, or even standard rod pocket drapes can make a powerful impact.


There are many choices for vertical blinds.

The gold standard for patio doors, verticals have come a long way. Try a new twist on this classic sliding door treatment with real or faux wood, bamboo, or woven wood coverings to introduce texture and depth to any décor.