Unraveling Common Design Project Obstacles

We at Select Blinds take pride in offering personalized window update/interior design solutions for any budget — over 170 customizable, quality-crafted products, in over 1800 beautiful colors, for starters.

Along your design project journey, we also love making things as easy for you as possible. We give you all the helpful resources you’ll need, like videos for how to measure your windows, downloadable, easy-to-follow installation guides and videos, etc. We even offer you FREE one-on-one design consultation help with one of our design consultants.

“Life happens,” as they say, and design project problems and obstacles tend to find you no matter how easy we make it for you and how well-prepared you are. Not to worry, though, as we’re with you every step of the way. We’ve got you (and your windows) covered!

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Keep reading for three common design problems our Select Blinds customers have run into and how our design consultants have helped them get resolved.

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Common Problem #1: Arched Windows

We have customers calling in all the time asking for help and guidance with arch-topped windows. How to mount, where to mount, what kind of solutions we offer that will work for them, etc. 

Where do the difficulties arise? One common problem spot arises when an arch is the actual top part of a window, with no flat surfaces for mounting (see below).

There are a few solutions for this issue: 

  1. Side Mount
    If a window is narrow enough (e.g., less than 36″), some solutions include:
    *A product that utilizes box brackets that attach to the sides of the window.
    *Cellular shades, as many of our cellular products, offer side-mounting up to a certain width (e.g., our Select and Premier products), but even that is dependent on the lift system selected.
    *Roller shades ordered with the “exposed roll” option also offer side-mounting – but you’ll sacrifice the ease of installation that comes with a cassette since cassettes cannot be side-mounted.
  2. No-Tools Headrail (NTH)
    Select Blinds products are famous for their ease of installation. We offer an even easier installation option, the No-Tools Headrail (NTH). Line your headrail up, and click it right into place. No tools, no hassle. We have expanded our selection of NTH options since we first introduced this option. At first, customers could only get the NTH option with inexpensive cellular or Roman shades. This was a good offering but made the No-Tools Headrail option exclusively available for inexpensive products. We have since introduced NTH for some of our higher-end roller shades, and then more recently with the Little Dreamer and Little Adventurer roller shades for kids. All things considered, No-Tools Headrail is a very viable option for arch-topped windows! 
  3. Drapery / Curtains
    If you can’t fill your window, then cover it! Unless the window in question isn’t too wide (i.e., less than 48″ wide), curtains or drapes can do a great job covering unusually shaped windows. Plus, you can keep the functionality of the window while adding style, as well as bonuses like temperature insulation and noise dampening. Drapes are a more traditional option – so there might be style conflicts with this option. 
  4. Palladian Shelves
    A Palladian shelf is a “floating shelf” that can be installed at the bottom of the arched part of a window. Palladian shelves are great for creating a physical separation (and a flat surface) between the main, rectangular part of the window and the arched part. Select Blinds doesn’t currently offer Palladian shelves, but we will recommend them if we feel it’s the solution that will work best for a customer. These shelves are good for wider windows, as shades can be mounted to the bottom of the shelf as if it were the flat, level top of a window. Palladian shelves also create a surface to mount an arch shade for the top arched part of a window. Palladian shelves are also quite easy to install, not to mention visually pleasing. 

Common Problem #2: Brackets and Depth Visualization

Our website doesn’t always answer every question, so, for example, some of our customers will call in trying to get an idea of what our brackets and hardware look like, how they mount, and how they will fit into their windows at home. Most people are visually driven, so we have a few ways to cater to that need. 

Our solutions for this common customer question include reference materials for the customer, along with a few tips and tricks: 

  1. Specifications Tab (on each product page)
    We can guide customers to and/or through our specifications tab(s) for any products in question. On this tab, we have our depth and deductions numbers listed in a very easy-to-read format. At this point one of our Design Consultants can take all the time needed to talk a customer through these specifications – that’s what we are here for!
  2. “Measure & Install” Tab (on each product page)
    Each product page also includes a “Measure & Install” tab where customers can view installation videos and also look over our installation PDF files. Sometimes getting a visual of the shape and form of a bracket can help customers overcome any uncertainty and get a clearer picture of how our mounting systems really work. Saying that our installation is easy is much different than actually showing it – this helps build our customers’ confidence and answers many questions that customers may not have even known they had. 
  3. Depth Templates
    By taking the flush mount measurements and tracing them out on paper or cardboard, a template can easily and quickly be made. Templates are super useful when it comes to special situations like covering bay windows or windows that meet at 90-degree angles, but they can also be used to visualize simple things like depth. If a blind has a 3.5″ flush mount depth, and you want to know how far that will protrude out from your window, simply cut out a 3.5″ template and hold it up at the top of your window! This will give you a very clear image and help you set accurate expectations.

Common Problem #3: Blinds (or Shades) for Windowed Doors

The uncertainty of how to handle doors with windows has also become a common question from customers. 

  1. Q: “I have a big, protruding handle on my door. Will the blinds have to hang over the handle?”
    Solution: We can suggest you get custom blinds with a “cutout,” or suggest you get a smaller door handle.
  2. Q: “I don’t want door blinds, and I don’t want to get a smaller handle. What now?”
    Solution: We’d probably recommend a roller shade or a cellular shade, in that case. If you order a roller shade, for example, with the “standard roll” option, it can tuck nicely and neatly behind the door handle. If you like “reverse roll” better, it would hang in front of the handle. We could also suggest adjusting your shades’ width so that it hangs to the side of your door handle or knob.
  3. Q: “Can I get a shade so I can still see outside?”
    Solution: Let’s suggest a solar shade, in that instance.
  4. Q: “I don’t want to install hardware into my door. What now?”
    Solution: We’d definitely suggest our Adjustable Roman Door Shades, which can be installed with strong velcro tape, without tools or hardware.
  5. Q: “I don’t want my shade to make noise when I open and close it. What do I do?”
    Solution: Roller shades and Roman shades won’t have this problem, but for blinds, we offer hold-down brackets to attach the bottom of your blinds to your door to prevent them from swinging loosely.
  6. Q: “How do I measure my door’s window?”
    Solution: It depends on the window, so we suggest sharing a photo with us so we can give you the best direction. Generally speaking, for a vertical measurement, if the window is centered in the door, you’ll likely need up to a few inches above the top of the window for mounting, and up to a few inches below the window to ensure ample coverage. Any additions to the width will depend heavily on where your handles and knobs are positioned. 

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Easy Arched Window Treatment Ideas

By SelectBlinds.com

Arched windows over doors or windows add unique dimension to an interior. They can even make your room look “taller,” and more spacious. Originally introduced by the Romans, arched windows were also popular in ancient Greece and throughout the ancient world. They represent a classic architectural finishing touch.

Forget about stories you may have heard about how difficult it is to find arched window treatments, or how difficult it is to install those window coverings, since they’re often so high up and out-of-the-way. At SelectBlinds, we’re ALL ABOUT making your life easier, so read on to learn how window treatments can be a simple project for your arches, with many options to choose from.

Arched windows are a classic architectural finish that add dimension to your windows and interior.

Arched Window Treatments Should be Designed as a Focal Point

Arched windows are naturally a prominent focal point in a room due to their size and height.  It can be tricky to find “off-the-shelf” window treatments to cover them. Window treatments for arched windows are a better option and are easier than ever before. You could hire someone to cover your arches professionally, but you can just as easily “DIY it” by purchasing arched window treatments online.

Window treatments for arched windows should enhance those uniquely shaped windows as a design focal point.

Arched Window Shapes & Styles

There are several different styles of arch-shaped windows, including traditional half-moon (the half circle people typically think of in regard to arched windows) and “sunburst styles.” There are also the more “elongated eyebrow-shaped” windows and “quarter arches.” Depending on the size, shape, and location of your window, there are plenty of stationary or movable options to meet your needs.

Cellular Shade Treatments for Arched Windows

One of the most popular treatments you’ll find for arches are Cellular/Honeycomb shades. “Cellulars,” as they’re often called, come in a variety of colors, textures, and are commonly constructed in durable polyester. This makes it easy to coordinate with other window coverings in your room, along with the rest of your interior décor. Some arched window treatments can be opened and closed, while many are “fixed” window treatments, meant to stay closed all the time.

Light filtering or blackout options for your arched windows can add just what you need for privacy and light control. Plus, you can achieve that personalized, well-designed look all throughout your home.

Other Cell Shade Advantages:

  • Cellular shades are considered energy-efficient. Their unique “honeycomb construction” traps heat inside their pockets to insulate from heat in the summer, and to keep heat IN during the cold winter months. 
  • Installation is easy, once you have your arched window shades in the right size.
  • Cellulars also help insulate against outdoor noise. Need some quiet to work while the kids are outside playing? Get cellular shades for your home office windows.
  • Many arched window shades come with white street-facing backing, for HOA compliance.
arched window treatments over the front door
Control the light coming in through your arches with light filtering or blackout cellular arch shades.

Curtains and Drapery for Arched Windows

Another easy way to cover your arched windows is with curtains or drapery.

Curtains and/or drapery can be designed to cover your arched windows entirely, or partially. Sheer fabrics work well to not block out the light completely. Along with the classic look of arched windows, drapery has its own timeless appeal and flowing look, so that might be the pairing you decide upon. They also come in many patterns and colors and are a great choice if you want to display your personal style in a more prominent way.

drapery as an effective arched window treatment
There are a wide variety of ways to use curtains / drapery as arched window coverings.

Curtains and drapery fabric finishes range from cotton canvas to trending metallic and glossy sateens, sheens, and embossed satins. The choices are endless. It’s easy to enhance and personalize your drapes even more with standard and optional features like color coordinated tiebacks, privacy and blackout liners, and curtain rods and rings in a variety of finishes to enhance their look. We offer matching fabric by the yard, to tie the whole room together by using it to create your own fabric accents, like decorative pillows or a duvet, for example.

Here’s some guidance on how to measure for curtains or drapery.

Measuring Your Arched Windows

You may need a step stool or ladder to get up high enough to measure your arched windows. Proceed cautiously! It might be helpful to get someone to assist you.

Arched window treatments are almost always mounted on the inside of a window frame, so that’s where you’ll be measuring. 

To measure width for half-moon and quarter arches: Get a steel measuring tape and measure the width of the window base at the bottom of your window,, from left to right. Round down to the nearest 1/8” if you measure a 1/16” or 1/32” increment. This is the width you’ll use for ordering for your arched windows from Selectblinds.com.

To measure the height, for a half-moon arched window and for quarter arches: take your measuring tape, and, measure inside the frame from the base up to the highest center point of the arch. Round down to the nearest 1/8” if you measure a 1/16” or a 1/32” increment. This is the height you’ll use to order.

Nice and easy.

measuring arched windows
Wait until you see how easy it is to get arched window treatments.

Most Loved Window Treatments for Arched Windows :

Premier Light Filtering Arch

Premier Blackout Arch

Luxe Modern Light Filtering Arch

Luxe Modern Blackout Arch

Luxe Custom Drapes/Curtains

Lifestyle Custom Drapes/Curtains

Designer Fabric By The Yard

The perfect arched window treatments are waiting for you at SelectBlinds.com.