Everybody, In the Pool!


Summer’s in full swing, and here in Arizona (where Select Select Blinds is based) we practically live in our pools to survive daily 110◦+ temperatures. So that pretty much makes us experts on pool parties. Here are some ideas for great family-friendly pool games (or easily adaptable adult versions) to play to ensure your next party is a splashing success. For more ideas, get inspired on Pinterest, Google, or at your local pool store.

DIY Dive-Ins

Wet T-Shirt Contest: O.K., get your mind out of the pool filter and divide everyone into two teams in two lines at the edge of one end of the pool. Give the first person in each line an extra-large t-shirt to put on, then ready-set-go! The first two people must swim across the pool and back, then pass the wet shirt to the next ones in line who swim across and back, and so on. It’s a race to the finish to see which team wins.

Chicken Noodle Fight: The classic chicken fight is still a family favorite, but instead of using your hands, the team member on their partner’s shoulders uses a sponge tube to fend off their foe on the other team. Last one left standing wins.

Floating Battleship: Bring the popular board game to life by making your own or buying one of the many online versions available. (Try the popular battleship pong version for 21+ parties.)

Squirt Gun Races: String lines across the pool and push plastic cups across them using squirt guns.

Available Online or at Your Local Pool Store

Virtually any type of game you can play out of the water you can play in it. Look for the aquatic versions of your favorite sport and dive in! Float these ideas at your next party:

  • Floating golfFloating golf green.
  • Water basketball
  • Water volleyball
  • Floating cornhole and tic-tac-toe
  • Floating casino

Pool Party Décor

Greet your guests with this cool arch easily constructed with beach balls and swim rings. Keep the party going at night by tossing glow sticks in the pool. And to shield you from too much fun in the sun, hang exterior solar shades. They’re a great option for patios, sun rooms and even gazebos because they’re weather and UV-resistant.