Enhance Your Home with Sliding Door Blinds

Premier Modern Solar Panel Track

It’s too chilly to leave sliding doors open, so take advantage and shop for sliding door blinds! Our sliding door blinds and panels provide you the following benefits:

1. They Support Your Unique Interior Design.

If you’re searching for a window covering that matches your interior style, we have vertical coverings from faux wood to fabric to cellulars.

For an elegant and durable look, faux wood is always a good choice. They imitate the wood-grain texture and look of real wood blinds in a variety of rich colors that work with any décor.

Fabric vertical blinds give windows a softer, more modern flow. For a high-end designer look, consider fabric panels for a streamlined look.

Stylish yet practical, vertical cellular shades are the most energy efficient. They can also coordinate with your horizontal shades; for example, take our 3/4″ Premier Light Filtering Vertical Cellulars and Premier Light Filtering Cellular Shades.

Left: 3/4″ Premier Light Filtering Vertical Cellulars in Night Blue SC; Right: Premier Light Filtering Cellular Shades in Night Blue SC

2.  Sliding Door Blinds and Panels are Kid-Friendly.

All of our vertical sliding door blinds and panels come standard 100% cordless. A Cordless Lift is the safest choice for small children and even pets. On average, about nine children, age 5 and younger, die every year from strangulation in window coverings with cords, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

We offer three different draw types with our cordless vertical blinds. Order your verticals with the wand on the left or right in a one-way draw or split stack configuration. If this feature isn’t a top priority, you can upgrade to a Continuous Cordless Loop Lift.

Classic Smooth Vertical Blinds in Sandstone with a Wand

3. They Provide Ultimate Privacy.

Sliding doors are wide, so you need sliding door blinds that can handle the challenge. SelectBlinds vertical coverings come in standard sizes to extra wide widths up to 191”. Fabric panels especially increase privacy because their panels touch side-by-side when closed.

Modern Architect Panel Track in Terra

4. Sliding Door Blinds and Panels are Easy to Clean.

Dust is less likely to fall on your vertical blinds and panels – thank you gravity. Spot clean your verticals with a damp cloth and water or a very mild detergent. Visit our Cleaning Guide for detailed instructions.

For more info, check out our Verticals Buying Guide, or call/chat with one of our Design Consultants! Call (888) 257-1840. They’re easy to talk to!