Inspiring Decorator: Jena Roach


Her diaper genie may runneth over as it says on her IG bio, but so does her design genius. She likes funny (I mean, who describes themselves at three months pregnant as “letting it all hang out like the busted can of biscuits that I am?” LOL!), but Girlfriend has some serious style mojo going. Lover of shiplap and cheese fries, this pint-size (standing at “5′ zip”) purveyor of comfortable pizzazz has ideas you’ll definitely want to pin.

1. What inspired you to become a designer? What has your journey been like?

Design has always been a passion of mine. I was the kind of gal who dreamed about decorating her future house more than her wedding day. My need for creativity skyrocketed when I became a stay-at-home mom and desperately wanted an outlet for my passion for interior design and Craigslist scouring. My style has certainly transformed over the years, but it has been fun to hone in on my true aesthetic and discover what works for our lifestyle.



2. How would you describe your design aesthetic?

I love blending modern farmhouse style with touches of bohemian and glam. Old and new. Vintage and modern. Traditional and unexpected. Tangoing contrasting elements to create a beautiful yet simple space is so much fun! I am particularly drawn to rich woods, white and black accents, and warm textures.



3. What was your favorite project(s)? Why?

My laundry room makeover has been one of my favorite projects because my literal blood, sweat, and tears went into its transformation. I learned how to use a jigsaw, miter saw, and nail gun—much to my husband’s delight. Painting the tile was also something I had never done before, and I couldn’t be happier with the results! Every nook and cranny of the room was changed by my own two hands, and I find myself loving laundry day now.


Out with the old …

4. What’s your favorite trend right now?

Plants! Though I have suffered from Black Thumb for as long as I can remember, there is nothing more beautifully simple than fresh greenery in the home. Plants are a wonderful addition to any design aesthetic, and I love seeing them in so many houses lately!


Inspiring Decorator: Andrea Francavilla



Building hope for your household. That’s what Pine and Prospect Home blogger and decorator Andrea Francavilla offers her 28k IG followers and fans of her blog. There she’s chronicled a five-year journey renovating and rejuvenating her charming Tudor-style home to inspire others. (Check out the before and after pics here!) Read on for proof of her design philosophy that, “You don’t need a lot of money to have a beautiful refuge. With a little thriftiness and ingenuity, any house – no matter the size, budget or style – can be a prospective home.”

1. What inspired you to become a designer? What has your journey been like?

To be honest, I don’t know that I would consider myself a designer! I love all things home, and decorating has always been a passion of mine ever since I was little. I remember cutting out magazine clippings as a young girl and gluing them all together to create “my future home.” When my husband and I purchased our fixer upper, it was a dream come true for me. I was finally able to decorate my own space, but I quickly realized that home decor can be very pricey. I was determined to create a beautiful home even on the lowest of budgets, and I’m proud to say that the majority of my decor comes from thrift stores, garage sales and endless DIY projects.


2. How would you describe your design aesthetic?

Our 1930’s home is an English-cottage revival style house with a steeply pitched roof and a round door. The charm and character on the outside of our home has been the main inspiration for my interior decorating. I love to combine traditional, cottage-style elements with modern decor pieces to create a warm, livable and inviting space.


3. What was your favorite project(s)? Why?

This is a tough question! I have done so many projects that it’s truly hard to choose. Probably my favorite recent project was our fireplace makeover. Last year we added DIY built-ins in the form of shelves and a storage bench, redesigned the mantle and created a frame around the television. This year we covered all the brick with stone, and I just love the way it turned out. Our fireplace is a focal point in our home, and the stone brings so much warmth and rustic beauty!


Watch the amazing transformation of Andrea’s fireplace here.

4. What’s your favorite trend right now?

I try to avoid anything too trendy in my decorating. If I see something I love and the price is right, I will purchase it whether it’s trendy or not. But while I try to be unique, it’s almost impossible not to be inspired by others! One of my favorite trends is probably subway tile. We added a subway tile backsplash to our kitchen, not only because it’s trendy, but also because subway tile is true to the time period in which our home was built. It’s a timeless, classic option, and I love the character it adds to any space!


UPDATE 9/22/17: These just in! Thanks, Andrea, for the great pics of your new Designer Series Light Filtering Roller Shades! We’re so thrilled you love them and agree — they look ah-mazing with those too-cute curtains! And extra love for the post on your blog. So happy to be a small part of your Pine and Prospect Home!


Inspiring Decorator: Cynthia Harper

Cynthia Harper - Inspiring Decorator

Mixing modern and vintage goes together like cream and sugar in your coffee, according to inspiring decorator, Etsy shop owner and curator of homes with imperfections, Cynthia Harper. “I choose happiness over perfection,” she says of her approach to design. The result? Super sweet! We recently had the pleasure of working with Cynthia on selecting blinds for her own home, and fell in love with her eclectic aesthetic and comfy style. So we thought you’d like to get to know her, too.

1. What inspired you to become a designer? What has your journey been like?

My interest in design grew out of a deep need to have a creative outlet after the birth of my first child. Discovering that our home was a blank canvas that could serve as a means of creative expression was an eye-opening revelation for me. My personal style has evolved over time, and it’s fun to see how I’ve honed my skills over the last few years. The journey of sharing my design with a broader audience has been incredible. Far more people have taken an interest in my designs than I ever imagined! I feel very blessed to be on this journey of making a living out of something that is my passion.

living room

2. How would you describe your design aesthetic?

My design aesthetic favors neutrals with the use of a lot of texture and contrast to create visual interest. I love blending styles and also mixing the old with the new, while maintaining a simplified space. I find myself particularly drawn to modern farmhouse elements with a touch boho.

Cynthia Harper's bedroom

Our Premier 2″ Light Filtering Cellular Shades in Pale White were the perfect complement to this amazing accent wall in her daughter’s bedroom.

3. What was your favorite project(s)? Why?

My favorite project was the kitchen I designed for our home last year. A lot of time, thought and energy went into that project, and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. We worked within the existing footprint to stay within budget, and yet created something uniquely beautiful and timeless. We used subway tile to the ceiling to lighten and brighten the space, and used wood straight from an old barn for the open shelving. Styling those shelves is my favorite thing to do in our kitchen!


Cynthia Harper's kitchen

Cynthia’s kitchen has come a long way since its original purple counter tops.

Cynthia Harper used Designer Series Woven Woods from

The kitchen re-do all began with the gray door. Cynthia found the Designer Series Woven Woods in Jute Natural here at Select Blinds.

4. What’s your favorite trend right now?

My favorite trend right now is macrame. Planters, wall art, hoops … you name it! Macrame is a wonderful way to add warmth, texture and a hint of whimsy to a space, while still maintaining a neutral palette. I love it!

Inspiring Decorator Cynthia Harper

Inspiring Decorator: Amy with 11 Magnolia Lane

Inspiring Decorator Amy with 11 Magnolia Lane

Amy is part of the dynamic duo that makes up 11 Magnolia Lane, a magazine-style blog and website, where she and long-time friend and partner-in-blogging, Christy, share a variety of projects and topics related to home decor and DIY … with some fashion and entertaining thrown in for good fun.

1. What inspired you to become a designer? What has your journey been like?

While I am still not sure I qualify officially as a designer, since most of my work is in my own home and then showcased on our website, I have always loved design. My background is in graphic (print) design, and those skills definitely helped when getting started in the blogging world. I have always had a passion for interiors and remember spending hours pouring over design magazines growing up. When I was first married, I quickly set about making our small house look “decorated” with pretty much a non-existent newlywed budget. Of course, I had champagne tastes (as they say), so I had to come up with decorating ideas that would work for next to nothing. Over the years our projects have evolved from simple furniture makeovers into full room redo’s. I like nothing better then taking something that looks a total mess and making it beautiful!

2. How would you describe your design aesthetic?

One thing is for sure, it is always evolving. The one constant is that I prefer a white and neutral palate. I had a white kitchen 15 years ago when everyone was doing cherry, and I’ll probably always have a white kitchen. I like things light and bright and airy! I do love seeing color in other people’s homes — it is inspirational to me — but in my design I tend to use more of one or two “pops” of color. I feel like a white or neutral base always works to stabilize everything in the space. I love texture, too, as even with white the addition of different textures keeps it from being boring. I did, however, just add a dark color in one room of my home just to break things up a bit (see the pictures above), and I have to admit — I like the contrast!

Amy's Library Makeover


3. What was your favorite project(s)? Why?

That is hard to say, I have several favorites. Decorating my daughter’s room is always the most fun, as she has grown up from a toddler (when the blog started) to now almost a pre-teen, so her room has grown up along with her. Creating a space just for her, with all sorts of girly things in it is just plain fun! My favorite DIY project is the built-in shelves in our library (see pictures above). My sweet Dad did most of the work to build them, starting from a picture I showed him, and I love these shelves. The room looks completely different then when we started, so much more finished and “decorated,” and it wasn’t really a hard or expensive project. This is the same space we just transformed with the very dark walls. I wanted the white shelves to really pop, and I think it works!

Amy from 11 Magnolia Lane's Girls Room Makeover


4. What’s your favorite trend right now?

Even though it has been around now for several years, I still like the gold trend, though I think it’s going to evolve into “copper” for Fall. Copper is a lovely, warm tone that’s perfect for the nesting season of Fall and Winter. I also love the blue and white look that has been everywhere recently. It is such a classic combination and so many other colors coordinate well with it. Blue and white seems to withstand the test of time and changing trends.

Amy's Dining Room Makeover

Inspiring Decorator: Kelly Ballard

Kelly and Mike Ballard

The DIY journey of a California citygirl and a Montana farmboy has inspired us to follow Kelly Ballard. This humble homegirl knows the value of hard work and how to add some big city swing to her Farmhouse favorite stylings and design. We’re really impressed, too, with her DIY Friday Features on Instagram for easy how-to’s on DIY design on a dime. (Check out the cute mini curtain rods she made to frame our Express Faux Wood Shutters for just $10!)

1. What inspired you to become a designer? What has your journey been like?

I have always loved decorating. It started while I was young and would watch my mother hand-stencil little blue and pink houses on the border of our kitchen walls — over and over until the one stencil she had had been painted across the entire border. She also taught herself to sew and made our curtains to match perfectly. We had very little extra with seven kids in the house, but she always did her best to DIY our home to perfection. I tell others now that she would have been the queen of Pinterest if it was around back then!

So I started copying her. I would save my money from my after-school job at Kentucky Fried Chicken and head to Mervyn’s. This is where I would browse and get so many ideas while I dreamed of one day buying my own house and setting it up like the floor models they had. I eventually bought all my hunter green bedding and decor to match my 1990s girls bedroom from there. It was as cute as ever, in my opinion. 🙂

When I got married, I wanted so much to have a welcoming home, but with my husband in law school, we were on a very tight budget. I became extremely good at shopping at the local thrift store and spicing up my new found treasures. There was also a local craft store called Provo Craft that had an outlet shop. Here I would find amazing steals on unfinished wood decor. While my babies were young, I tried my hand at painting and staining these items and fell in love with it. I still have my very first project — a shelf — hanging in our guest room 14 years later. Since then, I have always decorated my home on my own, with the help of vast tutorials and Google searches. Because of these tutorials from DIY masters like Shanty2Chic and Liz at LoveGrowsWild, I was able to learn on my own while still at home. It was a perfect fit for me. I continue weekly to teach myself a new skill set from masters who publish themselves on the internet. I am so grateful for them! Now I am often asked to help friends and family with their homes. It’s amazing how the circle of decor just keeps on turning!


Kelly Ballard living room


2. How would you describe your design aesthetic?

My design aesthetic is a vast mix and has changed over the years. My current home is completely different than the Tuscan-style home I had before. I focus on Farmhouse style, with a hint of Shabby Chic and Industrial. I love wood in any way, shape, or form. Paired with some industrial metals and a bit of chippy paint, to me, you’ve got something amazing. I often wish I could have 10 houses and decorate them all differently, because I am inspired by so many styles. None are wrong to me as long as they are uplifting.

3. What was your favorite project(s)? Why?

One of my favorite projects was creating a seating area for my tiny entryway. My current home does not have a lot of space to sit down and take off your shoes, so I created one. My plain wall was converted to a brighter look with wood plank accents and white paint. I built a sturdy bench with a white base and Briarsmoke Varathane on top. Then I added a coat and backpack rack for the kids to hang their things on. It became a completely functional space instead of unusable with a farmhouse swing, and I love it!

4. What’s your favorite trend right now?

So many amazing trends are tempting my decorbuds right now! I want to implement them all! Sometimes I wish sleep was unnecessary so I could have eight more hours a day to work on projects swimming through my head. Something I do adore right now is plumbers pipe. It is so versatile and sturdy, and pairs well with the Farmhouse style. I love the Industrial look with it, too. I was asked to build some plumbers shelving for a client and I loved it so much, I added it to my kitchen. It makes me smile every time I see it. It’s an easy DIY and adds a lot of character to a home.
Plumber pipe shelving

Inspiring Decorator: Natalie Kolter, My Vintage Porch

Natalie Kolter is a do-it-yourself dynamo of a designer whose projects are her passion. And the best part is she’s happy to share and show (lucky for us!) exactly how she creates unique pieces and spaces from scratch for herself and her clients. Follow her blog for step-by-step explanations and videos of how she breathes new life into old finds, and how you can duplicate her look to make it your own.

1. What inspired you to become a designer? What has your journey been like?

I started my own path of design and decorating for other clients a few years ago. I began by painting and creating furniture pieces for clients’ homes, and then began receiving interest from clients for design and decorating. I love designing my own home. I would post projects that I would complete and clients just began to ask for my help with decorating their homes. It’s also a passion of mine to incorporate budget-friendly decor, which can encourage and allow anyone on any budget to have a gorgeous space of their dreams.

2. How would you describe your design aesthetic?

I love whites and neutrals but also like to add a pop of color with a rug or small objects such as pillows or adding textures with woods and whites. This way I can change out my decor easily without feeling the need to change the wall color.

3. What was your favorite project(s)? Why?

I have an artistic love as well, making me passionate about creating in every realm, whether it be decor, a painting, or painting a wall with an original touch. I painted a wall to resemble concrete and also made a brick wall with some joint compound and paint. I also painted my laundry room floor and made a barn door with a distressed technique that I love.

4. What’s your favorite trend right now?

I don’t get into trends too much, but I do like a little of the farmhouse style. I love to mix in original items, such as vintage and antique finds. Thrifting and finding original decor pieces helps a space to be less trendy and more timeless, in my opinion.

Inspiring Decorator: Gemary Ermus

The things that excite you are not random. They are connected to your purpose. Follow them.

That’s why we’re excited about decorator and beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger and photographer, Gemary Ermus. And why we follow her. You’ll want to, too.

1. What inspired you to become a designer? What has your journey been like?

The ability to envision something in your head and bring it to existence is something that I have always been fond of. I have always loved and been interested in anything that challenges me creatively, whether that be a photograph, a video, a drawing, or my home. It is something that keeps me on my toes and something that I am very passionate about.

As a kid, I would get different journals every other week and fill it with drawings, sketches, quotes and ideas. I would cut out magazines and make collages and mood boards before I even knew there was such a thing. Then I got a computer, taught myself some mediocre web design and started my own webpage. This was before I even knew what a blog was!

Later, I got a hold of my first camera and fell in love with capturing moments, which eventually made me start an actual blog. Anything and everything that allows me to express myself creatively is and always will be something that I’ve been drawn to since the very beginning.

My mom influenced me a bit in that area as well. Growing up, there was never a lack of compliments from visitors on my mother’s interior design choices. Her garden was always the talk of the block and everything she did, design-wise, was done so meticulously. This rubbed off on me at a very young age.

Even though interior design is not my profession, I recently became a homeowner of a 1970s fixer-upper, and my love for interior design has never been stronger. I like the challenge in bringing character and personality into a room or a home, especially one that desperately needs it. It’s like a blank canvas and you are the artist.

2. How would you describe your design aesthetic?

Classic, bright, and minimal but cozy. I find that that combination makes for a more timeless design. I try my best to stay away from anything that is too trendy. I love mixing mid-century modern with vintage pieces, so I guess my interior style is modern-vintage with a tiny hint of farmhouse.

3. What was your favorite project(s)? Why?

My favorite project so far has been our kitchen. Even though that is the only room in our house that is actually finished. I know I’m going to have a hard time topping it. The kitchen had to be completely remodeled, so essentially, we were able to build it from the ground up.

Each little detail was thought out and executed to my taste. Aside from all of the stress and hard work of completely re-doing a room, there is nothing more satisfying than knowing that you had such a big part in the design; you look around and you feel so at-home.

We’re excited, too, that we had a small part in the renovation of Gemary’s kitchen, where she used our Premier Woven Wood Shades in Bodhi.

4. What’s your favorite trend right now?

This is really hard to narrow down because I love so many home decor trends at the moment, but if I HAD to pick just one, I would probably say open shelving in kitchens.

After using my kitchen for a couple of months now I have really learned to appreciate the simplicity of open shelving. Even though you want your shelves to look aesthetically pleasing, everything on there has to be practical. You have to force yourself to be quite minimal and only own what you absolutely need.

We’re thrilled that Gemary recently highlighted our Premier Woven Wood Shades in her new “Home Decor Haul” series! Check out how she’s styled these and other decor items she’s purchased over the last couple of months here:

Inspiring Decorator: Kirsten Yanasak, Bright Yellow Door

Kirsten Yanasak

Meet Bright Yellow Door design blogger Kirsten Yanasak. She’ll blow you away with her exquisite selection of eclectic decor ideas! Check out some of them here, and you’ll see why we’re so inspired by her impeccable taste. We want her to design our homes, too, and so will you!

1. What inspired you to become a designer? What has your journey been like?

I became a designer because I grew up in a creative and supportive household. When I was little, my mom was always cutting out pictures from magazines and taping them into notebooks. She called them her dream books. I’d love to pour over those pages and look at all the beautiful colors , the furniture, and the textiles and patterns. I’ve always had a love of art and design. As a child I was always coloring, sketching and creating things. When I graduated from high school, I decided to pursue my dream of becoming an artist. I went on to receive my BA in art, and taught art to children for many years. I still love to paint to this day.

Kirsten daughter at counter

Fast forward to now. Being the mother of three and having become a massage therapist in the interim, I find that my house is now my canvas. I love to mix and match colors in different rooms. I love to pattern play. I love to scour thrift stores for hidden treasures. Being able to blog about my passion, share my ideas and the projects that my husband and I work on together is so much fun and very fulfilling to me.

Kirstens kitchen

2. How would you describe your design aesthetic?

I’m not disciplined enough to pick only one favorite style. I have very eclectic tendencies. I would describe my style as a funky, farmhouse, retro chic cottage look. I feel like the most beautiful houses that I’ve ever stepped into readily show the owners heart and where their passion is. I don’t like to try to put my favorite design likes into a square box. If I see something and I love it, I buy it and find a way to incorporate it into my style. I want my home to look lived in and comfortable, and to clearly show bits and pieces of my unique personality.

Kirstens living room

Kirstens dining room

3. What was your favorite project? Why?

My favorite project today is our island redo. We have a very small kitchen and not that much counter space, and a very long living room. I decided that we needed an island. However, all the islands that I found online were far too expensive and out of our budget. So I decided to purchase an old dresser on craigslist and turn it into an island. My husband and I worked together on this project. I stripped the old dresser, re-painted it white, took off the doors to enable more storage, and then added new hardware. I found a butcher block top that my husband attached to the back and the top. He also revamped the back of the dresser so structurally it looked more like a solid piece of furniture. I just love how it turned out and now my kids use that island every single day for homework, snacking and hanging out with me while I cook. It’s my favorite!

Kirstens daughters

4. What’s your favorite trend right now?

My favorite trend right now is turning pieces of furniture like dressers and desks, into vanities and islands. We are about ready to re-do our downstairs powder room. We found an old dresser and are going to install a vessel sink on top of it.

My second favorite trend is wallpaper, wallpaper wallpaper! I love the pop of color and texture it so easily adds in any room. (We’re also going to be wallpapering that downstairs bathroom!) I’m so excited about how the whole project is coming together! I guess you can say I really do like color…and texture!

Inspiring Decorator, Caitlin Murray, Black Lacquer Design


Caitlin Murray of Black Lacquer Design is an inspiration. What we love most about her style is that she loves and appreciates bold color. What’s not to love? Here’s a little more about Caitlin and her journey to becoming an interior designer.

1. What inspired you to become a designer? What has your journey been like?


Growing up, I was always rearranging furniture and organizing things in my room, which quickly spilled over to those of my friends. I had an irresistible pull toward a career in interior design because of my fascination with curating pieces in a way that creates a beautiful space. For me, it’s the most fun form of art because the result is that people get to enjoy it in their daily lives.

Though my draw toward this field was sparked at a young age, I initially wrote it off as a frivolous pursuit and figured I’d outgrow the desire to design. I grew up in a conservative Midwest city with two attorney parents, so a “practical” college major seemed like a safer choice. I got a bachelor’s degree in journalism, then landed my first job as a beauty and fashion publicist in LA. I thought I’d made a great compromise by scoring a serious yet creative career, but I soon realized how promising becoming an interior designer could be in Southern California. I went back to school to get my design degree, took advantage of some great job opportunities in the industry, and gained a ton of experience before branching out with my own firm.

2. How would you describe your design aesthetic?


I think my style tends to be a creatively balanced mix of vintage and modern elements. Overall, it’s eclectic, colorful, and chic.

3. What was your favorite project? Why?


I did a project in the Hollywood Hills that was one of my favorites because the client (who later became a close friend) gave me free creative rein. The result was an awesome balance and flow of colors and materials that really complemented the space, his amazing art, and both of our style sensibilities.

4. What’s your favorite trend right now?


I’m loving that the new wave furniture pieces of the ’80s are coming back in a cooler way–especially through chunky furniture with curved lines done in soft, pretty colors.

Book Review – Lovable Livable Home by Sherry and John Petersik (Young House Love)


If you haven’t stumbled upon the Young House Love blog, you’re missing out. They have fantastic before-and-afters, not to mention all the DIY tips and gorgeous photos of their homes.

So, when I had the opportunity to read and review their book, Lovable Livable Home, I just couldn’t resist. This book has a casual, fun, friendly vibe, which makes it easy to read and even easier to apply their ideas. Most of what they showcase is simple and budget-friendly, which makes this book a great option for everyone. Here are some of my favorite ideas:

  • It’s common to decorate a room with form and function in mind. We worry about how something works and how it looks. But there’s something missing in that equation. It’s finding meaning. The Petersiks recommend asking yourself what these objects mean to you and how do they make you feel. If you can find meaning along with form and function, you will feel at home and comfortable no matter what.
  • The perfect mix in any room is color, pattern, and texture. Sometimes if your room feels a little off, you’re missing one of these elements.
  • Childproofing isn’t the same as making your space kid-friendly. If kids live your home, your space should be inviting to everyone in the family, including the kids. Same goes with pets.
  • This one is a personal favorite – decorating with books. They’re easy to get and even easier to decorate with. They add charm and personality to any space.
  • Does your home feel a little too small for your family? You’re not alone. One family used their covered deck to extend the homey vibe, making their porch have a living room vibe.
  • If you have children, you know how much artwork they create. Chances are you have boxes of artwork in your attic, garage, or under the beds. The Petersiks give fantastic advice how to enjoy and use your kid’s art, including ironing it onto pillows or using it to create a bigger piece of art. It can be a great way to add more color and fun to your home’s decor.

Have you read this book? What was your favorite idea?