Select Blinds™ Motorized Architect Roller Shades: Powered by Eve MotionBlinds™ Motors with Apple HomeKit™ Technology

Eve MotionBlinds

2022 welcomes you to the world of Eve MotionBlinds!

As smart home accessories go, window coverings aren’t known for being very accessible, but 2022 brings with it a new breed of smart technology. In fact, smart window coverings just got a heck of a lot smarter (and much easier to install). Meet Select Blinds’ Motorized Architect Roller Shades, available in light-filtering and blackout styles. These sharp and thoughtfully designed roller shades are powered by a new type of smart blind motor that allows Eve MotionBlinds to work in conjunction with Apple HomeKit. In addition to their Bluetooth capabilities, Eve MotionBlinds motors will also support Thread, a new smart home connectivity standard. Indeed, Eve MotionBlinds feature the first smart blind motors available to support the Thread technology.

Easy Installation and Setup

Installing and setting up motorized shades has never been easier. Once your blinds are installed (SelectBlinds products are known for their easy installation), just scan the HomeKit setup code with your iOS device. No bridge or registration needed for either Bluetooth or Thread compatibility. For use of a border router, such as a HomePod mini™ or an Apple TV™ (4th generation or later), Eve MotionBlinds can automatically connect with the Thread network. If you’re using a Border Router as part of a smart home kit, Eve MotionBlinds will join a network automatically. You can still operate your Motorized Architect Roller Shades with the motorized wand or remote control upgrade for times when your WiFi might go on the fritz.

Future-Proofing Your Smart Home

Thread capabilities not only make installation easier, it also provides longer average battery life and quicker response times. Thread will even allow you to get a jump on future-proofing your home’s smart devices to be compatible with Matter, a new and advanced home technology being developed by Apple, Google, Amazon, and other developers.

Convenience and Reliability

Schedule your blinds ahead of time to open and close at specific times, or set them to operate themselves using the user-friendly app. Set up HomeKit Scenes and Rules and connect the blinds to other HomeKit-friendly accessories like thermostats, light bulbs, motion detectors, and sensor-based devices. Imagine connectivity that includes devices that might be outside the range of your border router, but that can still be operated through a relay. All Eve MotionBlinds data and intelligence are stored locally in the motor for better privacy and peace of mind. Become an early adopter of the solution for all kinds of smart home logistics headaches.

High-Quality Construction

Motorized Architect Roller Shades are built to last with all the care and high quality Select Blinds products are known for. They feature an unforgettable European-inspired design, and you may select from a plentiful array of colors, as well as from three different sustainably procured texture styles. Get your motorized rollers custom-built to fit your windows, with additional options for the headrail, bottom rail, and roll position.

Eve MotionBlinds Features Include:

  • “Smart in a minute” convenience – Eve MotionBlinds motors feature connectivity built directly into the shade’s headrail, connected to the Home™ app, and quickly activated by a set-up code.
  • Control or automate your smart blinds from anywhere with your iOS device.
  • Privacy and digital security
  • Energy efficiency
  • Cable-free installation
  • USB-C rechargeability

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The Best Dining Room Window Treatments for Holiday Gatherings


Dining rooms are frequently considered the most elegant room in any home. Austere furniture, stately chandeliers, and intricate place settings are common mainstays of the place where families and friends gather for daily meals as well as for holiday dinners. 

Maybe you prefer more practical but still attractive window covering options for rooms that visitors won’t see (like bedrooms, nurseries, or home offices), but admit it: your dining room is a key centerpiece of your home. A place to help guests feel pampered and included. Make a beautiful and bold statement with this special room in all its fine details, including those must-have finishing touches, like attractive window treatments. 

Find window treatments for your dining room that are well-constructed, practical, and that offer up plenty of WOW-factor.

What is the Trend for Window Treatments in 2022?

Start by considering which direction the windows you’re covering are facing. How much light control will you need? What size are your dining room windows? How much privacy do you prefer? 

Then think about your priorities are in regard to entertaining: Accenting your interior décor? A warmer, more natural feel? More contemporary interior design? 

What about color? Keep the following in mind as you are trying to bring your dining room’s look together.

  • Bolder shades to make a statement: i.e., chocolate tones, navy blue, peach
  • Natural hues to bring nature closer: i.e., greens, browns, purples, and blues
  • Neutral tones to add a softening effect: i.e., especially shades of white and beige

Here are some suggestions for helping make your holiday socializing experiences unforgettable:

Best Window Treatments for the Dining Room

Help set the mood for your holiday meals with the following style tips.

Roman Shades: Contemporary and Classic Versatility

Roman shades are a classic, yet versatile option and can offer a full look to your windows. They are a fashionable alternative to longer window treatments offering the best functionality of a shade, along with the coverage that curtains give. You’ll have many materials and textures to choose from, as well– everything from fabric to woven wood. Roman shades stay contained inside the window frame, while giving soft touches of color, pattern, and texture. 

Woven Woods: Bringing Nature Home

Made from earthy, natural materials (i.e., bamboo, grasses, reeds, and jute), woven wood shades feature an irreplaceable look and feel for your dining room. And they complement wood furniture beautifully. Without a liner, woven wood shades don’t provide as much privacy as other window treatments, which makes them ideal for areas like dining rooms and kitchens. But you can always add a privacy liner for more peace of mind.

Panel Track Shades: Convenient and Modern

Tall, wide panel shades can add an instant touch of stylish contemporary to your dining room, especially for larger windows. They easily glide on tracks to open and close them. Panels offer up a clean framing effect for your windows to help manage the incoming natural light. These shades also function well in a layering capacity over the top of other types of window treatments to add a bit of depth in the dining room.

What Kind of Look and Feel Do You Want in Your Dining Room?

Classic & Timeless

A classic, yet timeless look is a signature feature of Roman shades.The traditional design and versatility of Roman shades are sure to be a mainstay at family meals and leave a lasting impression on holiday guests. 

See some suggestions below, along with brief descriptions of our product classes, to help you know what you can expect.

Roman Shades:

Essential Class (featuring simple designs in familiar styles, constructed from materials known for strength and easy cleaning)

Signature Class (featuring thoughtful designs in trendy, affordable styles and durable materials)

Warm & Natural

Bring a warmer, more earthy look and feel to your space and to your holiday gatherings with the natural beauty of bamboo and woven wood shades. Get your home looking Pinterest-perfect for your next family dinner or get-together with these natural looking custom shades on your dining room windows. Personalize them to fit your needs with lined options for more light and privacy control.

Bamboo/Woven Wood Shades:

Premium Class (featuring lasting designs in timeless styles and high-quality materials)

Luxury Class (featuring superior design in distinct styles, quality-crafted with unique materials)


Set some new trends with eye-catching custom panel track shades. These shades are perfect for wide windows and for sliding glass doors. Just select the number of wide vertical panels you’ll need for your own impressive design statement.

Panel Track Shades:

Premier Class

Luxury Class

Whether for family meals or the most lavish entertaining, you can find just the right window treatments for your dining room to help create lasting memories, any time of the year.

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All About The Plantation Shutter: Cost & Cultural Shift

by Select Blinds

As unpredictable as our world can be, isn’t it comforting to know we can rely on sunlight and nightfall to dictate our day? Of course, determining how much or how little of each we welcome into our homes is entirely up to us, so it helps to install adjustable window coverings to adapt to every shade of the day.

Shutters offer complete light control as blinds and blackout coverings, but depending on louver width, they can offer more variety in angle intensity, and interior design aesthetic. Need to maximize sunlight for your finicky fiddle-leaf figs and indoor potted succulents? Just tilt the louvers and position the hinged panels to your every need.

Shouldn’t The Term “Plantation” Be Cancelled?

In a word, yes. The term refers to the large farms that were the economic basis of many of the 17th- through the 19th-Century American colonies that relied on forced African slave labor. In the 1950s, the term was reappropriated by Southern resorts and housing developments to romanticize the plantation as a place of grandeur, affluence, and sprawling landscapes, disassociating it from centuries of brutal forced labor and cruelty.

In early 2021, the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations dropped the latter half of its official name on state documents and websites. And before that, Pinterest and The Knot ceased in promoting plantation venues or any kind of plantation-related wedding inspiration.

However, though “plantation shutter” still lingers in the zeitgeist of interior design and home decorating, and we support the shifting of the term toward “Louvered Shutter,” in the hope it catches on quickly. 

We believe this name aptly pays homage to the original ancient Greek design and wood-louvered window coverings that came to our continent by way of Spanish settlers. Before glass was made affordable, shutters’ hinged panels and strong wooden slats not only provided privacy and kept critters out, but also protected homes from ocean storms and heavy coastal winds.

How Much do Louvered Shutters or Plantation Shutters Cost?

Prices for custom-made window shutters are dependent on the materials, size, the number of rooms being outfitted, and any additional special features you might like. For example, our patented recyclable, non-toxic, and flame-retardant poly shutters start  at $218 for a 26” w x 36” h window. But when you consider their beauty, the energy efficiency, and the illusion of more interior space they bring into a room, their value is almost immeasurable.

With varying degrees of insulation to choose from to protect the home from outdoor heat and cold, shutters lower utility bills, and decrease long-term home maintenance costs.

And as low maintenance is always a high selling point, window shutters bolster the appraisal value of your home. And knowing our custom interior window shutters are made to the measurement of your unique windows’ dimensions, they’ll stay with the home and make an enticing impression on prospective buyers.

According to Sotheby’s real estate professional Renay Andrews, “Interior window shutters are a huge asset to have when selling a home. They absolutely increase market value by a substantial amount. Buyers see them as an amenity.”

Whether made of wood or faux, whether stained or painted, we make it simple, by categorizing our window shutters into four easy-to-shop classes:

1. Essential Class

These shutters are a great starting point for first-time homeowners that are looking for budget-friendly solutions. Custom-crafted from materials known for strength and easy cleaning, they’re ideal for areas of high wear and tear, like kids’ rooms.

Classic Faux Wood Shutters

These louvers are constructed with scratch-resistant polyresin that looks just like traditional wood shutters, but won’t warp or fade in areas of high moisture.

2. Signature Class

This class of window shutters features thoughtful designs in trendy styles. Custom-built with durable materials and affordable, the Signature Class is the perfect place to start when looking for a beyond-basic solution to complement statement decor.

Classic Hybrid Window Shutters

Available in eight neutral hues, this transitional style complements any interior design motif, from farmhouse to urban modern. It also combines the beauty of real wood frames with the affordability and durability of high-quality poly louvers.

3. Premium Class

This design territory features lasting designs in timeless styles. Styled in high-quality materials, the Premium Class is the ideal choice for an excellent investment that’s made to last.

Lifestyle Painted Shutter

If you’re looking to extend, not just blend, with your interior décor, these painted shutters come in a variety of colors. Featuring painted real wood frames and antimicrobial, moisture-resistant poly panels, they’ll endure decades of wear and tear.

4. Luxury Class

Created for grand living, and the style-minded homeowner looking to indulge in sophisticated customization, the Luxury Class features superior designs in bespoke compositions. Made with unique materials and quality craftsmanship.

Architect Stained Shutter

For those unique, woodgrain patterns and traditional elegance only real wood can offer, these shutters come in a variety of stains and configurations. Rich, classic, and built-to-last, they’re an impressive display, whether from the couch or curb.

An Easy DIY Investment

Whether you know them as window shutters, louvered coverings, or plantation shutters, consider our louvered designs yet another element in our busy, ever-changing world you can rely on for privacy, high value, and high style. Our easy-to-install, customs designs arrive ready-to-install, so along with energy savings, installation cost is another factor you’ll save on.

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Everything You Need to Know About Interior Window Shutters

by Select Blinds

When it comes to updating windows, curtains or blinds may first come to mind, but shutters are an elegant way to transform any space into a warm and cozy retreat. Whether stained or solid, swung open or completely closed, their hinged panels add charm to your home’s décor. And year-round, interior window shutters are energy-efficient. The louver construction traps air to insulate against heat and cold, whether winter or spring. 

While helping to reduce energy costs, custom shutters can boost your home’s value and add tremendous curb appeal. They’ll leave a lasting impression on prospective buyers with their ability to distinguish the subtleties between contemporary and traditional, or coastal and colonial décor.

The secret is in your own unique combination of colors, tilt rod placement, number of panels, and frame style. 

Interested in unlocking those secrets? Here’s all you need to know to select the right custom shutters for your living space.

First, A Brief History

The first window shutters originated in Ancient Greece. Designed first in marble, static shutters helped defend the home against the breezy, and sometimes stormy, Mediterranean climate. 

As the use of window shutters spread across the continent during the Middle Ages, changes were made in their designs. The switch from marble to wood allowed builders to make louvers that could be opened and closed, allowing more control over light, ventilation, and privacy, while keeping out rain.

In the 18th- and 19th-Century American South, the name “shutter” was first officially coined, and louvered shutters extended the grandeur and elegance in Southern mansions.

How to Select The Right Window Shutters

Today, shutters can be installed in homes of all shapes and sizes, on doors and windows, big or small. They’re available in countless colors, natural wood stains, materials, hinges, and frames. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right shutters for your home.

What To Consider When Selecting Color

When choosing a paint color or stain, consider your home’s exterior as well as the interior décor. You’ll want a color that works well with both the design aesthetic and palette of your exterior. 

Choosing The Right Panel Configuration

Shutters look best when they follow the layout of your windows, whereby the vertical members of the shutters align with the vertical framework of your windows. Single panel shutters are the most popular, as they maximize light and the view outside. Specific windows might prefer a more traditional bi-fold panel look. For the best light, look for fewer obstructions by fitting the widest possible panel size.

Hidden Tilt Bar Vs. Visible Tilt Bar

A visible center tilt rod is the most traditional style featured on classic plantation shutters, and is perfect for accenting cottage or colonial-style homes. A hidden tilt rod adds a more modern look to a room and provides the most light, and visibility on shutters with multiple panels.

Frames Are The Finishing Touch

The visual transition between wall and shutter is an important detail not to be overlooked. Whether thick or thin, contrasting in color or matching, the shutter molding can dress up the opening. Choose from L-shaped, T-frame, casing frames, and more.

What Shutter Materials Are Available?

Wood Shutters

There’s something so warm and cozy real wood shutters bring to a space. They’re much lighter than faux wood, poly, and hybrid shutters. However, wood can warp in high humidity areas whereas faux wood proves to be much better in damp environments.

Faux Wood Shutters

Made of polyresin and offering the looks of traditional wood, faux wood shutters look just like the real thing and offer moisture resistance in high humidity, like bathrooms. Faux wood shutters are also scratch-proof and extra durable. 

Poly Shutters

Offering all the durability and feel of real wood shutters, our poly shutters are made with patented recyclable, non-toxic, and flame-retardant construction. Featuring a crisp, patented finish, these shutters are easy to clean and care for. No painting, no repairing, no replacing necessary.

Hybrid Shutters

Hybrid shutters combine the timeless elegance of real hardwood frames with the resilience of solid poly panels. The result is a custom window treatment that does much more than just look good. The panels help insulate windows and doors 65% better than all-wood shutters to help keep energy bills low and rooms more comfortable. The laser-baked, glass-like painted finish on the panels also resists harmful UV rays. No yellowing, cracking, chipping, splitting, or warping.

Made-To-Measure Shutters

Regardless of what design elements and materials you choose, you can bet that your best option is always our easy-to-install, custom-made interior window shutters that fit your windows’ unique dimensions. 

How To Measure For Inside Mount Window Shutters:

First, make sure your window is deep enough to hang shutters on the inside of the frame and measure the depth from the glass to the outer edge of your window casing. If your window casing depth is less than 2 ¾ inches you’ll need to choose an outside mount. 

Next, measure the width left to right in three places: the top, middle, and bottom. Then, measure the height at the top left, center, and top right down to the window sill.  

Watch our quick video demonstration:

How To Measure For Outside Mount Window Shutters:

Simply repeat the steps for measuring the inside window mount measuring.

For standard L-frame shutters, add 4 inches to the width measurement and add 2 inches to the height if you have a window sill. Add 4 inches to the height if you do not have a sill.

For designer-frame shutters, add 5 inches to the width measurement and add 2 ½ inches to the height measurement if you have a window sill. Add 5 inches to the height if you do not have a sill.

Watch our quick video demonstration:

So whether your home’s aesthetic is mid-century modern, farmhouse chic, or an eclectic mix of the two, we have an easy-to-install shutter for you. In countless combinations of louver widths, panel configurations, frames and colors, interior window shutters make any house a joy to live in.

Create your home’s custom window treatment design now

Kitchen Window Treatment Design Ideas


What to do about your kitchen windows? Different rooms in your home have different needs when it comes to window treatments, but think about all the time you spend in your kitchen, in particular.

Treat Your Kitchen Windows

The kitchen is often referred to as the “heart of your home,” where you spend so much time with your family and friends talking, eating meals, telling stories, joking around, celebrating holidays, etc. You rely on your kitchen’s window treatments to not only serve certain functions, but also to look good while doing so. You’ll spend a lot of time seeing your kitchen window coverings, so you want to take extra care that you “treat” those windows just right.

Kitchen Window Treatments: Some Considerations

For starters, you need your kitchen window treatments to be durable and easy to clean – but remember, you also want your kitchen blinds, shutters, or shades to look good and make your kitchen feel welcoming. You can control the amount of light coming into your kitchen, as well as your privacy as needed, all to fit your personal lifestyle.

Faux Wood Kitchen Blinds and Shutters

Faux wood blinds and shutters are definitely durable and built to last, but even better, they are perfect for areas of high moisture and dampness, because they won’t warp, split, or crack over time. Plus they offer the elegant look of real wood blinds. They are also super easy to keep clean. Simply wipe down with a soapy, damp cloth or rag, and then with a dry cloth.

Roller Shades

No matter what your sense of style, there’s a custom roller shade that you’ll love. Highly functional, great at keeping the light out, and with a familiar, classic look. Get creative in the way you express your own individual aesthetic.They are also easy to care for and to clean, especially those rollers made of synthetic materials.

Solar Shades

If blocking out the harsh incoming glare is of concern to you to keep the sun out of your eyes and also to help preserve your interior furniture, you may consider solar shades as an option for your kitchen.

You can select from sheer to opaque and anywhere in-between. Solar shades are usually made from PVC, which means they’re super easy to clean and maintain, and also that they’ll last for several years.

Bamboo / Woven Wood

Another viable option for kitchen window treatments comes in the form of shades made with bamboo or woven woods. Just be careful which window you use them for (keep them away from behind the sink or near the stove), because if they get wet, they will start to gradually come apart. The materials used to make them, like bamboo, grasses, reeds and jutes, help soften the look of your kitchen appliances. Also, they’re known to hold their shape over time, even if you get a lot of sun in your kitchen. Cleaning bamboo is easy, as you can regularly just wipe off dust with a damp rag.

Cellular Shades

Cellular shades (sometimes referred to as honeycomb shades) are designed to insulate against outdoor heat and cold by trapping heat inside their single- or double-layer honeycomb “pockets.” This helps conserve energy and reduce your energy bills throughout the year. Cellular shades can also insulate against and soften outdoor noise when your children are playing outside, or you’re entertaining guests.

As far as “cleanability” goes, cellulars are relatively easy to keep clean. Simply dust or vacuum them off regularly. From time to time, you may want to have your shades professionally cleaned, as they are prone to gather various scents and smells over time. Along with Roman shades, cellulars are also not the best choice as a treatment for the window over the kitchen sink, as they do not do well in moist/damp environments.

Need Some Inspiration?

To help you, here are some of Select Blinds’ most popular options for kitchen window treatments:

2” Premier Faux Woods 

Classic Sheer Weave Solars  

Classic Roman Shades  

Classic Fabric Light Filtering Roller Shades 

Lifestyle Light Filtering Cellulars 

Classic Cordless Woven Woods 

Trust your design instincts. Your kitchen windows are going to look AMAZING.

Cover Your Pool & Patio with Outdoor Roller Shades

By SelectBlinds

The heat of summer is here and the sun is beckoning us out of the seemingly forced hibernation of the past year. Are we ready to face the heat of the season again? For those of us in the intense temperatures found looming over the Southwest, exterior shade is an absolute must, but finding the perfect outdoor sun shades can be almost as painful as forgetting to use sun screen. We’re here to give you some tips and ideas about how to keep your feet, body, and head cool throughout the next few months. Read on to check them out!

Exterior Solar Shades

Lifestyle Outdoor Motorized Shades drop like a welcome breeze into this patio’s décor.

Outdoor shades can come in a wide variety of lift styles, but due to their width and exposure to the elements, the safest, and easiest to install, are roller-style shades. Patio sun shades have varying transparencies, so you can fine-tune the amount of sunlight you want to filter through. Offering 1%, 3%, 5%, 8%, 10% and 14% levels of openness, there are a lot of ways to craft your poolside sun protection!

Note: 1% Openness= 99% of Harmful UV Rays Blocked = Darkest Option.

Sliding Glass Door Blinds

Architect Light Filtering Panel Tracks block out the light but keep the family in sight.

Before you party on the patio, you’ve got to make it through the sliding glass door! You know, the one that’s invisible to the dog, and to your Aunt Pam after a few too many hard seltzers? Don’t forget how much of the sun’s natural energy and heat is absorbed, and magnified into your house by the patio slider. While our panel tracks are great for indoors, as well as to be used as room dividers, they can also fair well on the porch in less intense summers on the East coast of the United States. If you’re located in the solar panel-loving states like Arizona, California, and Nevada, set your heart on the exterior shades!

Bamboo Shades

Premier Woven Wood Shades in Quince work wonders inside and out.

Not just for feasting your eyes on inside, bamboo blinds are also a favorite for the porch, patio, and pool areas! Outdoor bamboo shades have the same construction as an interior shade, but with any product that spends its time outside, the elements are known to limit its lifespan. Keep in mind, you can upgrade any of our products to 5-year unlimited coverage, so you can rest in the shade with peace of mind!

Select Blinds’ Staff Recommends:

1% Classic Exterior Sheer Weave Solar Shades keep enclosed patios cool every afternoon.

Try one or more of our favorite selections of outdoor roller shades and bamboo blinds for the ultimate shaded experience inside and out:

5% Classic Exterior Sheer Weave Solars

Lifestyle Outdoor Shade

Classic Cordless Top Down Bottom Up Woven Woods

Oh, and one more thing. Have an amazing summer on your patio and by the pool!

5 Reasons Shutters Are an Excellent Home Investment

by SelectBlinds

Wood and faux wood shutters feature a classic stylish dignity and look for any home. Heck, in some parts of the country, window wooden shutters are the ONLY kinds of window coverings you see. They also offer some energy-efficiency, and they are incredibly easy to operate.

Another great thing about shutters is that you can choose them in wood, or in less expensive but durable, moisture-resistant, and attractive faux shutters (faux wood tends to last longer, especially in areas of high humidity and moisture, where wood shutters can easily fade, mold, and warp). There are also degrees of added insulation and light control you can find for your shutters. You can even find more eco-friendly shutters made from recycled materials, if that’s your preference. What’s not to like about shutters?

Shutters for your home offer privacy and light control.
Shutters can be mounted either on the inside or outside of your window, on windows or on doors.

Are Shutters a Good Investment?

Other than the fact that they look great, and that you can nicely coordinate them with your counters or floor to help tie together any room’s décor aesthetic, there are some other things you should consider in regard to shutters when you’re thinking about how to best dress your windows. For one thing, they can be mounted either on the inside of a window or door, or on the outside. Here are some other advantages:

  1. Personalized Shutters

Custom door and window coverings are always a smart choice, because they speak to your own personal sense of style and taste. They say a lot about you, and truly make your home yours. They also make for better privacy, UV protection, and light management, because custom means custom measurements for a custom fit – no gaps.

2. Shutters help bolster your property value

Real estate veterans will generally agree that any home with custom shutters installed will usually sell faster. Considering the classically styled look that shutters can give any home, indoors and out, it’s no surprise that shutters are such a sought after window treatment. Stylish, elegant shutters can add nicely to your home’s appraisal value if and when you decide to sell. Blinds, shades, and curtains all have their unique benefits and advantages, but they generally won’t add to your home’s value the way shutters can.

Make your home’s interior and exterior look amazing with shutters.

3. Energy efficiency

If being able to select shutters for your home that are made from recycled materials isn’t eco-friendly enough for you, consider the fact that shutters offer varying degrees of insulation to choose from to protect your interior environment from outdoor heat and cold. The outcome? Lower utility bills, lower long-term home maintenance costs.

4. Privacy and Peace of Mind

 Shutters have a likable tendency to give your home a solid feeling of security, and they also allow you flexibility – flexibility to be able to manage and control incoming light along with visibility into and out from your home’s interior. Even with partly open slats, you can still do a great job of keeping your privacy while still letting plenty of light in.

5. Durable and easy to care for

When you install custom shutters in your home, you can rest assured that you are installing window coverings that will last for years. They are almost guaranteed to long outlive whatever warranty coverage you happen to choose for them. They are also easy to maintain and to keep clean and new-looking.

Shutters for a bedroom interior.
Shutters can bring your personal style to light in just about any room.

SelectBlinds staff recommendations:

Here are some popular shutters we recommend for your home. Consider your own unique privacy and lighting needs for rooms where you’re considering installing window blinds. And as always, keep your own sense of décor and style in mind!

Consider custom shutters for your windows. You can add that beautiful, personalized touch to your windows, in a classic style, that will last you a long time. All while adding to your home’s value!

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Home Office Ideas: What Is a “Cloffice” and What About the Lighting?

by SelectBlinds

“The Cloffice” sounds like it could an episode of one of your favorite
sitcoms (imagine a character turning a closet into an office … hilarity ensues!), but there actually is such a booming, must-have home office
design trend. And it makes perfect sense.

A byproduct of the COVID-19 pandemic, working and attending school
from home have emphasized the importance of making the best use of
familiar indoor spaces. A “cloffice” (closet + office) is a space within a home that has craftily converted a closet, corner, or other nook into a trusty

That storage space that is by far underused? Voila! New cloffice. That
empty space around from the bottom of the stairs? Hello, cloffice. The
seldom entered walk-in closet in the basement guest bedroom? Cloffice.
You get the idea.

Faux Wood Blinds in Cloffice
Faux wood blinds provide adjustable shade in your home office.

Benefits of a Cloffice

Well, the pandemic has definitely taught us how to be more content in
our existing indoor space. Maybe to appreciate being at home more.
Some pluses of creating a cloffice space include:

• Having a fun new DIY project to look forward to
• Using the space you already have (and not having to build on an
additional room to your home)
• Enjoying a designated, (at least somewhat) private space while
working or doing school from home
• Helping keep office supplies, books, etc. organized and in one
• Making the most of unused interior space
•Adding value to your home

Home Office Ideas for Small Spaces

You’ll want a reliable home office desk to work on. Maybe you need
shelving for your cloffice. Perhaps some file cabinets. Definitely a comfy
chair that doesn’t ruin your posture. There are tons of great cloffice ideas
out there for you to choose from. One feature of the mysterious closet office is taking an otherwise lifeless space, putting your personal signature on it, and making it truly “yours.” If you find yourself creating a cozy cloffice in a dark corner, you might want to add a favorite lamp for light.

A closet office window view, draped across the English countryside.

Or maybe your cloffice is nestled up against an often-ignored window. You don’t want to be squinting into your computer screen because of the glare caused by the incoming sunlight, right? Get control of the light in your home office design.

Keeping Your Cloffice Cool

Now that you’ve got your design almost complete, don’t forget about the glass! If you have a large window (compared to your cloffice size) you’ll most likely lose heat/cold through it. For great insulation and noise cancellation, try custom honeycomb shades. If you love the temperature and atmosphere of your closet office space, go for an easily-installed, unobtrusive roller shade to control light, any time of day!

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Layers of Light: Filtering with Sheer Shades

by SelectBlinds

There are a handful of different types of window treatments out there, from simple roller-style shades to intricate patterns of bamboo / woven woods, but we often get the question, “What do you have that can block light, but also allow me to see through during the day?” Sheer shades are the answer!

Select Blinds 2 and a half inch sheer shades
Farmhouse Kitchen Coverage with 2 1/2″ Classic Light Filtering Sheer Shades.

Why Sheer Shades?

Being homeowners ourselves, we understand that versatility plays a huge part in home design, no matter the niche. In the world of window decor, our customers love privacy, enhancing aesthetics and protection against UV rays. But also, we want to be flexible throughout all of the glass in your home. On one hand providing window treatments for sliding glass doors, and on the other is a suggestion for kitchen window treatment ideas that sync with your sink (*wink wink!*).

City Girl Meets Farm Boy used our 2″ Premier Faux Woods in Snow over her kitchen sink.

5 Benefits of Sheer Window Shades

1. Room Darkening or Light Filtering options are available, if you’d like to have a more transparent or opaque base material for your sheers.

2. Customizable with cordless and motorized controls that are great for hard-to-reach and high up windows.

Control these 3″ Room Darkening Sheer Shades with the press of a button.

3. All of our sheer shades can be hung or mounted safely inside a window frame with a minimum depth of just one inch. This is great for shallow windows found in older homes, trailers, and RV’s.

4. Integrate with your home automation software, like Google Home or Amazon Echo, by choosing sheers with an optional WIFI Hub.

5. Sheer roller shades have a traditional roller-style draw, so they smoothly lift and lower every time.

Now that you’ve got some new window treatment options and inspiration, take a moment to grab some free samples of sheer window shades and other custom coverings online at!

Your Next Renovation Project: A Spring Windows Update!

by SelectBlinds

After a seemingly long and sometimes dark winter, spring returns to the northern hemisphere on Saturday, March 20, 2021. The earth tilts on its axis, and the North Pole leans back toward the sun once again.

What’s not to love about spring? More hours of daylight and a sense of rejuvenation.

‘Tis the season for spring cleaning and organizing, and also for spring home renovation projects (“reno,” for short)! Time for reorganizing your bookshelves, repainting one or more of your rooms, sprucing up your closets, or refreshing your organization pieces (shelves, baskets, etc.).

Get your list ready!

Spring cleanup and renovation projects
Ready for Spring cleaning and renovation projects?

Spring Cleaning and Other Projects

One of the top suggested spring renovation projects involves your window treatments. Color options, textures, and an added dimension of “feeling.”

Energy-efficient honeycomb / cellular shades. Wood or faux wood plantation shutters. Natural bamboo / woven woods. Aluminum mini blinds.

Just the right window coverings can be the perfect finishing touch for any room. They help you manage incoming light and indoor privacy at home. They should also reflect and complement your personal sense of style and indoor décor.

Do Something Inspiring at Home This Spring!

One aspect of any home renovation project everyone takes into consideration is budget. You can find new, sharp-looking, and budget-friendly window treatments that are perfect for your living space. Functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Now that you’ve prioritized the rooms in your home for your “windows refresh” project, would you like some suggestions?

Bedroom / nursery spring windows update
Bedroom / Nursery Spring windows update

Bedroom / Nursery

Your bedroom is your one refuge that you crave more than anything else, especially after a long day. Maintain your privacy, while filtering in some soft light. How about blacking out the light entirely when you want to sleep in?

Get creative with how you illuminate and decorate this quiet, comfy space. It’s your bedroom, and should showcase your personal taste! For nurseries and homes with children and pets, consider the safety of cordless lift window treatments.

For your bedroom or nursery, we recommend:

Living room / Family room spring windows update
Living room / Family room Spring windows update

Living Room / Family Room

You love the way your new Select Blinds window treatments control the incoming light, while also providing privacy. Now consider window décor possibilities for your main living space. This is the first room of your home that guests typically experience, and you want it to complement the décor in the rest of your home.

For your living / family room, we recommend:

Kitchen / dining room spring windows update
Kitchen / Dining room Spring windows update

Kitchen / Dining Room

Your kitchen. The hub of your home, where all the best stories begin. You make so many memories here, along with delicious meals, laughter, and holidays. You need your kitchen window treatments to be versatile, good looking, and built to last.

For your kitchen / dining room, we recommend:

Bathroom spring windows update
Bathroom Spring windows update


Aromatic soaps. Warm water. Your self-care spot, where functionality and beauty meet. Your bathroom windows deserve all the style and personal touch you take pride in all over your home. Open up to what you can do with your private wellness sanctuary!

For your bathroom, we recommend:

Home office spring windows update
Home office Spring windows update

Home Office

Your home office. When you’re working from home, productivity and comfort are important. Take this opportunity to make your home work space an extension of your well-designed home!

We recommend:

Spring is worth getting excited about, along with your home renovation projects. Make the rooms in your home truly yours, and spruce them up with your own unique flair.

Budget-friendly. Long lasting. Easy to clean, maintain, and take care of. Start the spring cleaning and home renovation season off right by making Select Blinds your windows update go-to!

Watch our brief video on how window treatments help you control incoming light.