Are You Cordless Compliant?

Injuries and death from window blind cords send two kids to the ER each day.*

That’s why, in January of this year, the Window Covering Manufacturers Association announced the approval of a new industry standard to require all “stock” window blinds and shades be cordless or have inaccessible cords. The new mandate, which goes into effect in the U.S. and Canada on December 15, applies to pre-made blinds purchased in stores or online. (Corded blinds will still be available in custom products.)

Select Blinds has been ahead of the cordless curve since 2014 when it became the first retailer to offer a cordless version of every product it sold. Today, over half of all window treatments purchased by our customers are cordless. As a major proponent and supporter of the #gocordless movement, child safety is at the forefront of everything we do. As you shop on, if you select a corded or non-compliant product, you’ll be prompted with the following message:

Warning! Corded lift features are not covered under or deemed Best For Kids. Any accessible cords pose strangulation hazards to children and pets. Please choose cordless lift systems in homes where children and pets will be present.

Are you doing everything you can to protect them from the danger of strangulation and other injuries inherent in loose and exposed cords? October is National Window Covering Safety month, and we’re encouraging anyone with young children (2- to 4-year olds are most at risk) and pets in the home to take our Cordless Challenge.  Here’s how:

  1. Replace all corded products with cordless coverings as your budget allows. Start with rooms where your children spend most of their time. When purchasing new window treatments, look for the Certified Best for Kids logo. Certified Best for Kids
  2. Move cribs and other furniture children can climb up on away from windows, window coverings, etc.
  3. Keep all cords out of reach of children. Cut cords short or wrap them around a cord cleat.
  4. Do not tie cords together! This creates a new loop in which a child could become entangled.
  5. Anchor cords for continuous cord loop options.
  6. Make sure you lock cords on window treatments to prevent them from falling.
  7. Corded window treatments purchased before 2001 should be replaced or equipped with a retrofit kit to reduce potential strangulation risks.

Check out our free Best for Kids Buyer Guide for more information on cordless safety, and remember: cords and kids don’t mix!

Premier 2 inch Light Filtering Cellular Shades in baby room

Select Blinds is proud to offer cordless lift options on every product, including our Premier 2″ Light Filtering Cellular Shades.

*USA TODAY NETWORK Mary Bowerman, USA TODAY Network Published 12:13 p.m. ET Dec. 11, 2017

Happy National Coffee Day!

How did you spend National Coffee Day?

Share a picture of your favorite mug with us on Facebook!

It's National Coffee Day!Nothing, per one of the most popular memes ever, gets done before coffee. Consider: 31% of coffee drinkers make coffee the most important part of their morning, brewing a cup first before any other morning behavior or activity. Coffee is such an important part of most peoples’ daily routine that, according to Huffpost:

  • 55% of coffee drinkers would rather gain 10 pounds than give up coffee for life.
  • 52% of coffee drinkers would rather go without a shower in the morning than give up coffee.
  • 49% of coffee drinkers would rather give up their cell phone for a month than go without coffee.

And while 75% of the caffeine consumed here in the U.S. comes from coffee and the average American spends about $1092 on it each year, we are not the world’s leading coffee consumers.  The “Coffee per Capita of the World” title goes to … Finland! (We don’t even crack the Top 10, landing at #25 on the list of top coffee-consuming nations.)

But  today is not the Fins day to celebrate. Saturday, September 29 is National Coffee Day here in the USA, and celebrate we will with great National Coffee Day Deals at favorites like Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts and Peet’s. And be sure to look for that “Hot Donuts” sign for special coffee-glazed doughnuts at Krispy Kreme!

Celebrate, too, with one of the hottest home design trends — the coffee bar! From converted bar carts to custom built-ins, design magazines and Pinterest are percolating with DIY and other ideas for creating your own personal corner cafe.  Looking for a fun project this weekend? Get brewing with some of these ideas!


Photo credit: Chelsea Mohran

This cute coffee cart gives Chelsea Mohran  extra storage space while organizing all her coffee essentials for easy access. Love how she’s staged it with fresh florals, too.

Photo credit: Style Me Pretty with Harwell Photography

A simple rolling bar cart makes an elegant way to take your coffee wherever and however you want it. Post from Style Me Pretty with Harwell Photography.

Photo credit: @mrscarlissa

Everyone needs coffee … and cake. And dancing in the kitchen. @mrscarlissa really knows how to perk up a bland corner cabinet.

Photo credit: A Beautiful Mess

So I have to say I’m kinda obsessed with the photo wall behind Elsie’s restyled cafe cart. But I also love how she turned this flea market find into a space-saving service area (note the Thermoses on the bottom) in her very small kitchen.

Photo credit: Carrie Waller with Dream Green DIY

This colorful coffee station has it all! Carrie Waller created this IKEA hack to display her collection of colorful mugs and cookware. Especially love the little shelf for Keurig cups.

As a dramatic backdrop, keep the coffee theme going with a new window covering in a rich, bold java-inspired color. Try a sip of our Designer Series Blackout Roller Shades in Cafe au Lait (shown below on the left) or Mochaccino, or treat yourself to an Espresso in our 2″ Select Classic Basswood Wood Blinds. We think you’ll love them a latte!


P.S. This weekend is your last chance to enjoy September Wood Blinds Savings and get an extra 5% off any of our wood blinds!

Ask Customer Service! Top 6 FAQs About Buying Blinds Online puts customers first!

We recently polled our Customer Loyalty team to find out what were the most FAQs they received from you, our customers. (And no, “What is covfefe,” one of the top 10 questions people Googled last year, wasn’t one of them. Still no definitive answer to that one, but Google’s working on it.)

Here are their answers.

1. Why does it take so long to make/get my blinds?

Because we want to make sure it’s made right … the first time! All of our products are custom made to custom fit each and every window. Every order is manufactured based on your exact specifications, from size to color, to type of lift system and accessories. Since we don’t make them with 3D printers (yet), production times also vary depending on the individual product. Shutters, for instance, have much longer production times than say, a roller shade, due to the highly variable configurations, louver sizes and other custom features you have the option to select.

Even with such attention to detail, one of the biggest benefits of buying custom blinds online instead of from pricier in-home design stores and services is that they can still be ordered, made and delivered in just days or a few weeks vs. several weeks to months. (Doing it yourself cuts out the time-consuming and costly middleman.) One of the coolest features on our site is the ability to filter products by “Production Time,” so you can see immediately which products are available to meet your timeline. Each product page also includes a “Shipping & Production” tab with more details. We also keep you up to date on the production and delivery of your order via email, and you can track the status of your order anytime online. And rest assured that everything we custom make for you is covered by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, so that if we do make a mistake (everyone has their “oops” moments), we’ll make it right!

2. Are blinds and shades easy to install? Can I really do it myself?

Yes! If you can hang a picture, you can hang your own window coverings. With most products, it’s really that easy. (Just ask one of our Happy Customers, Sarah S., who hung 17 (count ’em!) of our 2″ Premium Faux Woods in <4 hours!!!) All it takes in most cases is screwing in a couple of brackets and popping in the headrail. Every product comes with printed instructions and all the mounting hardware you need (you supply the screwdriver). You can also find individual product installation guides on each product page under the “Measure & Install” tab, or on our “How to Install” page.  And if you get stuck or have a problem, we won’t leave you hanging. Just give one of our expert Customer Loyalty Team members a call, and they’ll talk you through it, step by step.

Yes, you can hang most shades and blinds, like our fab Select 2-1/2″ Fabric Light Filtering blinds, by yourself in just minutes.

3. Why should I order samples?

Why not? They’re:

  1. Free!
  2. Cut from the same cloth (literally) that the actual product is
  3. Easy to compare differences in fabrics, colors and styles (we’ll send you up to 15 free samples at a time — more than any other online company — and even ship them to you for free!)
  4. Your “color guarantee” that you’re getting the color you want and think you’re seeing (colors can look a lot different on a monitor or smartphone)
  5. Great for sharing with friends and family to get their opinion (which you can feel free to ignore)
  6. Oh, and (since this is a Top 6 list) did we mention FREE??

And here’s another thing about sampling before you order online. Dye lots frequently change, so there may be slight differences in the same color. To be on the safe side, if it’s been a month or so since you got your samples, we recommend getting another sample of the same color before you actually order to make sure the carpet still matches the drapes (so to speak).

4. How do I measure for two or three blinds in one window?

Hanging two or three blinds on one headrail is a great option for covering a big window. Just follow the simple, step-by-step instructions in our online Tech Tip guide, How to Measure for Installing Two Separate Blinds in One Window. Many styles, including wood, faux wood, mini and fabric blinds, are available in extreme widths. They can are also be ordered with a shared valance to seamlessly tie them together into one super stylish treatment. For other ideas on how to cover large windows, check out our aptly named Buying Guide for large windows. And if you really want to take it to the extreme, quickly narrow your search for extra wide blinds on by checking the “Extreme Widths” refine-by box on our category pages.

 5. What are faux wood blinds made of and how are they different than real wood?

Ain’t nothin’ like the real thing, baby! But faux woods come real close. Most faux wood products are made from durable PVC vinyl, so they’re more resistant to moisture, heat, humidity and scratches than their real-wood counterparts. And with UV ratings as high as 500, they won’t warp or fade either, so they last for years. But the biggest difference and benefit? Getting the look of real wood window treatments for a whole lot less. Many are even imprinted with a wood grain-like finish, so it’s hard to tell the forest from the trees when compared to their wooden window covering cousins.

6. How does a top down bottom up shade work?

What goes up must come down. That’s kind of the idea behind how top down bottom up shades work. These wildly popular window treatments give you the ultimate in light and privacy control, with the ability to raise, lower and position your shades wherever you need them using dual-action top and bottom rails. Simply pull down on either rail to lower the shade and pull up to raise it. Top down bottom up lifts are available in a variety of styles, too, including cellular, roman, bamboo/woven wood and pleated shades.

Any other questions? Call, email, or click the chat button on any page to contact one of our knowledgeable Customer Loyalty Team members. Or leave a comment here.

Fun Facts About Father’s Day

Stop me if you’ve heard these before.

It’s Father’s Day weekend and what better time to throw out a few legendary Lame Dad Jokes. (Seriously. Somebody should throw these out.)

When a dad drives past a cow pasture: LOOK! That cow is OUT-STANDING in his field!

MOM: “How do I look?” DAD: “With your eyes.”

CASHIER: “Would you like the milk in a bag, sir?” DAD: “No, just leave it in the carton!”

Not only have lame dad jokes become a real “thing” (just Google for plenty more), here are some other fun facts about how we came to celebrate dad’s day every third Sunday in June.

Historical Timeline

Sonora Smart Dodd of Spokane, Washington, is credited with starting Father’s Day after hearing a sermon on Mother’s Day while attending church with her father.

Dodd wanted to honor her father, William Jackson Smart, a Civil War veteran who raised six children after his wife died during childbirth. The first official Father’s Day was celebrated in Spokane on June 19, 1910. Since then:

1924 – President Calvin Coolidge publicly supports plans for a national Father’s Day.

1966 – President Lyndon Johnson signs a proclamation calling for Father’s Day to be celebrated on the third Sunday of June.

1972 – President Richard Nixon signs into law a permanent recognition of Father’s Day.

Dad’s Day by the Numbers

According to the U.S. Census Bureau:

70.1 million — Estimated number of fathers across the nation in 2008, the most recent year for which data are available.

24.7 million — Number of fathers who were part of married-couple families with children younger than 18 in 2014.

1.9 million — Number of single fathers in 2014; 16 percent of single parents were men.

211,000 — Estimated number of stay-at-home dads in 2014.

According to Hallmark, Father’s Day is the fourth-largest card-sending occasion, with 72 million cards given every year. 50% of all Father’s Day cards are purchased for fathers, and almost 20% are given to husbands.

Dad’s Day Gift Ideas

Besides a card, what do you plan on giving the dads in your life? Check out these 13 Insanely Cool Father’s Day Gift Ideas we found.

Dads always like a good deal, too, so check out the insanely cool sale we have going on this weekend. This is no lame dad joke, just serious savings of 40% PLUS extra BOGO 50% off EVERYTHING on our site, now through Sunday, June 17, 2018! (And did we mention free shipping on everything, too?) Happy Father’s Day!

A dad hanging curtains in the 1950's!

Our 2018 Mega Memorial Day Weekend Sale Has Begun! Window Blinds and Shades Memorial Day Weekend Sale 2018

Why wait for the weekend? We’re so excited about starting one of our best memorial day sales EVER that we’re getting the party started early! Beat the holiday traffic and start saving NOW on our best-selling custom window blinds, window shades, shutters and drapery. Save  45%  on EVERYTHING, and take another 15% off any product on our site.

It’s the mother of all 2018 Memorial Day Weekend Sales, with special daily deals, too, and plenty of time to get free samples before you buy. So save the weekend to relax and start shopping now at!

2018 Memorial Day Sale -

Catching Up with Select Blinds

How is it March already???!!! 2018 is flying by faster than we can keep up, so to help you keep up, here’s a quick round-up of recent happenings at Check out hot new products you might’ve missed, trending topics on window fashions, who we’ve been following for inspo, and where you can see your favorite Select Blinds and shades up close and personal!

Announcing The Blinds Ambition Tour

Maricopa Home and Garden Show 2018 -

Come see Brady Scholes and our other window design experts for free demonstrations on how to install and operate our most popular treatments!

Coming to a home and garden show near you! kicked off its new traveling road show last weekend in Phoenix at the Maricopa Home and Garden Show. Throughout 2018, we’ll be criss-crossing the country with our custom-designed booth, showcasing our latest and most popular products. Stop by to chat with one of our window design experts and your chance to win $250 in free window coverings! Here’s where you can find us over the next month:

Maricopa Home and Garden Show 2018 - Home and Garden Booth 2018

Check our Facebook page and here on The Blinds Spot for updates to our show schedule.

Trending TV

Hose me down! A selfless firefighter jumps at the chance to give his fire station a sleek, new look — featuring our cordless 2″ Designer Faux Wood blinds in Chestnut — for a community fundraiser on the final episode (8) of the 2018 recasted Queer Eye, season 1.

#woodonwood #fantasticframe #5alarmdesign

New Products

Have you seen these yet?Inspired by fashion, architecture and art, our new Designer Roller Shade Collections I & II house the high-end design you’re dreaming of.

Designer Roller Shade Collection I from
Looking for a shade with a little glitz and glamour? Try Vivian from our Designer Roller Shade Collection I (shown here with optional fabric cassette insert).
Designer Roller Collection II from
Customize our Ruby Designer Roller from Collection II with the Ultimate Headrail, Bottomrail & Hardware package in Chrome.


If you’re looking for that special pop of solid color to add to a room, pop on over to our new Fashion Color Collection Light Filtering and Blackout roller shades. We have nearly 50 fresh, bold colors to choose from, and they’re all available with an upgraded motorized lift option! Sweet!

Fashion Color Blackouts from
Looking for a shade with a little glitz and glamour? Try Vivian from our Designer Roller Shade Collection I (shown here with optional fabric cassette insert).
Fashion Color Light Filtering from
Mighty Mint Fashion Color Light Filtering Roller Shades make a mighty big impact!



The following is brought to you by some fave new designers and bloggers we’ve discovered. You’re welcome.

@mrscarlissa's Kitchen Photo
@coco.kelley Beautiful Photo
@amberinteriors Bathroom Photo
@hanas_home Walk-In Closet


Top left: We think all kitchens should be made for dancing, just like @mrscarlissa’s. Top right: We picked these pretty peonies from @coco.kelley. Bottom left: This bathroom @amberinteriors! Bottom right: We’d never walk out of this fabulously feminine and functional walk-in closet @hanas_home.

Video Views

Break out the popcorn. Not to be outdone by Sunday’s Oscars, here are a couple new releases you can binge on.


Get that whole-home custom look with gorgeous new Select Fabric By the Yard and Designer Fabric By the Yard from Select Blinds! Create custom accents like throw pillows or slipcovers to match your drapes and window shades with our affordable selection of fabulous fabrics.



Our versatile Premier Single Cell Blackout shades are a designer’s dream! Watch now to see how these energy efficient, HOA-approved honeycomb/cellular window shades warm up your interiors while blocking 99% of harmful UV rays.


Hot Hardware

Picking the color and fabric for your window treatments is just half the fun. Picking the hardware to hang them is usually an after thought, but take a look at some of these insanely creative trends in window treatment hardware to crank up the fun factor.

Trends in window treatment hardware


Elect Great Savings This Presidents’ Day Weekend!


Honest, Abe. We cannot tell a lie. The truth is we’re giving you 45% + an EXTRA 15% OFF every one of our already ridiculously low prices on window blinds and shades during our 2018 Presidents’ Day Sale this weekend, Saturday, February 16 thru Monday, February 19.

Save a lot more than a few Washingtons on everything on our site, along with additional price slashes and free upgrades on select Roman shades. So for scores on your favorite window treatments, treat yourself to some time this holiday weekend on!


Is Red the Color of Love for Monkeys, Too?

Home stager Roz Erlewein @stagerroz suggests adding some love to your kitchen table with a Valentine’s Day-themed tiered tray. Love-themed mugs and bowls can be used, and how adorable are the red and white measuring cups filled with little hearts? Be creative!

We’ll answer that in a minute, but first, here’s another stumper on Google search: Is it Valentine’s Day or Valentines Day?

Since February 14 is named for Saint Valentine, it’s his day, so the possessive “Valentine’s” (apostrophe s) is correct. And did you know that Valentine’s Day is also known as the Feast Day of Saint Valentine, a celebration of love and romance? (Chocolate hearts anyone? BTW, Valentine’s Day is the third biggest holiday for chocolate sales, behind Easter and Christmas and just ahead of Halloween.) But I digress. So how did red become the color of love (for people and primates)?

The color of fire and blood, red has long been associated with passion, desire and love. As well as energy, war, danger, strength, power and determination (all elements of any great love story, right?). While red is the traditional color given Valentine’s Day, just as there are many types and definitions of “love,” so are there different colors associated with it. Which brings us to the real purpose of today’s blog — using different, nontraditional colors and ways to set your valentine’s heart aflutter.

Pick from a palette of almost any color: red for white hot, fiery physical love; pink for calming, joyous love; violet for magical, mysterious love; blue for sincere love; green for balanced, healthy love; white for pure love. Then apply it to your unique style. Here’s a little inspiration from a few of our favorite Inspiring Decorators here at, as well as some great DIY ideas from Pinterest.

Our friend Tori Dahl from The Dahl Farmhouse shared her love of blush, the “it” color for spring, in a few unique touches for Valentine’s Day. The candy hearts tray on her coffee table is the sweetest!

Who says you have to make your bed, says Tori? Rumpled sheets, mismatched pillows and a pop of red on black and white can be just enough of a hint for your Valentine to “Be Mine.” (Put a twinkle in their eye, too, with simple patio lights on the headboard.)

We sincerely love the blue hues here from

Looking for a unique, nontraditional gift? If money is no object, here’s an amazing list of 12 lavish travel experiences designed to lavish your love on that special valentine. Passport not up to date? Why not pull down the shades at home (like one of our romantic romans) and settle in for some chocolate-covered popcorn, a bit of the bubbly and a romantic movie?

designer reserve light filtering roman shades in chili pepper

Spice things up on Valentine’s or any day with one of our Designer Light Filtering Roman Shades. In addition to Chili Pepper (shown here), they come in lots of reds, as well as dozens of other colors and patterns.

Or how about this tasty twist on the traditional candy heart? LOVE these laser-engraved messages (“spud muffin!!!!”) Brit Morin pinned on some of her hubby’s favorite foods!

laser engraved fruit

OK, getting back to the monkeys. In a 2014 study by researchers at the University of Rochester, they found that female monkeys showed a strong bias toward images of the hindquarters of male monkeys, but only when a red frame was placed around the picture. This led the researchers to the conclusion that, to their knowledge, “it’s the first demonstration of an extraneous color effect in non-human primates.”

So this February 14th, go wild! Experiment and celebrate with extraneous colors while enjoying the Feast of Saint Valentine’s.

paper napkin heart

Tori Dahl and her husband made this adorable paper napkin heart she found on Pinterest. Follow your heart and use any extraneous colored napkins to create one of your own! Need some more inspiration? Follow Tori

National Trivia Day: Fun Facts About Window Treatments

The Venetian Blind. Impressionist painting by Edmund Charles Tarbell (Source: Pinterest)

We love trivia here at Select Blinds, so we went in pursuit of some fascinating and fun facts about window treatments to share in honor of National Trivia Day (who knew?). Here’s what we found.

Venetian blinds, or what we commonly refer to as traditional slated window blinds today, did not originate in Venice, but were brought there by merchants who carried out trade expeditions with Persia between 1100 and 1500. Well before the time of Christ, the Egyptians used reeds from river banks to craft blinds. Animal hides were also used, because they created a cooling effect after being soaked in water. Tough maintenance of the hides caused shades to evolve into fabrics, which created a similar effect and protection.

Marble (!!!) window coverings were one of the oldest to be discovered and were found in the obliterated city of Pompeii, constructed with slats to divert the sunlight and create coolness. These slats also served the purpose of providing some amount of privacy and protection from inclement weather. The marble slats are believed to have been replaced by wood in later years.

During the construction of the Great Coliseum, the city of Rome turned very dusty. Citizens hung damp cloths over window and door openings to prevent the dust from entering their homes. Later, a retractable canvas called a velarium (a type of exterior shade still used today), was used to shade spectators in the Coliseum itself. This was the beginning of what is now popularly known as, you guessed it, Roman Shades.

Shutters soon made their way to the shores of the New World, and quickly became popular in the New England region of the U.S. To keep cool, mansions in the plantations of the American South had white-painted shutters installed, hence the name ‘plantation shutters.’

First appearing in Europe in Holland, window shades, the predecessor to roller shades (which were first manufactured in New York in 1858), started appearing in American homes and public buildings around 1780. Made of translucent cloth or paper, their decorative, hand-painated designs could be seen by both the building’s inhabitants and those passing by outside. Designs during the mid-nineteenth century were applied to shades by copying, tracing, stenciling, or pouncing (piercing translucent paper over an original image that is later used as a template), which produced higher-quality images. And here’s a truly fascinating fact: Long before he would create his works of art, Pierre-Auguste Renoir painted window shades (although, sadly, none remain)!