Blinds Inspiration: National Puppy Day

National Puppy Day is on March 23rd, so we’re sharing which dog breeds remind us of certain window coverings. Let’s dive right in!

Disclaimer: Multiple dogs could have represented the categories below. If you have a suggestion, please tell us in the comments!

Wood Blinds – Chocolate Lab

As American and traditional as apple pie – wooden blinds and chocolate labradors. Reliable, beautiful and family-friendly (especially with our Cordless Lift).

Left: 2″ Select Basswood Wood Blinds in Beaver Brown

Woven Wood Shades – Goldendoodle

The natural frays from woven wood’s reed and bamboo fibers remind us of Goldendoodle’s wispy fur. Woven wood shades also fold over easily, and if you try holding a Goldendoodle pup, you’ll see they flip and flop every which way.

Classic Cordless Woven Wood Shades in Golden Poppy

Vertical Blinds – Great Dane

Great Danes seem to sway whenever they move due to their size, and it reminded us of the vertical blinds’ movement as you draw them open.

Designer Vertical Blinds in Textured Ink

Roman Shades – Corgi

We picture corgis living anywhere from wealthy homes to a secluded English cottage. Same with Roman Shades. They work with various interior design styles, thanks to the fold, pattern and color options!

Lifestyle Roman Shades in Breeze

Curtains/Drapery – Shar Pei

Shar Pei are all rolls (adorable) and drapes have a lot of rolls. Some curtains, like Jewel Tone Drapery, even have 200% fullness.

Jewel Tone Drapery in Velvet Topaz

Mini Blinds – Chihuahuas

Chihuahuas are known for being yappy dogs. If you’ve ever bumped into mini aluminum blinds or tried using broken ones, you know they make quite a bit of noise.

1″ Premier Aluminum Blinds in Pure White

Roller Shades – Australian Shepherd

Aussies have so many different color combinations from their fur to their eyes. As working dogs, they’re reliable to get the job done. Rollers are extremely durable with its PVC material, and they come in lots of colors and patterns.

Luxe Modern Light Filtering Roller Shades in Refined Honey

Cellular Shades – Pitbull

Cellular shades are one of the most commonly used window coverings, partly due to their efficiency. When thinking of a common dog, we thought of the beloved pittie. They’re a bit goofy-looking, like cellular shades (in our opinion), and great family dogs.

Designer Sleep Shades in Spanish Brown

Solar Shades – Weimaraner

Solar shades are made with a sleek colored polymer, and the Weimaraner looks so slick that water could roll off it.

Traditional Solar Shades in Vapor Gray 3%

Sheer Shades – Pomeranian

Sheer blinds are so delicate that you might worry you will damage them (you won’t); similarly you have to look down with these pups to make sure you don’t step on them.

3″ Refined Light Filtering Sheer Shades in Linen Creme

Shutters – Golden Retriever

A classic dog for a classic shade. We love how shutters can be versatile in different households, and Goldens fit any family.

White Faux Wood Shutters in Vanilla

Call or chat with one of our Design Consultants to talk more about shades – or dogs. Call (888) 257-1840. They’re easy to talk to!

Blinds Inspiration: Romantic Comedies

Credit: Karolina Grabowska on Pexels

Love is in the air, and streaming services are promoting romantic comedies like grocery stores are pushing heart-shaped chocolates. We’re jumping on the bandwagon and choosing window coverings that remind us of popular rom-coms.

Palm Springs

Left: Hulu Credits; Right: Designer Reserve Roman Shades in Palma Sea

This movie is a West Coast take on the classic stuck-in-a-time-loop-until-we-learn-something storyline. Staying in theme, we picked Designer Reserve Roman Shades in Palma Sea with its sketch-like palm fronds.

Crazy Rich Asians

Left: Warner Bros Picture Credit; Right: Cozy Curtains in Green Matte Velour

This was a hard decision given the beautiful, bold color palette. However, we went with one of the most memorable scenes: Colin and Aramint’s wedding. We loved the green hues that surrounded Aramint as she gracefully walked on the water-filled aisle, starting with those light olive green curtains. Hence our Cozy Curtains in Green Matte Velour.

Just Friends

Left: New Line Cinema Credit; Right: Lifestyle Custom Drapes in Anthracite Chandelier over Lifestyle Light Filtering Roller in Ancient Ivory

If you experience secondhand embarrassment easily, then you remember this movie. We wanted to elevate the drab window coverings Chris had in his childhood room – he had a happy ending after all. Instead of aluminum blinds, we went with the Lifestyle Light Filtering Roller in Ancient Ivory layered under Lifestyle Custom Drapes in Anthracite Chandelier. He needed a brighter outlook anyways.

When Harry Met Sally 

Left: Columbia Pictures Credit; Right: Premier Light Filtering Cellular Shades in Pumpkin Spice DC

We could feel the east coast crisp air watching Harry and Sally meet time and time again in New York City. They looked chilly as well with their jackets and sweaters. With that in mind, we went with the double cell Premier Light Filtering Cellulars in Pumpkin Spice. The burnt orange hue reminded us of the leaves changing in Central Park, and they’ll need the double cell construction for extra insulation against the cold.

The Notebook

Left: New Line Cinema Credit; Right: Sheer Curtains in Sheer Pure White Crepe

We know it’s not a comedy, but we had to add it to the list. Noah created Allie’s ideal mansion – blue shutters and all. We love his choice of flowing sheer drapes throughout the house that added to the romance. That’s why we picked our Sheer Curtains in Sheer Pure White Crepe.

*This blog is not endorsed or sponsored by any of the mentioned streaming services or shows.*

Which Blind Best Suits You Based on Your Current TV Binge

Photo credit: Mollie Sivaram on Unsplash

If you’re like us, you used the holiday season to catch up or start some new shows. Based on your current TV obsession, these are the window coverings best suited for you (at least until the next trending series).

*No spoilers ahead!*

Emily in Paris

Left: Netflix Credits; Right: Sheer Curtains in Sheer White Batiste

Love her or hate her, people love to watch Emily in Paris. While there are a number of styles in the show, we’re keeping Mindy Chen’s advice in mind: “The French are romantics, but they’re also realists.” With that in mind, we chose a timeless look with Sheer Curtains in Sheer White Batiste. Its flowy linen creates a picturesque room to daydream away in.

Ted Lasso

Left: AppleTV+ Credits; Right: Rustic Americana Roman Shades

There are so many personalities here, it could be a whole ‘nother blog of fun (note: Roy Kent would be a dark heather charcoal, NOT black). But let’s stick with the man of the hour, the name of the game, shall we? Ted Lasso. Rustic Americana Roman Shades in Sweet Cream Butter checks the main boxes: cheerful and American! It’s a bonus that his office “Believe” sign is yellow too.


Left: Netflix Credits; Right: Premier Room Darkening Dual Shades.

In our latest Halloween blog, we shared what window covering Wednesday would choose, but that was based on the 1991 version when she was a child. In this show, Wednesday is a teenager so her woeful style has a more modern take. The Premier Room Darkening Dual Shades in Tarantula gets the job done.

The Recruit

Left: Netflix Credits; Right: 2 1/2″ Luxe Modern Faux Wood Blinds in Walnut Grain

Hopefully you’re home a lot more than CIA lawyer Owen Hendricks to appreciate your window coverings. We chose 2 1/2″ Luxe Modern Faux Wood Blinds in Walnut Grain because they’re serious, but not too serious, while being practical and stylish. Their larger slats provide more privacy, and slats are the best window treatment to subtly check who’s outside.


Left: AppleTV+ Credits; Right: Jewel Tone Drapery in Tourmaline

The color palette in Loot is just as bright and radiant as Molly Novack herself. While we had a lot to choose from – and green seemed obvious –  we’re going with Molly’s eye-catching fuschia attire and pairing it with Jewel Tone Drapery in Tourmaline. Gorgeous and elegant, the drapery’s smooth satin will make you feel like you just received an $87 billion settlement.

*This blog is not endorsed or sponsored by any of the mentioned streaming services or shows.*

3 Signs You Need to Replace Your Window Coverings

Include your windows in spring cleaning this year, and we’re not talking about standard dusting. The first step of spring cleaning is to toss out what you don’t need, so let’s start there. Here are three signs you need to replace your window coverings.

1. You hate them.

Let’s not complicate it. You can’t stand the window blinds or shades you currently have. They were already there when you moved in. Decide what you want by browsing our site or chatting with our Design Consultants!

2. Your window coverings are worn out and worn down.

The wood blinds are warped, the dog chewed the cellular shades, or your drapery didn’t withstand your children’s permanent marker designs. Whatever it is, sadly, your window coverings are too far gone. It’s time to get something new.

3. You remodeled or got new furniture.

Perhaps the new decor is modern, and your blinds feel too traditional. We have styles that will work with aesthetics from boho to farmhouse to elegant. Commit to your preferred interior design style and get the window coverings that match.

Here’s what our team says is trending:

Double Roller Shades

Unique and sleek, this window treatment layers a light filtering fabric over a blackout fabric, both of which provide UV protection. Each panel can be moved individually from the other, either manually or on your remote or smartphone. 

Double Roller Shades in China Doll / Sweet Sesame

Classic Roman Shades

Enjoy light and privacy control with a traditional, high-end look with Classic Roman Shades. Choose between a standard pleated fold or upgrade to a soft fold.

Classic Roman Shades in Dusty Teal

Premier Woven Wood Shades

Naturally filter light through the unique woven wood texture, crafted from bamboo, grasses and other organic fibers. These are a top choice among bloggers and DIY designers for their ability to blend in seamlessly with almost any décor.

Premier Woven Wood Shades in Jasmine

Double Solar Roller Shades

It’s a win-win with this unique day and night solar shade. The frontmost solar shade protects your interior from the harsh daytime sunlight. Meanwhile, the rear blackout shade provides a better night’s sleep with its insulation and blackout capabilities.

Double Solar Roller Shades in Umber Brown / Dark Maitake

Jewel Tone Drapery

Impress with this visually tantalizing jewel-toned drapery. Make your interior feel rich and plush with our Velvet Collection, or smooth and light with our Satin Collection.

Jewel Tone Drapery in Velvet Amber

Black & White Light Filtering Roller Shades

Create a monochromatic masterpiece with these shades. Using an innovative lamination technique, the top soft fabric layer is fused with a liner that makes them energy efficient but still allows the sun to make its way through in a gentle light-filtering effect. They’re also available as Black & White Room Darkening Roller Shades.

Black & White Light Filtering Roller Shades in White Frond

Have questions? Call or chat with one of our Design Consultants! Call (888) 257-1840. They’re easy to talk to!

SelectBlinds Review: Christmas Edition — Home Alone

Image from Home Alone – 20th Century Fox

A home as nostalgic as Christmas morning. The stately red bricks, the myriad of lighted windows … the sculpture that gets knocked down by Little Nero’s Pizza workers. Yes, we’re talking about the legendary McCallister house. For our final SelectBlinds review of the year, we’re looking at window coverings in the 1990 comedy, Home Alone.

First off, this gorgeous home is real and located in Winnetka, Illinois. Tourists visit it throughout the year, admiring it outside the gated driveway. It is someone’s actual living residence after all.

As we mentioned earlier, the front of the house has a lot of windows – 17 to be exact – which led us to wonder what their window coverings were. An hour and 43 minutes later, we concluded that the McCallisters really, and we mean really, liked drapery.

  • Emerald, embossed, velvet drapes over sheer drapes in the living room with matching tiebacks. Iconic.
  • Sheer curtains with Rod Top and Bottom red, patterned drapes in the kitchen.
  • Light blue, floral drapery with sheer drapes in the master bedroom.
  • A roller shade (sunlight made it hard to tell color) under gray curtains in Buzz’s room. Throughout the movie, you can see roller shades halfway down in other windows on the second floor.
  • White, laced curtains appear to be in the infamous bathroom scene. Questionable, given curtains aren’t moisture resistant. 
  • Soft gold, embossed, velvet drapes with sheer shades in the dining room. It also is embossed with a pattern. The tiebacks are maroon with the soft gold outline.
  • Countless Rod Top and Bottom sheer drapery covering smaller windows, like on the sides of the front door.
  • Red and white patterned curtains on the basement door.
  • White, or a very light grey, drapes over the window Kevin ziplines out of.
  • Green and red floral pattern on creme drapery over sheer shades is the last window covering we see in the movie – right before Kevin looks out to see his neighbor hugging his granddaughter (tears).
Image from Home Alone – 20th Century Fox

We told you – it’s a lot of drapery! We were surprised though to see roller shades vs cellular shades; cellulars are the best window covering to insulate homes from the cold or heat. However, cellular shades were released in 1985, a mere five years before the movie premiered.

Our three theories: Peter McCallister wanted to see how cellular stood the test of time before investing in them, Kate McCallister loved the drapery’s elegant look, or drapery was simply the best window covering for the movie.

The sheer drapes were perfect to showcase the “dancing” mannequin silhouettes that initially diverted the Wet Bandits. Cellular or roman shades would not be translucent enough to highlight the figures while providing enough depth to hide them.

Image from Home Alone – 20th Century Fox

The living room drapes were also ideal for breaking Harry and Marv to break in. We’re sure they would have even punched through wooden blinds to get Kevin, but they were trying to be subtle. Harry made little to no noise when going through the drapery, until he stepped on the ornaments of course.

The Conclusion

Overall, the McCallister’s home had elegant window coverings that encompassed the spirit of Christmas. Even though it felt repetitive for how big the home is, we can’t think of a better window treatment than drapery to support Kevin’s scheming.

Want to recreate the dashing, drapery style?

Main Living Room: Pair our 100% polyester Jewel Tone Drapery in Velvet Emerald with Sheer Curtains in Sheer Pure White Crepe underneath. Don’t forget the tieback to match!

Left: Jewel Tone Drapery in Velvet Emerald; Right: Sheer Curtain in Sheer Pure White Crepe

Master Bedroom: Along with sheer curtains, go with the Select Custom Curtains in Mist Floral Scroll.

Dining Room: We love the soft touch of the Delicate Sheen Curtains in Gold Eclipse.

Kitchen: We don’t offer Rod Top and Bottoms at this time, but Lifestyle Custom Drapes in Bohemian Red is a fresh, modern look.

Living Room: Bring in nature with Select Custom Curtains in Victorian Floral Jade.

Interested in new window coverings? Call or chat with one of our Design Consultants for more info! Call (888) 257-1840. They’re easy to talk to!

SelectBlinds Window Covering Review: Halloween Edition—Addams Family Mansion

It’s Spooky season, so we decided to have a little fun and do an official review of the window coverings of The Addams Family. Specifically, the one filmed in 1991 and directed by Barry Sonnenfeld. Why start here? Great question! Between the original cartoon, the TV series, and the many movies that came after, we decided to start at the beginning of the more modern-day films as we felt this would be most relevant now.

The Mansion

Left: Original Addams house, Right: Addams Family film house

Built in 1888, the original 19th-century Victorian-Era design house, located at 21 Chester Place, was real and in Los Angeles’ West Adams District.1

The house in the movie looks a bit different, but you can see the inspiration they took for the film. The facade was built on a mountain that overlooked the Burbank Hills but the rest was shot at Hollywood studios. From the outside, it looks like it has five floors but we’re pretty sure there are more based on the movie. It is said to have 25 to 30 rooms but the rooms are not always displayed.2 Many cannot be accessed unless you know the secret to open them, such as selecting the right book from a shelf or pulling the right lever. The most significant difference between the original house and the one in the movie is the windows.

The original has some arched windows but most of the windows are squared off at the top. The film makes the creative decision to change the home to reflect a Gothic style by arching all of the windows with the exception of one porthole window to the right of the front entrance. We agree with this creative decision and feel it was a good choice given how “goth” the residents of the home are and how spooky it makes the house. The windows look like little tombstones for goth sake!

The Window Treatments

All of the windows in the house were covered with dark wooden shutters. The shutters on the first floor seem to be in reasonably good shape, but the further you go up in the house, they begin to break down with broken slats allowing hazy light to beam through. Interestingly enough, most of the lighting in the movie seems to come from the natural light pouring through the windows which makes sense given most of the shutters were in ill repair. It was surprising to realize that the Addams Family really didn’t care about privacy as much as you would have thought they would. The shutters were always open and it was clear in the movie they didn’t care if others judged them for their actions. Maybe that’s why they didn’t repair them. They always took the utmost care with their appearance but their home and window treatments seemed to be an afterthought. 

 The Recommendation

Admittedly, we’re surprised by the window treatments chosen, but we see how it added to the creepy feeling the film was trying to convey. We were actually expecting something more dramatic – maybe some roman shades in dramatic materials like velvet or elaborate floor-to-ceiling drapes that could be drawn to create extreme darkness as well as add to the “goth” feeling. 

That said, we have gone through the effort of making selections for each of the main characters in the movie based on what we think they would have wanted.


It’s guaranteed that Morticia’s window treatments would be black. From black evening gowns to shimmering black cloaks drenched in “jet” which are semi-precious black stones made of coal often worn to replace diamonds during the Victorian era during periods of mourning, she was always dressed as a high-class, goth aristocrat.5

Gomez slashing the wood shutters with his sword to close them.

There is a great scene at the beginning where Morticia and Gomez are having a private moment and Morticia becomes annoyed by a bright beam of light that hits her eyes. Gomez angrily gets up to close the shutters. He grabs a sword and angrily slashes the shutters to close them. We literally “shuddered” during this scene as you can imagine the damage a sword would do to natural wood. This is the moment we used as inspiration for our recommendation for Morticia. 

Left: Architect Dual Shade in Dark Secret, Right: Side view of dual shade material

We recommend a Dual Shade for Morticia, specifically the Architect Dual Shade in the color Dark Secret. The dual shade or sometimes referred to as the “zebra” shade is very edgy in appearance due to its alternating horizontal stripes. What makes this shade so cool is that it moves up and down like a shade but opens its slats like a blind. Check out this video to see it in motion. It can be motorized as well, at the moment when Morticia becomes annoyed by the light, Gomez can just grab the remote control vs a sword to close the shades. Crisis averted! Window coverings have been spared.

Wondering about the arch in the window? We recommend adding floor-to-ceiling drapes for dramatic effect. This allows the arch to let in light when desired but the Zebra shades will create privacy. For a full blackout effect, the drapes can be drawn to cover the arched window. We think Morticia would love our Jewel Toned Drapes from the Velvet Collection in Velvet Onyx with a blackout liner of course.

Jewel Tone Drapes in Velvet Onyx


The epitome of male elegance, Gomez Addams reminds of a male bird whose feathers are more colorful than that of the female. He colorfully mixes patterns and textures into a beautiful tapestry of eccentricity.6 Gomez seems like the kind of man who chooses fashion before function and flashiness over subtlety. Therefore, we have chosen a tailored but layered approach for him using patterns and textures we know he would love. The Lifestyle Roman Shade in the color Shadow reminds of a dapper tailored suit with a smart pattern. Layered with our Jewel Tone Drapes in the color Velvet Ruby it’s as if the drapes act like a dramatic velvet jacket to a tailored suit. Layering roman shades is not always necessary but in this case, we felt that Gomez would want the extra drama.

Left: Lifestyle Roman Shade in Shadow, Right: Jewel Tone Drapes in Velvet Ruby


Wednesday was a stoic child who very much acted like an adult and was adorably obsessed with death and darkness. She remained very likable due to her playful but morbid exchanges with others. She wore an extremely tailored, black and white, Edwardian-inspired dress with a chaotic scribble pattern.5 When we realized that the pattern on the dress was a chaotic scribble, there was no doubt about which window covering to choose. Our Little Dreamer Room Darkening Roller Shades in color Black and White Cloud Climber is a whimsical take on a little black cloud. We think this captures Wednesday’s childlike quality but embraces her love for all things dark with little dark “chaotic scribble” clouds.

Little Dreamer Room Darkening Roller Shades in Black and White Cloud Climber


Pugsley was always up for any adventure Wednesday threw at him. From sword fighting with real swords to almost electrocuting him in their “at home” electric chair, Pugsley said yes to everything with a joyful smile on his face. We think given his simple and adventurous spirit, Pugsley would have wanted the Little Adventurer Room Darkening Roller Shade in color Charcoal Woodland Traveler.

Little Adventurer Room Darkening Roller Shade in Charcoal Woodland Traveler

Uncle Fester

Fester was dressed nicely but seemed to almost always wear the same thing, a black long-sleeve velvet coat. It was impeccable in design but understated with no detail or texture, almost as if it was a disguise. Since Uncle Fester’s personality literally conducted electricity, we think it makes sense that his attire didn’t need to demand too much attention. We would recommend the Cozy Roman Shades in color Cool Grey Matte Velvet.

Cozy Roman Shades in Cool Grey Matte Velvet

The Conclusion

Even though black was such a happy color to Morticia Addams, unfortunately, we were underwhelmed by their choices in window coverings. For such a magical home, were they going for graveyard chic, or were form and function just an afterthought? This is not uncommon as most homeowners make the “grave” decision of selecting their window coverings last. They set the tone for your home, establishing ambiance and style. They are also responsible for: privacy, protection, efficiency for sleep quality, sound, and temperature control. The window coverings chosen were creepy and kooky, mysterious and spooky, altogether ooky, but that was The Addams family! 🤌🏼🤌🏼

If you had fun reading our review of The Addams Family and want to find out what we would recommend for you, our Design Consultants would be happy to learn about your needs and make a recommendation. Call (888) 257-1840. They’re easy to talk to!


1Moler, D. –  5 Fictional Homes That Exist in Real Life

2 Addams Family Wiki – The Addams Family Mansion

3Addams Family Wiki – The Addams Family (1991) – The Addams Family (1991)

5Gragert, G. – The Art of Costume,  How the Addams Family Made Everyone Want to Dress Like Morticia and Wednesday 6Sandoval, M. – Elle Magazine, The Addams Family 30th Anniversary: Costume Legacy

Why we think Roller Shades are Rad and why you should too!

Roller shades or window coverings in general are rarely referred to as “rad”. 

In thinking about why window shades are rad, it was necessary to do some research to confirm that this is an appropriate word for describing how we at SelectBlinds feel about roller shades.

Aaron Gilbreath in his article, “A Brief History of the Word Rad”.

Confirmed! Rad is the right word for how we feel and here’s why:

They are easy!

Given we are a DIY company, we try to keep all of our solutions at SelectBlinds easy but roller shades tend to be easier than most. Rollers are very streamlined and minimal in design so there aren’t a lot of parts to fiddle with. They have one piece of material that moves in a simple up-and-down rolling motion in comparison to the traditional wood blind with its cords, ladders, and slats. If you choose a cordless lift option, which is usually FREE at SelectBlinds, they are so easy to open. Just pull down from the bottom of the shade a little bit and they roll right up.

They are affordable!

According to Forbes, the most common window size is 32” W x 54” H. At this size, roller blinds can start at just $50 and depending on how custom you want to make your options it can go up from there.

They can be customized!

Window treatments are commonly an afterthought, but given how much they offer the home – they shouldn’t be. You can customize your roller shades appearance and functionality to create an environment that offers just the right privacy, comfort and ambiance you are looking for. 

With hundreds of different colors and materials available, you can choose between light filtering and blackout material depending on how light or dark you want your room to be. There are various styles of headrails, which is what we call the part of the shade that contains the mechanism that allows the shade to move. You can decide if you want to go with a more industrial look by choosing an exposed roll or go the classic route by selecting a cassette with a fabric insert or possibly a complimenting color or metal finish to hide the roll.

Now to customizing your lift system! SelectBlinds prefers cordless options for the safety of kids and pets. Motorization makes roller shades extra rad and so we deem it our ultimate favorite cordless lift option – especially when you upgrade to a smart hub and automate the timing through an app on your phone. Imagine waking up with your shades timed to open at sunrise … that’s rad! If you are more of a traditionalist, we offer corded options as well.

Here are a few of our favorite roller shades and why:

The Classic Vinyl Roller Shade

This shade is super affordable and can look very chic. If motorization is important but you don’t want to break the bank, choosing this shade is the less expensive option but still allows automation with a smart hub.

The Motorized Architect Blackout Roller

This shade is for that person that always wants the newest, top of the line technology gadget. Everything about this shade is rad. Motorization is baked in and is powered by Eve MotionBlindsTM Motors in tandem with Apple HomeKitTM technology. 

The Modern Architect Roller

This shade is amazing because of its unique appearance. The fabric has been sustainably procured and has very interesting patterns that create a textural aesthetic while remaining modern and sleek.

We can go on and on, but this is why roller shades are rad. They are easy, affordable, and can be customized to the max! They’re modern and streamlined, not your grandmother’s shades back in the day. If you’re not convinced that roller shades are rad, call one of our Design Consultants. It’s FREE and they are super easy to talk to! Call (888) 257-1840. 

Be Rad!

4 Favorite SelectBlinds Picks From Our Influencers

We at SelectBlinds love collaborating with, and being inspired by, designers, DIYers, content creators, and influencers.

We thought it was a great time to share some of our influencers’ top SelectBlinds product picks, as well as where in their homes they installed them, and why they like them so much.

Woven Wood Shades: Alicia, @ourvintagenest

Image courtesy of @ourvintagenest

You can strike an elegant layered look and dimension for your windows with natural, woven wood shades. Alicia, who runs @ourvintagenest, loves the woven wood shades look.

“For the main areas of our home, I chose SelectBlinds’ Designer Series Woven Wood Shades in Jute Wheat,” Alicia says.

“We chose this particular blind because of its beautiful texture and color.  It literally reminds me of a woven basket on your window and who doesn’t love an amazing woven basket?  We wanted the look of warm and cozy; I feel like we achieved that with these blinds!”

Two custom options Alicia chose for her woven woods were the no-liner option and the cordless lift.

“We chose unlined option for our downstairs blinds, because we wanted more natural light to come through in the mornings and during the day,” she says. “We chose the cordless lift option, which includes a hidden ring pull (in the middle) at the bottom of each shade.  We love this option for a clean look, but most importantly… because it’s child safe!”

Motorized Roman Shades: Chrissy, @homewithchrissym

Image courtesy of @homewithchrissym

Who knew you could be trendy and traditional at the same time? Take the classic look of Roman shades. This custom fabric window covering never goes out of style and works with the trendiest, as well as with the most traditional, interiors.

Chrissy, from @homewithchrissym, fell in love with our Classic Roman Shades in Natural Linen. 

“Our new motorized shades are up and ‘Wow!’ Why did we not do this sooner?” Chrissy tells us. “SelectBlinds makes the ordering process very straightforward and user-friendly. Once ordered, we had our new shades in a matter of weeks, not months. The best part? They are beautifully made and all you need to do is push a button to open/close them.” 

Chrissy selected the standard pleated fold option, without a valance for a cleaner look. She also decided to go with a standard white privacy liner as these shades were going in a bedroom.

Motorized Cellular Shades: Brianna, @briannabrowndesigns

Image courtesy of @briannabrowndesigns

Keep your vibe at home cool, calm, and quiet with energy-efficient cellulars. With kid-friendly cordless or motorized lifts, they’re the safest choice for homes with pets and young ones. 

Brianna was looking for a motorized window covering solution for her hard-to-reach windows. She needed them to block the glare on the TV while also providing privacy and energy efficiency. 

She went with our 2” Premier Light Filtering Cellulars in Thunderstorm, selecting the double-cell customized option for extra energy-efficiency.

“I am so happy with them!” Brianna says. “I ordered the Premier Light Filtering Cellulars with solar chargers and a remote (because I can’t reach those top shades without a scaffolding). These shades have made it so we can actually watch TV during the day without being blinded by the sun. Plus, they help block out the heat, the cold, and even noise!”

Woven Wood Shades: Jessi, @thegoodwrench 

Image courtesy of @thegoodwrench

Jessi, from @thegoodwrench also loves the natural look of woven woods.

“Sometimes taking care of three small kids just wipes me out, and in the middle of the day, I’m DONE,” Jessi tells us. “In the middle of the day, when I feel the need to take a load off, my wishes come true with my SelectBlinds automated shades in my bedroom. With a quick verbal command, I can get my shades closed, and then shut my eyes for a refreshing power nap.” 

Fun fact, she challenged her followers to vote on a few shades she liked and the winner was the Luxe Modern Woven Wood Shades in the color Aria for her bedroom.

DIY and Interior Design Influencers: interested in collaborating with SelectBlinds? Download the Select Blinds Influencer Media Kit here.

Check out our FREE interior design consulting as just another way we can support you from start to finish. Get tips, color guidance, product recommendations, solutions to the problems you may encounter, etc. Call us today at (855) 235-3120 to take advantage of our free design consultation resources.

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Only at SelectBlinds.

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SelectBlinds’ Best New 2022 Products that our Creative Director Loves (And Why You Should, Too)

Meet our best new SelectBlinds products of 2022. At least so far.

Our fashion-savvy Creative Director, Shannon Constance, walks us through what products and colors we released this year that she personally loves, and why she loves them. We think you’ll fall in love with some of them, too.

Best New Colors in Cellulars: Premier Blackout Cellulars

“The Premier Cellulars, in my opinion, are the perfect cellular shades,” Shannon says. “They are high-quality cellular shades for a reasonable price and with so many different options for lift styles, depending on your needs.”

She goes on to note that, “This year we launched some beautiful new colors in our blackout line that have a soft, relaxing tonal quality. They are a great first step if you want to get out of your comfort zone of ‘neutral’ space into more relaxing, sun-bleached vibes.”

As for her favorite colors in this blackout cellular shade, Shannon goes with Sand Tan.
“If we’d offered this color when I bought my own Premier Blackout Cellulars, this is the color I would have chosen,” she admits good-humoredly.

C’est la vie.

Best New Colors in Romans: Lakeshore Colors for Our Classic Roman Shades

“Our Classic Roman Shades are our most popular Roman,” Shannon says. “Like its name, it is a ‘classic,’ and perfect if you are looking for a slightly more tailored, but soft look. It is a great window covering for any room but I especially love them in dining rooms.”

Shannon references the shades’ “casual, but tailored look that allows them to dress up a formal space without making it feel stuffy or uptight.”

“This summer we launched three beautiful colors to go with our Lakeshore Stripe,” she continues. “What I love about these fabrics is that they are striped so they feel ‘nautical,’ like they belong near the water, but they have quite a bit of varied texture to them that creates a more organic, and less traditional stripe.”

“If you’re looking for a new take on nautical but are tired of the expected traditional stripe, these lakeshore colors are worth looking at,” Shannon assures. “Order samples just to see all the textures that are woven into these colors. They won’t disappoint.”

Best New Rollers: Little Dreamers Kids’ Collection

This year we launched our kids’ patterns into roller shades (previously only available in curtains).

“These rollers are great for kids’ rooms because they are easy to clean and they are only available in cordless options,” Shannon says. “Safety for those kiddos is our number one priority.”

She goes on to say that “these patterns are worth designing an entire room around what you do with the window. After all, sleep is the most important thing for any kid. Might as well pick a shade that’s functional and adorable all at once.”

Shannon’s “fave pattern is the rainbow.”

“We’ve taken the traditional rainbow and created it in an array of super cool and unexpected colors,” she says. “I mean, come on! We have a mid-century rainbow color for the cool mom that wants the vibe of her home to transition all the way to her kid’s room but which is still delightful and intriguing for the little one, too. We also have colorful kids’ curtains if you’re looking for a layered look that pairs perfectly.”

Best New Colors in Woven Woods: Classic Woven Woods

“Woven woods are all the rage this year from a trend perspective,” Shannon asserts. “If you are watching any design show these days, you are likely to see woven woods in the windows. If you’re new to wovens our Classic Woven Woods are a great choice: simple, budget-friendly, and chic. This product doesn’t have a liner option and is best for spaces where you are looking for a light-filtering, ambient effect with less concern for privacy.”

Shannon goes on to discuss how we decided to create four new colors with a tighter weave that allows for a bit more coverage than the other colors.

“The combination of this tighter weave paired with unexpected colors makes these super cool and unique in comparison to other wovens,” she says.

Best New Faux Woods: 2” Designer Faux Wood Blinds

“If you live in a humid or hot environment and are looking for a traditional approach for your windows then these faux wood blinds are for you,” Shannon says. “They look like and offer the visual feel of real wood, but are more durable for these types of climates.”

Shannon goes on to share that our 2” Designer Faux Wood Blind is one of her favorites because she “thinks every detail has been very well thought through.”

“The color palette spans a wide range, from cool to warm, for starters,” she says. “The textures captured in the slats are so close to the real thing, in my opinion, and my favorite feature of all? The color of the ladders (the cords that suspend the slats up) are perfectly paired to the slat color so that they blend in well so as to not distract from the beauty of the blinds themselves.”

Get Fall-Ready With These Greatest Hits of 2022

Thank you, Shannon, for sharing your insightful take on a few of our best new products of the year to date.

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The Ways Easy Home Automation Makes Your Life Better

We get to live in a day when watching impressive new technological advances has become commonplace. Easy home automation and “smart homes” are among those perks we’ve gotten to observe and enjoy. No more analog plug-in cords or clunky jerry-rigged workarounds. Home automation is all right there at the touch of a button, and it can even travel with us in our phones to be operated from just about anywhere in the world.  

What Is Easy Home Automation?

Easy home automation, also known as smart home technology, generally references devices, appliances, systems, etc., that interconnect via a common network–these devices can be remotely controlled individually, as well as in unison. You might also be familiar with the term “connected home,’ where your home’s lights, garage door, thermostat, security cameras, audio system, etc., are synced and automated through your home network. Yes, even your window blinds and shades can be motorized and automated, so you don’t even have to remember to put that task on your to-do list. Use your smart phone to operate them and automate them as suits your personal needs best.

Enjoy your life and time with your favorite people with unprecedented ease and convenience. One built-in benefit of smart home technology is that it is constantly being updated and upgraded. Imagine the possibilities!

Advantages of Easy Home Automation to Help You Get More Out of Life

Instead of thinking of keeping up with smart home technology updates as an end in and of itself, or as a way to “show off” by keeping up with the Joneses, so to speak, consider a few of the impressive and practical aspects of home automation as benefits for you and your household. Easy home automation allows you to:

  1. Maximize Home Security.
    As mentioned, you can incorporate your home security system into your smart home network. In regard to window coverings, you can manage your privacy (and your own peace of mind) easily and quickly by programming your blinds and/or shades to raise and lower at the same time of day, or whenever you need them to. Forget whether or not you closed the blinds in your child’s room before leaving the house? Just check them on your phone, no matter where you are in the world. You can also receive notifications if something unexpected is going on in your child’s room or anywhere else in your home. The potential for home security automation is endless.  
  2. Increase Energy Efficiency.
    Opportunities for efficient use of energy are also boundless using smart home technology. Manage the heating and cooling of your home via your phone, including the aforementioned ability to manage the raising and lowering of your window coverings to darken and cool rooms on demand. Program your smart thermostat to learn your schedule and home temperature favorites, and receive recommendations for how to improve your home’s energy efficiency settings. Have your home as cool or warm as you prefer before you come home, and have your house lit up with all blinds / shades shut to help you feel more secure upon your arrival. You can maximize your control over your energy expenditures using smart home technology. 
  3. Ease of Incorporating New Appliances and Devices. One impressive aspect of easy smart home automation is its ability to implement new appliances, window covering technologies, and devices as part of your smart home network. No matter how updated your devices and appliances are, you’ll likely feel the need to continue updating as time goes on. Integrating new devices, appliances, etc. only makes the process much easier and more seamless. 

Take Advantage of Smart Home Technology

We’ve shared a few benefits of living in a smart automated home, but the possibilities and benefits are endless. Home automation developers are constantly in a race to outdo one another in meeting consumer needs, and that is only of benefit to you as a homeowner. Find out for yourself how much easier and enjoyable smart home technology can make your life! 

Select Blinds Staff Recommendations for Your Easy Home Automation Needs

How about some SelectBlinds staff recommendations for you to start enjoying the convenience and benefits of smart home automation? 

SelectBlinds staff loves offering up our selections from our different product tiers for you, to offer you excellent, customizable design solutions for any taste and budget. We’ve offered some recommendations below, but we have countless customizable solutions available for you. Spend some time window shopping to see what we have to offer!

2” Room Darkening Sheer Shades (Signature Tier)*

Diffuse up to 99% of UV rays with the quality sun-control fabric in these sheer window coverings. Use with cordless lift or an optional motorized lift on taller windows.

*Our Signature Tier products feature thoughtful designs in trendy styles. Made with durable materials, Signature Tier products are the perfect place to start when looking for a beyond-basic solution that is also affordable.

Motorized Architect Light Filtering Roller (Premium Tier)*

You won’t need a WiFi hub for this one-of-a-kind ease of operation and modern, high-quality design – meet SelectBlinds’ stylish motorized light filtering roller shades powered by Eve MotionBlinds™ motors.

Motorized Architect Blackout Roller (Premium Tier)*

Hard to find better room darkening fabrics in such an eye-catching selection of colors for convenient function and timeless style. Powered by Eve MotionBlinds™ motors. All the benefits of home automation without the use of a WiFi hub! 

*Our Premium Tier products feature lasting designs in timeless styles. Made of high-quality materials, Premium Tier products are the ideal choice for an excellent investment that’s made to last. Some upgrade features may be included.

Your Easy Automated Home Calls for the Best Customized Solutions

Our philosophy has long held that DIY Design was never meant to be done “ALL by Yourself.” For your dream home’s design, whether for indoors our outside in your back patio, we’re here to help. 

Nothing makes an outdoor patio oasis more enjoyable than attractive bamboo or exterior solar shades to keep the harmful UV rays out of your face, while keeping your patio or deck area cool. SelectBlinds is all about supporting you, all the way from start to finish. We offer you all the helpful resources you’ll need to make your life (and projects) easier, because your success is our success! Make your dream home ALL YOURS as you custom-craft it, without breaking your budget. As you sharpen those interior DIY design instincts, you will save plenty of money and enjoy the satisfaction of creating something special. 

Check out our FREE interior design consulting as just another way we can support you from start to finish. Get tips, color guidance, product recommendations, solutions to the problems you may encounter, etc. Call us today at (855) 235-3120 to take advantage of our free design consultation resources.

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