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Big things are happening at SelectBlinds! We’re kicking off our rebranding campaign today by debuting our new commercial!

When our team brainstormed how to make shopping and installing window coverings easier (and more fun, honestly), we realized buying blinds is kind of like dating. We’ll let the commercial explain the rest.

(A big “thank you” to Raindrop Agency for the transformation!)

What does this mean for our customers? Don’t worry, it’s not a catfish situation. 

We’re still empowering people to create spaces they can be proud of. Even though we are a DIY company, we are there for you every step of the way when you need us! 

You may have noticed our new color palette and refreshed logo have appeared on our website and packaging. What you can expect in the coming months are new brand initiatives, more eye-catching visuals and some flirtatious content. 

We look forward to satisfying more customers with our exceptional customer experience, diverse selection and helpful resources. You’ll love us because we’re easy.

Call or chat with one of our Design Consultants to learn more! Call (888) 257-1840. They’re easy to talk to!

Which Blind Best Suits You Based on Your Current TV Binge

Photo credit: Mollie Sivaram on Unsplash

If you’re like us, you used the holiday season to catch up or start some new shows. Based on your current TV obsession, these are the window coverings best suited for you (at least until the next trending series).

*No spoilers ahead!*

Emily in Paris

Left: Netflix Credits; Right: Sheer Curtains in Sheer White Batiste

Love her or hate her, people love to watch Emily in Paris. While there are a number of styles in the show, we’re keeping Mindy Chen’s advice in mind: “The French are romantics, but they’re also realists.” With that in mind, we chose a timeless look with Sheer Curtains in Sheer White Batiste. Its flowy linen creates a picturesque room to daydream away in.

Ted Lasso

Left: AppleTV+ Credits; Right: Rustic Americana Roman Shades

There are so many personalities here, it could be a whole ‘nother blog of fun (note: Roy Kent would be a dark heather charcoal, NOT black). But let’s stick with the man of the hour, the name of the game, shall we? Ted Lasso. Rustic Americana Roman Shades in Sweet Cream Butter checks the main boxes: cheerful and American! It’s a bonus that his office “Believe” sign is yellow too.


Left: Netflix Credits; Right: Premier Room Darkening Dual Shades.

In our latest Halloween blog, we shared what window covering Wednesday would choose, but that was based on the 1991 version when she was a child. In this show, Wednesday is a teenager so her woeful style has a more modern take. The Premier Room Darkening Dual Shades in Tarantula gets the job done.

The Recruit

Left: Netflix Credits; Right: 2 1/2″ Luxe Modern Faux Wood Blinds in Walnut Grain

Hopefully you’re home a lot more than CIA lawyer Owen Hendricks to appreciate your window coverings. We chose 2 1/2″ Luxe Modern Faux Wood Blinds in Walnut Grain because they’re serious, but not too serious, while being practical and stylish. Their larger slats provide more privacy, and slats are the best window treatment to subtly check who’s outside.


Left: AppleTV+ Credits; Right: Jewel Tone Drapery in Tourmaline

The color palette in Loot is just as bright and radiant as Molly Novack herself. While we had a lot to choose from – and green seemed obvious –  we’re going with Molly’s eye-catching fuschia attire and pairing it with Jewel Tone Drapery in Tourmaline. Gorgeous and elegant, the drapery’s smooth satin will make you feel like you just received an $87 billion settlement.

*This blog is not endorsed or sponsored by any of the mentioned streaming services or shows.*

As Seen on TV: You Don’t Have to Go to Hell and Back to Get Great Blinds!

Get a taste of our Lifestyle Light Filtering Roller Shades, featured in Episode 6 of Gordon Ramsay’s 24 HRS to Hell and Back!

Quick! Name that product:

“It slices! It dices! It makes mounds of julienne fries in just seconds.”

It’s the Ronco Veg-O-Matic! But wait! There’s more!

The iconic Veg-O-Matic manual food processor hawked in late-night TV commercials back in the ’70s by company founder Ron Popeil, spawned the birth of the modern-day infomercial format and a slew of “as seen on TV” gadgets no home should be without. (Who could forget his famous Pocket Fisherman?) The genre has become so popular, As Seen on TV, Inc. is now a leading marketer and online retailer, selling thousands of products you’ll recognize from TV commercials.

As seen on TV - The classic Veg-O-Matic
The classic Veg-O-Matic

While you won’t see our custom window shades and blinds on their website, you will see them on many popular TV shows this season. Foodie fanatics can feast their eyes on these products during Season 3 of “Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours to Hell and Back” now airing on the Fox network:

And for those with an eye for design and style, you may have seen our custom coverings in the very first season of Netflix’s “Queer Eye.” In episode 8, “Hose before Bros,” The Fab 5 gave a firehouse a hot new look featuring 2″ Select American Hardwood Blinds. (Spoiler alert: You’ll see even more products in upcoming episodes of the new sixth season, so stay tuned!)

Queer Eye: Hose before Bros
This firehouse design is on fire, thanks to the Fab 5!

We’ve worked with the boys on other projects, too. Just look at the AH-mazing transformation the parents’ home of Fab 5’s Bobby Berk underwent with some treasures from Target and our designer favorite woven woods on the windows. (You won’t believe the before and afters!) Mom and dad, can we move back in???

Bobby Berk designed living room
Antigua Natural was just that for the color Bobby chose for the Designer Reserve Woven Woods he used in the living, master and guest bedrooms. (Image credit: Bobby Berk @bobby and Marisa Vitale @marisavitalephoto)

What’s your favorite TV show and which of our Miz Marvelous window treatments would you like to see showcased? Let us know with a comment below! And shop commercial-free for all of these same great looks right here on SelectBlinds’ website!

Enter by February 17 for David Ragan’s Great American Giveaway!

Last year’s wreck was a crazy one, with the Select Blinds Ford Mustang sandwiched in the middle of a fiery, yet entertaining, multi-car pileup during the last few laps of 2019’s Daytona 500! Check it out:

Catch David in the Select Blinds #36 car at the Daytona International Speedway on February 16 for the 2020 Daytona 500! Good luck!

David Ragan and
09 February–during qualifying for the Daytona 500 at Daytona International Speedway in Daytona Beach, Fl.(HHP/Alan Marler)

Wait till You See This NASCAR Fan’s Monster Collection!

Ultimate NASCAR fan shows huge collection in basement man cave

This is just one of two rooms NASCAR super fan Glenn Zabransky and his father have transformed into living shrines to the sport. From die-cast mini car replicas to actual full-size tires and car hoods, their monster collection of all-things NASCAR numbers in the thousands. Photos courtesy of Glenn Zabransky

Glenn Zabransky lives and breathes NASCAR. And we mean LIVES. AND. BREATHES. IT.

Just take a look at the formidable collection he and his father have amassed over the last 28 years since Glenn saw his first race at Pocono Raceway (now a super speedway) in Pennsylvania, when he was just five years old. Hard to believe he could squeeze anything else in, but we were pretty honored that one of his most recent additions were two #38 Ford Mustang hero cards autographed by driver David Ragan with Front Row Motorsports.

Signed David Ragan #38 Nascar Hero Card with Gear and Wrap NASCAR action photo signed by driver David Ragan in Select Blinds car

With a passion for the sport passed down by his grandfather and father, Glenn, who hails from New Jersey when he’s not traveling the country from track to track during race season, started collecting die-cast cars as a kid. His dad, he says, would order a 1/64 scale car for him for every 1/24 his dad ordered, most of which were replicas of Dale Earnhardt Sr. cars (his dad’s favorite driver). The first thing Glenn bought on his own was a Terry Labonte Corn Flakes replica for $10,  snagged at Charlotte Motor Speedway in 1996. The collection truly started, though, he says, with a set of 1/24 scale Richard Petty cars from Franklin Mint.

“We have more than five hundred 1/24 scale cars, as well as a few hundred smaller cars.  In recent years we’ve expanded to sheet metal and other pieces of cars from actual races,” Glenn says. “I think I have ten or so pieces of metal (fenders, bumpers, trunk lids, etc.), about eight tires including a Dale Sr. 1994 Daytona 500 tire, as well as other odds and ends like valve covers and rims.”

The collection also includes  “odd-ball pieces like Davey Allison chili and Dale Sr. suntan lotion” Glenn says his mom has contributed.

His most prized items?

“We were able to obtain the actual seats my dad and I sat in at our first Daytona 500,” he says after the famed World Center of Racing underwent a remodel several years ago.

Now that’s cool!

No matter how cool his collection is, though, for Glenn, the coolest thing is that racing is a real family affair.

“The bond that racing has formed between my father and I is something that I’ll always be grateful for,” he shares, “and while my mom doesn’t really follow or care for the lower series, she’s probably been to at least 60 cup races or so.

“My wife knew when dating me that if she ever wanted to see me, she would have to  put up with the NASCAR aspect,” Glenn continues. “Turns out she’s super into it now. She even participates in my fantasy NASCAR league. The fact that she’s so on board and into it makes it even better.”

His now brother- and sister-in-law have also gotten into the sport. Together, the family has traveled to most of the tracks (Indianapolis Motor Speedway, surprisingly, is one pit stop still on Glenn’s bucket list), meeting every NASCAR driver at least once, including favorites Austin and Ty Dillon.

“Actually met them both and their dad, Mike, at Volusia County dirt track during speed week. My wife had on a few-years-old Austin Dillon dirt hoodie and was too nervous to ask Austin for a photo, so I asked and he was happy to do so. He knew we were pretty big fans.  Mike even offered us a beer.”

They also met Ken Schrader and Kenny Wallace that night, both of whom had beer to share, too.

“That was a fun night,” recalls Glenn with a laugh, adding that he’s also been impressed meeting Jimmy Johnson and “even” Kyle Busch. “It’s a great thing with NASCAR. You have the ability to interact with the drivers during the event, not just at some sports store signing autographs.”

NASCAR fan's black dog wearing blue #88 scarf at racetrack

The Zabransky family includes three, four-legged members, including Ralph, who was named after Dale Earnhardt Sr’s. father and racing patriarch Ralph Earnhardt.

It’s not just the drivers he loves; it’s the fans he meets, too.

“I love talking about [NASCAR] with other people, trying to ‘recruit’ new fans, and just every aspect of the sport,” he says.  To help in his recruiting efforts, he often gives away duplicate die-cast cars to young fans.

“I was lucky enough to attend a ton of races and have a dad that also collected. Those first cars that a young fan gets can shape their fandom for years to come. ”

He loves sharing stories of his most memorable races, too. His favorite? The 2001 MBNA Cal Ripken Jr. 400  at Dover Downs International Speedway following the September 11 terrorist attacks.

Glenn’s uncle, who had worked in the Twin Towers at the time, was with Glenn and his dad for the race. Glenn’s favorite driver then was Dale Earnhardt Jr., who won that day and after, went around the track with an American flag hanging out the window.

“An image,” reminisces Glenn, “that’s burned in  my memory. I’ll never forget it.”

Join Glenn this Memorial Day weekend and watch the No. 38 Ford
Mustang and David Ragan recognize Corporal William G. Taylor
of the United States Marine Corps, who was killed in the line of duty while serving during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Twenty-six-year-old Cpl. Taylor of Macon, GA, was killed on Nov.
30, 2005 by small-arms fire while conducting combat operations against enemy forces in Fallujah, Iraq.

Taylor’s name will be displayed on the windshield of Ragan’s Ford for the Coca-Cola 600 on May 26, where the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series will pay tribute to the fallen men and women of the U.S. military. Ragan’s car will also feature a red, white and blue patriotic paint scheme as part of NASCAR’s tribute.

Select Blinds Sponsors NASCAR’s David Ragan

Photo of No. 38 Ford Mustang at Daytona

Photo from @Team_FRM

Hey, did you see the No. 38 car David Ragan was driving at the Daytona 500? It was hard to miss, especially when it was part of that monster wreck with just 10 laps remaining.

It was a good looking car until it got a little roughed up. Actually, in our opinion it still looked good even after the mess.

After all, how could something that says “” all over it look bad?

Daytona was the first of four races this season that will see Ragan’s car sporting our colors, and if you feel like the partnership between a NASCAR driver and an e-tailer seems a bit odd, well, we’ll tell you how it all went down.

It all started with a bid.

In mid-January at the annual Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction in Scottsdale, AZ, Select Blinds founder and CMO Rick Steele was the highest bidder on Ragan’s 38 Shriners Hospitals car. The car featured a paint scheme seen in the AAA 400 Drive for Autism at Dover International Speedway last summer, a race in which Ragan finished 27th.

It also came with a 750-horsepower Roush Yates engine and many of the other accessories needed to…umm…go really, really fast.

The $300,000 from the auction benefited Shriners Hospitals for Children, which help kids battle orthopedic conditions, burns, spinal injuries and cleft lip. Ever one for charitable causes that help children, Steele’s interest was certainly amplified because his mother was treated by healthcare professionals when she was a child.

So it made plenty of sense that he would be interested in bidding on the car.

Now, providing that kind of money to such a worthy cause on its own would have given this fun story a happy ending.

Except that was not the end. In fact, it was only the beginning.

Ragan and Steele got to chatting and in true “Step Brothers” style, quickly became best friends. Though unlike how most best friends who go to a ballgame, meet up for drinks or do things like that, these two instead decided on something unique.

Steele and his company would be one of the primary sponsors for Ragan’s No. 38 car in the 2019 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series.

How. Cool. Is. That.

Beginning with the Daytona 500 and continuing through the TicketGuardian 500 at ISM Raceway in Phoenix, the Coca-Cola 600 in Charlotte and the South Point 400 in Las Vegas, the car will be zipping around the track while introducing the masses and NASCAR faithful to

For those who don’t know, the story of is a good one.

In short, our company was founded in 2003 by Steele, and has grown to be successful by combining child-safe, high-quality, custom-made blinds with affordable DIY pricing. Hundreds of thousands of customers have provided glowing reviews, while millions of windows have been covered with our help.

And now our logo is all over the Ford Mustang of one of Front Row Motorsports’ NASCAR drivers.

How many Phoenix-based companies do you think can say that?

Where the car will finish over its next three races is anyone’s guess. NFL great Deion Sanders once said something to the effect that if you look good you’ll feel good, and if you feel good you’ll play good.

We may be biased, but we believe Ragan has the best looking car on the track.

Of course it would be helpful if other, less-stylish cars didn’t cause wrecks around it, but we all know that’s a possibility at any time before the checkered flag comes out.

Yet no matter where Ragan and his No. 38 car finish, the story of how he got to that point is one that, to be honest, is as fun as it was unexpected.

Guest Blog: Blossoming Into Spring

By Veronica Valencia

Guest Blog by Veronica Valencia

Spring has officially sprung, and I am especially happy for its arrival. With May in full swing, I can already tell that summer is hot on its heels. So, I thought I’d share my favorite ways to welcome one of my favorite seasons before the summer solstice is upon us.

First up, coffee is practically a ceremony in our house, one that my husband Kris and I carry out each day. Over time, we’ve found ways to up our cup of joe game. Our current fave is adding cardamom. In my opinion, cardamom is a spice that should be a staple in every home. It has a bounty of health benefits like flushing toxins, aiding nausea and alleviating tummy trouble. Not only that, it smells delicious! Our current obsession is a cardamom and rose ice latte – Japanese-style iced coffee to be exact. We top ours with crushed, edible rosebuds. It’s delicious, and as Kris has pointed out, borderline addicting. Yum!

Japanese style cardamom ice coffee
Next up is spring’s open invitation to get outside. Go for a walk. Stop and smell the flowers. Soak up some vitamin D while gardening. Ride your bike. That last one was a game changer for me. I’d put my bike in storage for years. On a whim I got it out and quickly discovered the revelation of a simple bike ride. There’s nothing like the fresh, fragranced air of spring, with its jolt of jasmine, orange and honeysuckle breezing by you as you cruise to your morning meeting. One of the perks of running my own studio is that I get to set my day. Spring’s my time to take total advantage of that. I leave my bike by the front door and take a ride around the block in between calls or shoots. It wakes my brain and stirs my soul each time. It’s a ritual that remains straight through summer’s end. I like to keep a stash of travel blankets in my bike basket. They turn every bench, spot of grass, or picnic table into a work station. Add a cup of coffee (for Kris) and mint-infused water (for me) and the two of us can run an entire department meeting from under a tree. Love that.

Guest Blog by Veronica Valencia
Lastly, because every inspiration moment begins and ends with floral for me, spring is undoubtedly one of my fave floral times. Add the farmer’s market, local nursery, or floral counter at your grocery store to your errand list, letting the season’s brightest colors and subtle scents lead you in your selection. Fling open the windows and let the sun shine in throughout your home, from small arrangements in simple vessels to dress your nightstand to full blown bouquets to accent your favorite space. There’s so much hustle and bustle to our lives, spring’s beautiful blooms bring a moment of beauty anywhere you plant them.

Veronica Valencia Interior Designer- Styling bedroom

Captured by @moderntype

Now it’s your turn. Tell me all the ways spring brings a smile to your routine.

Veronica  xo

Ed. Note: Veronica is always springing into action on multiple projects at a time. Check out one of her recent favorites — designing a new nursery for former Bachlorette Ali Fedotowsky. See the big reveal here in Us Weekly, and what Ali has to say about Veronica’s exclusive collection of shades for Select Blinds.

Ali Fedotowsky and Veronica Valencia

It’s so hard to decide … Former Bachlorette Ali Fedotowsky and Veronica comparing samples from the Veronica Valencia Collection at Select Blinds.

Veronica Valencia got her start behind the scenes, pulling off makeover magic on homes for networks like ABC, NBC, FOX and OWN. Now she’s stepping out in front of the lines with her very own collections at, Barn Light Electric and At Home stores, with more to come. She and her husband, Kristopher Hughes, split their time between NYC, L.A. and wherever their current design project is located. The couple founded The Design Hunters, their interior design, styling and creative services company, in 2013. Inspired by a love of food, wellness and florals, and nearly always outfitted with a trademark hat, her style is a mix of well-traveled details and modern touches. Follow her on Instagram @VeronicaValencia and #vvselectblinds.

Meet Veronica Valencia: The Designer Behind the Design

Meet Veronica Valencia

A little bit boho, a mix of modern and a dose of vintage. That’s the feeling Veronica inspires. She’s been inspiring us for the last several years with her joie de vivre and infectious energy, both of which are evident in every single space she designs. And that’s why we’re so excited to be the newest partner in her design world with the launch of her exclusive collection of window treatments for Select Blinds.

“For me, windows and natural light are everything in a home. Select Blinds has always been my first call when designing beautiful, inspired windows,” says the 32-year-old interior and product designer, and creative director who got her start as the head of design production for some 500+ home makeover shows on ABC, NBC, FOX and OWN.

As the fresh face of a style she sums up as New Modernism, Veronica’s design sensibilities beautifully blend bohemian and well-traveled elements, balanced by femininity and clean lines.

“I’m a girl who loves a floral print and a classic stripe, and I just happen to think they can all live in the same space. It’s not about rules. It’s about living with what you love the most, all captured in one space.”

Dining room interior

Veronica’s aesthetic has broad appeal. Remodelista called her the “Master of Design Transformations” and Australian magazine Renegade Collective deemed her “Miss Makeover.” Her work has been featured in Domaine Home, The New York Times, Architectural Digest, Style Me Pretty, Green Wedding Shoes, Lucky Magazine and more.

So what does the founder of The Design Hunters, a modern day interior design and creative services company she founded with her husband, Kristopher Hughes, find inspiring?

“I’m forever inspired by nature. And you’ll rarely hear me pass up the chance to play host. I’m happiest when I have a table full of family and friends and a feast on the way to being plated. That sound of people laughing, floating in the air – that’s everything. Oh, and bike rides. A must.”

Veronica Valencia fall centerpiece

Watch Veronica in action as she shows you how to easily re-create this gorgeous centerpiece for your own table! Video by LEAF TV

You’ll find all that inspiration wrapped up in the AH-mazing (if we do say so ourselves) new collection she’s created for Select Blinds – and you!

“When you’re in the field and pulling off 10 home builds a season, you’re making thousands of decisions. I wanted this collection to be the easiest choice someone will make for their home. This line has all my loves. The textures and bohemian feel of rich woven woods and elegant fabric tapes; fresh, modern colors collected from world travels in my cellulars; and the fun shapes, florals and botanicals you’ll find in the patterns on my solar shades.”

She has some great tips for designing your windows, too.

“Put away that rule book. If you love white but are worried your kids are going to ruin your sofa, go for white woven shades. If you love wood but can’t re-floor your home, reach for it on your windows. A good room is like a good outfit. It’s never one pattern from head to toe. Mix it up! Layering is key.”

Veronica Valencia island woven wood shade

Veronica recommends mixing metals, glass and ceramics in New Modernism harmony. Shade shown is Veronica Valencia Island Woven Wood in Leeward Island.

Known to her family as the world-traveling “free spirit,” Veronica splits her time between New York and Los Angeles. She travels constantly for show production and private clients, and her own lines of specialty lighting and wall decor. “We’ve mastered the art of living out of a suitcase and how to make the perfect hotel room matcha latte.

“I’d be lying if I said I didn’t kinda love our vagabond life. We get to see the world together by design and that’s all I could ever ask for.”

Veronica Valencia chilling by the lake

Inspired? See more of Veronica on her website, or follow her on Instagram at @VeronicaValencia and #vvselectblinds.

HOME FREE Episode 106 – Before and After

Did you catch HOME FREE this week? You might want to go back and take a look if you missed it. The transformation was incredible! This week, they took a Georgian brick home and made it into a home with a southern revival style, all in one week. Here are our favorite before-and-after photos. Which one is your favorite?

















Going into next week, there will only be 3 couples left. Who do you think will win the grand prize?