Book Review – Lovable Livable Home by Sherry and John Petersik (Young House Love)


If you haven’t stumbled upon the Young House Love blog, you’re missing out. They have fantastic before-and-afters, not to mention all the DIY tips and gorgeous photos of their homes.

So, when I had the opportunity to read and review their book, Lovable Livable Home, I just couldn’t resist. This book has a casual, fun, friendly vibe, which makes it easy to read and even easier to apply their ideas. Most of what they showcase is simple and budget-friendly, which makes this book a great option for everyone. Here are some of my favorite ideas:

  • It’s common to decorate a room with form and function in mind. We worry about how something works and how it looks. But there’s something missing in that equation. It’s finding meaning. The Petersiks recommend asking yourself what these objects mean to you and how do they make you feel. If you can find meaning along with form and function, you will feel at home and comfortable no matter what.
  • The perfect mix in any room is color, pattern, and texture. Sometimes if your room feels a little off, you’re missing one of these elements.
  • Childproofing isn’t the same as making your space kid-friendly. If kids live your home, your space should be inviting to everyone in the family, including the kids. Same goes with pets.
  • This one is a personal favorite – decorating with books. They’re easy to get and even easier to decorate with. They add charm and personality to any space.
  • Does your home feel a little too small for your family? You’re not alone. One family used their covered deck to extend the homey vibe, making their porch have a living room vibe.
  • If you have children, you know how much artwork they create. Chances are you have boxes of artwork in your attic, garage, or under the beds. The Petersiks give fantastic advice how to enjoy and use your kid’s art, including ironing it onto pillows or using it to create a bigger piece of art. It can be a great way to add more color and fun to your home’s decor.

Have you read this book? What was your favorite idea?