Announcing Our 2018 $1000 College Scholarship Winner!

Kudos and congratulations to Aiden Stephan, recipient of the 2018 $1,000 College Scholarship! Aiden is a 17-year-old freshman at George Fox University majoring in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Music.

Congratulations Aiden Stephan for winning the Select Blinds $1K College Scholarship Award

Aiden was selected for the scholarship award from more than 600 eager applicants. To apply, students were challenged to come up with creative things to do with window coverings, or a new technology for designing tomorrow’s window treatments. They also had to submit an essay on one of five different topics related to their field of study and how they could help make the world a better place.

Intrigued with the intricacy and beauty of origami since he was a child, Aiden used that for inspiration in his submission of a new exterior window shade that generates environmentally friendly, renewable solar energy.

“I love to design and create things from origami to paintings to scenic photography to computer designed house plans to music.  I aim to combine my Engineering degree with my passion for origami to help serve others.  Origami, the art of creating a 3-D object from a single, flat piece of paper, is one of my passions.  Origami has been used to design satellites, space products, modify interior design, build heart stints, create bullet proof shields and much more.  There are unlimited opportunities for origami to enhance and improve our lives and through engineering I will explore designing and creating new products that utilize origami to improve our lives.”

Winning 2018 College Scholarship

Aiden’s design for an exterior solar shade that generates renewable energy for the home wowed our judges in this year’s scholarship competition. Check out the details for his new Solar Shade here.

We’ve changed up the criteria for the Select Blinds 2019 $1,000 College Scholarship, this time appealing to students with designs on becoming an interior designer. Know a deserving student who’d make a good candidate? Send them this link for details on how they can apply.