Blinds 101 - Blinds Comparison Chart

Blinds 101 - Blinds Comparison Chart

Finding the perfect window covering doesn’t have to be difficult or overwhelming. We’ve taken the guesswork out of it with this quick reference guide. Compare your favorite blinds at a glance, and then get back to creating your dream home, one window covering at a time.

Topic Woods Faux Woods Minis Verticals Shutters
Material American Hardwood or Basswood PVC or Polymer Aluminum Fabric or PVC Wood or Faux Wood
Price $27.49 & up $9.16 & up $9.16 & up $22.87 & up $119.16 & up
High Heat/Moisture Resistant No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Control Types Wand, Cordless, & Motorized Corded, Wand, Cordless, & Motorized Wand, & Cordless Cordless Wand Cordless
Energy Efficiency Better Better Good Better Best
Finishing Touches Paints, Stains, Cloth Tape, No-Holes Privacy, & Valances Paints, Stains, Cloth Tape, No-Holes Privacy, & Valances Paints, Dust and Scratch Resistant Finish, & Cloth Tape Valances, Vertical Vanes, Panel Tracks, Various Draw and Stack Options Paints, Stains, Baked On Finish, & Hidden Tilt Bar
Privacy Complete Complete Complete Complete Complete

Want to learn more? Browse through our collection of buying guides to find the right window coverings for every room in your home and for your specific style. Don’t forget to order free samples of your favorite window coverings to see what they’d look like in your space. Once you’ve figured out what you want, take a look at our measuring and installation instructions. 

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