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New Designer Series Woven Wood Shades

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Level-up your interior design skills with these dazzling woven woods. Choose from a wide selection of gorgeous woods ranging from light to dark neutrals. More

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Lifestyle Collection | Priced at $170.10
*Some or all of the features/options may not be available based on your selections or the requested size.

2 Start Customizing
W "
H "

Mount Type ?
Mount Type
Inside mount means the window coverings will be mounted and hung on the inside of the window frame, or the ceiling. Not recommended for shallow windowsills. Outside mount means the window coverings will be mounted and hung outside of the window frame, making it ideal for shallow windowsills or for more complete light blockage by reducing the halo effect.
Enter Measurements Help Me Measure
Always reference product specifications below before measuring.
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Room Name

You may enter a room name to help you specify where each blind goes. Each blind will be labeled accordingly when they arrive from shipping.

3 Select Your Features

Lift Styles
Cordless Lift
Continuous Cord Loop
Chain Color
Fold Style ?
Fold Style
Choose your perfect fold style.
Flat Fold
Soft Fold
Valance ?
Choose between a standard wrapped headrail with the shade hanging off the back of the headrail and includes a valance or a no valance option which hangs off the front of the headrail.
Headrail Option
Standard Headrail
2 Shades on 1 Headrail
*Why is this unavailable?
Feature Unavailable
2 Shades on 1 Headrail is not available for shades under 36" wide.
Liner ?
Choose from a room darkening liner, a blackout liner or no liner to maximize the light that is let in.
100% Off
100% Off
Hold Down Brackets ?
Hold Down Brackets
Brackets to hold down window covering to minimize movement
Hold down brackets secure the window covering to the wall or to a door, limiting the window covering's movement when the door is open, for example. These are for outside mounts only.
Extension Brackets ?
Extension Brackets
Extension brackets give extra clearance for outside mount applications where molding is present around the window.

Finish Customizing
Available Options

Edge Binding (Price Varies) ?
Edge Binding Color
Edge binding Accent and protect the beauty of your woven wood shades with elegant cloth tape binding. Keep edges from fraying and create your own unique design with these optional add-ons.
*Some or all of the features/options may not be available based on your selections or the requested size.
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Remember: not all windows are exactly the same even if they look it. Please be sure to measure each window before ordering multiple of the same size window covering..
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Product Information

Why You'll Love Them

Designer Looks
Designer Looks
Create ‘as seen on TV’ looks on your windows, doors
Light Filtering
Light Filtering
Naturally filter light, or add liners for more privacy
  • Great for Doors
  • Designer Choice
  • Great for Layering
  • Blogger Favorite
  • Great for Doors
  • Designer Choice
  • Great for Layering
  • Made in USA
  • Blogger Favorite
Designer Series Woven Wood Shades

How They'll Help You

Texture. It’s that extra touch that adds so much to, well, just about everything. Especially to your home décor. If your style is all about the look and feel of your surroundings, you’ll love how texturizing your windows with natural bamboo woven wood window treatments will add that special touch to your home you’re looking for.

These sophisticated custom bamboo-based woven wood roman window treatments are the darlings of designers on Fox Network’s Home Free series and Netflix’s Queer Eye. They come in a collection of one-of-a-kind colors to fit in with almost any type of interior – from coastal and boho chic, to farmhouse and modern industrial. Bring in your own designer touch with coordinating cloth tape edge bindings to add on a fancy finish (and to help protect edges from fraying).

The biggest reason these custom window coverings are so popular, though? Tantalizing texture you can see and touch. It's nearly impossible to resist! And who would want to? Especially when these amazing woven fabrics come with or without a complementary 6" valance and in your choice of flat or upgraded soft folds to add even more dimension to your windows.

Exotic and elegant Designer Series Woven Woods are quality crafted from natural, plant-based materials. Use them unlined to naturally filter light and change the ambiance of any room. Available with free hold-down brackets, hang them in minutes on doors, too, to tie the whole room together. Need to reduce glare or want a little more privacy? Add an optional room darkening or blackout liner.

A beautiful base for custom layered looks, use an upgraded 2-on-1 headrail to multiply the impact of these woven and bamboo blinds. Lift and lower with a continuous cord loop in your choice of chain color, or a clutter-free, cordless lift system for functionality and style in one.

Designer Series Woven Wood Shades

Sample First

Concerned about getting the correct color, pattern or material? Don't be. We'll send you up to 15 free samples of any product so you can order with confidence and know exactly what your custom color will look and feel like. And we'll ship them to you for free!
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Happy Customers

"I am very pleased with our recent purchase of St. Kitts woven woods shade. Originally I was looking at the roller shades but opted for a different look and texture with the woven woods. I take forever to make decisions and research things to death; so the free samples were a tremendous help and they came within days of ordering. Living in the city with neighbors and everyone walking by at night, we needed something to add privacy to a large kitchen window. I picked the light filtering options and added a privacy liner. I was afraid the liner might block too much light, although it’s perfect - allowing for plenty of light to come through and still giving the desired privacy. I also wanted something that pretty much blended in with our modern style kitchen and these do so seamlessly. I also love the cordless feature. The shades pull down and up so easily and it’s actually of fun to use them."
-Rhonda O., Philadelphia, PA

"Blended perfectly with my vintage rattan. Beautifully made. Completely nailed the island vacation vibe! Excellent costumer service, very helpful staff. Couldn't be more pleased!"
-Kathy G., Bonita Springs, FL

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  • A standard ½” deduction on fabric is automatically taken at factory for inside mounts. You to do not need to make any adjustments in your measurements to account for this. 
  • Deductions may vary +/- 1/8".
  • Standard valance is 6" tall and includes matching returns on all outside mounts. Outside mount valances will measure up to 3/4" wider depending on the type of material/color selected.
  • Color of liner is coordinated to the fabric chosen, and will be brown, charcoal, ivory, khaki, or white.
  • All continuous cord loop chains are metal.
  • Since this is a natural product, colors may vary slightly from dye lot to dye lot. (Seasons can change the color of the reeds, grasses, etc.) If ordering for an entire room, we recommend ordering all of your shades at the same time to ensure they all come from the same dye lot.
  • To operate the cordless ring pull, simply tug on the ring in the back to move the shade to your desired location.
  • With the edge binding upgrade, there will be a 2" border on the bottom and each side of the shade. If the valance upgrade is chosen as well, there will also be a 2" border on the valance.
  • When no liner is chosen, woven wood shades may allow visibility through depending on the lighting.


Rollers Angle
Rollers Straight
  • 12" - 110" Continuous Cord Loop
  • 19" - 96" Cordless Lift
  • 12" - 90" Continuous Cord Loop
  • 12" - 90" Cordless Lift
  • 1" All Lift Styles
  • 3" All Lift Styles
  • 1 1/2" All Lift Styles
  • 3/4" H x 2 1/2" D All Lift Styles
Product Reviews
90 Reviews 4.6 Average Write a Review
Perfect! by 12-02-2013

The blind is exactly as ordered. The fit is perfect! Love the cordless feature. Installation was simple and quick.

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Great Value by 09-23-2013

I did the research on material and quality. This is the same material that cost 2x as much at other suppliers.

Would you recommend this site to a friend? Yes

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Great Quality by 08-19-2013
My whole house now has Select Blinds. We absolutely ove the quality, the ease in measuring and putting up.. and we like the top down, bottom up feature that provides privacy and light. I also like receiving samples so we can really see what color and quality we will need. thanks.

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Awesome product by 06-02-2013

This product provides beauty and simple style to my kitchen. We love them and have gotten many compliments for the quality and the borders are unique as well.

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