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Embrace your wild side with the help of these unique woven woods. With so many color and pattern options to choose from, there truly is a perfect fit for almost any room! More

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for 24" x 36"
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4.6 (31 Reviews)

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*Some or all of the features/options may not be available based on your selections or the requested size.

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W "
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Mount Type ?
Mount Type
Inside mount means the window coverings will be mounted and hung on the inside of the window frame, or the ceiling. Not recommended for shallow windowsills. Outside mount means the window coverings will be mounted and hung outside of the window frame, making it ideal for shallow windowsills or for more complete light blockage by reducing the halo effect.
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You may enter a room name to help you specify where each blind goes. Each blind will be labeled accordingly when they arrive from shipping.

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Lift Styles
Cordless Lift
Continuous Cord Loop
Chain Color
Fold Style ?
Fold Style
Choose your perfect fold style.
Flat Fold
Soft Fold
Valance ?
Choose between a standard wrapped headrail with the shade hanging off the back of the headrail and includes a valance or a no valance option which hangs off the front of the headrail.
Headrail Option
Standard Headrail
2 Shades on 1 Headrail
*Why is this unavailable?
Feature Unavailable
2 Shades on 1 Headrail is not available for shades under 36" wide.
Liner ?
Choose from a room darkening liner, a blackout liner or no liner to maximize the light that is let in.
Hold Down Brackets ?
Hold Down Brackets
Brackets to hold down window covering to minimize movement
Hold down brackets secure the window covering to the wall or to a door, limiting the window covering's movement when the door is open, for example. These are for outside mounts only.
Extension Brackets ?
Extension Brackets
Extension brackets give extra clearance for outside mount applications where molding is present around the window.

Finish Customizing
Available Options

Edge Binding ($38.87) ?
Edge Binding Color
Edge binding Accent and protect the beauty of your woven wood shades with elegant cloth tape binding. Keep edges from fraying and create your own unique design with these optional add-ons.
*Some or all of the features/options may not be available based on your selections or the requested size.
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Remember: not all windows are exactly the same even if they look it. Please be sure to measure each window before ordering multiple of the same size window covering..
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Product Information

Why You'll Love Them

Free Cordless
Quality Crafted
Eco-friendly woven bamboos, woods, reeds and grasses
Easy Care
Exclusive colors, patterns; coordinating edge binding
  • Great for Doors
  • Designer Choice
  • Great for Layering
  • Blogger Favorite
  • Great for Doors
  • Designer Choice
  • Great for Layering
  • Made in USA
  • Blogger Favorite

How They'll Help You

Imagine sitting quietly on the forest or jungle floor, watching the pure, beautiful light filter down through the canopy. Wouldn’t you love to experience that same effect through your living room window? Or family room? Or bedroom? With the exotic materials you’ll find in these natural woven wood wonders, you can!

The light and airy appeal of these exquisite bamboo roman shades immediately immerse the mind and eye in tranquil elegance. Even if occasionally interrupted by the cries and shrieks of small jungle beasts. But no worries. Exceptionally well made, they’ll hold up against the rigors of the most playful little monkeys. And with a free cordless lift, you don’t have to worry about them swinging on cords like jungle vines, either. You can also order them with a continuous cord loop, in your choice of colored bead chain, for easy, effortless operation.

Create a savage sensation in any space with the soothing colors, wild textures and exclusive patterns found only in this large selection of designer textiles. Woven from real wood fibers, bamboo, reeds and grasses, Designer Reserve Woven Wood Window Treatments are the perfect foundation for fashionable layered looks. They come with or without a built-in 6” valance for a luxurious tailored look all on their own, too. Add a room darkening or blackout liner behind the flat or optional soft folds of fabric, or stick with the liner-free look to let the light shine in! Keep the naturally rough edges from fraying by adding optional cloth tape edge binding for your own custom-designed treatment.

These luxurious bamboo window treatments are the go-to choice of DIY decorators, social influencers and professional interior designers alike. Make them your choice, too. Whether you’re decorating your own Taj Mahal, a downtown loft or suburban townhouse, they'll be at home with any style.

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Happy Customers

"I bought these for my master bedroom, and the quality and construction is outstanding! There are some areas that look like pulls in the material, but it’s just the natural makeup of the fibers. You can easily trim off if it’s bothersome. We had them installed in less than 15 minutes. I added the blackout liner and chose the cordless lift - both of which are great! Final word....I LOVE THE SHADES. :) I’ve recommended to everyone!"
- Alison, Meggett, SC

"My husband and I are thrilled with our blinds!! I was in a rush to get blinds before company arrived. I called for measurement assistance and CS rep talked me into ordering samples. So I reluctantly did. All were great, but it was easy to pick the perfect shade. Then I called CS to help with placing order. Both CS reps were fantastic. Blinds arrived in plenty of time to fit like a glove and are well made!!! Will be ordering again in the future for another project"
-Jeanne M., Highlands, NC

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  • A standard 1/2 deduction on fabric and headrail is automatically taken at factory for inside mounts. You do not need to make any adjustments in your measurements to account for this. 
  • Deductions may vary +/- 1/4".
  • Standard valance is 6" tall and includes matching returns on all outside mounts. Outside mount valances will measure up to 3/4" wider depending on the type of material/color selected.
  • Color of liner is coordinated to the fabric chosen, and will be brown, charcoal, ivory, khaki, or white.
  • When no liner is chosen, woven wood shades may allow visibility through depending on the lighting.
  • With the edge binding upgrade, there will be a 2" border on the bottom and each side of the shade. If the valance upgrade is chosen as well, there will also be a 2" border on the valance.
  • Since this is a natural product, colors may vary slightly from dye lot to dye lot. (Seasons can change the color of the reeds, grasses, etc.) If ordering for an entire room, we recommend ordering all of your shades at the same time to ensure they all come from the same dye lot.
  • To operate the cordless ring pull, simply tug on the ring in the back to move the shade to your desired location.
  • All continuous cord loop chains are metal.


Rollers Angle
Rollers Straight
  • 12" - 110" Continuous Cord Loop
  • 19" - 96" Cordless Lift
  • 12" - 90" Continuous Cord Loop
  • 12" - 90" Cordless Lift
  • 1" All Lift Styles
  • 3" All Lift Styles
  • 1 1/2" All Lift Styles
  • 3/4" H x 2 1/2" D All Lift Styles
Product Reviews
31 Reviews 4.6 Average Write a Review
Love my blinds by 11-16-2022
We purchased blinds for 3 different bedroom. We have all three styles, cascade, flat front and a valance. We love everyone of them!. We could not be happier. We bought the lined cordless for all. Our only wish is that they offered top down bottom up in the designer style. We paid 3x more at another place for those at another vendor. Buy from here, great selection, price and colors for every decor. Easy to hang in minites… we have one more room to buy for, and you can bet it will come from Select Blinds!

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Modern look Great value by 08-29-2022

My designer gave me two options for window treatments for my bathroom and Select Blinds was half the price of the other option. I ordered 2 woven Roman shades in namas sand and they are gorgeous. The order process was easy. Detailed instructions on measuring your window. Mine fit perfectly. They arrived within 7 days or ordering and were in great condition. Installation is simple and went smoothly.The only appearance issue is you can see some of the mechanism at the top of the shade when it is lowered. Depending on the height of the window I would extend the valance. I did the blackout liner and probably could have gotten away with one shade lighter as they are very dark. I 100% recommend Select Blinds!

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by 07-09-2022

Second one we bought!!! Love the look and easy of installing

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Beautiful woven shades! by 06-15-2022

I bought the Bali Sand shades and the shades are beautiful, but there is one thing I would have done differently which is the valance. I ordered inside mount, no valance, with room darkening liner because I like the look of the shade being flush with with window frame. My issue is that you can see the hardware brackets for the pulley lines through the woven wood material even with the room darkening liner. It looks like two dark sticks hanging 4 inches down from the top. I even spoke with customer service before ordering to see what the difference was when ordering without a valence vs with a valence and they said “personal preference depending on the look you want.” There is definitely more of a reason than just personal preference. With the valance you would not see the pulley hardware. This should be added to the product info sections so that buyers are aware. Otherwise they are beautiful and easy to install for the price

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