Coverings for your arched windows seem out of reach? Not with these custom covers for arched windows. Light filtering or blackout fabrics add function and elegance to even the highest arches.
Match your arched window shades with your home decor
Match arches with rest of your shades.
Arch Window Shades Customer Review
We have a non-standard arched window. We followed the instructions on for measuring and it fit like a glove. Installation was easy.
"We followed the instructions for measuring and it fit like a glove!"
– Kermie L.
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  • Premier Light Filtering Arch
  • Premier Light Filtering Arch
  • Thunderstorm DC
  • Acorn DC
  • Bleached White SC
  • Paperback SC
  • Pale Winter SC
  • Sesame Seed SC
  • Frost SC
  • Thunderstorm SC
  • Paperback DC
  • Dewy Morning SC
  • Chai White SC
  • Powder Blue SC
  • Night Blue SC
  • Dewy Morning DC
  • Lily of the Valley DC
  • Silvery Moon DC
  • Butter Pecan SC
  • Safari SC
  • Barley SC
  • Pumpkin Spice SC
  • Storm SC
  • Weathered Wood SC
  • Bleached White DC
  • Sesame Seed DC
  • Rose Russet SC
  • Star Glow SC
  • Lily of the Valley SC
  • Seashells SC
  • White Vanilla SC
  • Tea Stained SC
  • Flan SC
  • Ice SC
  • Sky SC
  • Slate Blue SC
  • Silvery Moon SC
  • Gentle Gray SC
  • Lava Rock SC
  • Acorn SC
  • Pale Winter DC
  • Chai White DC
  • Rose Russet DC
  • Star Glow DC
  • Frost DC
  • Seashells DC
  • Butter Pecan DC
  • White Vanilla DC
  • Tea Stained DC
  • Flan DC
  • Safari DC
  • Barley DC
  • Pumpkin Spice DC
  • Powder Blue DC
  • Ice DC
  • Sky DC
  • Slate Blue DC
  • Gentle Gray DC
  • Night Blue DC
  • Storm DC
  • Lava Rock DC
  • Weathered Wood DC
Premier Light Filtering Arch 4.6 (38 Reviews)
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  • Premier Blackout Arch
  • Premier Blackout Arch
  • Chai White SC
  • Magnolia SC
  • Floral White SC
  • Floral White DC
  • Magnolia DC
  • Charcoal Sky SC
  • Charcoal Sky DC
  • Pale Winter SC
  • Paperback DC
  • Pale Winter DC
  • Nickel DC
  • Nickel SC
  • Cold Brew SC
  • Sepia SC
  • Night Blue SC
  • Ashy Slate SC
  • Pumice DC
  • Java DC
  • Paperback SC
  • Macaroon Cream SC
  • Pumice SC
  • Pieris SC
  • Royal White SC
  • Flax SC
  • Sand Tan SC
  • Pumpkin Spice SC
  • Bistre SC
  • Java SC
  • Oregano SC
  • Sage Cactus SC
  • Chai White DC
  • Macaroon Cream DC
  • Cold Brew DC
  • Pieris DC
  • Royal White DC
  • Flax DC
  • Sand Tan DC
  • Pumpkin Spice DC
  • Sepia DC
  • Bistre DC
  • Oregano DC
  • Sage Cactus DC
  • Night Blue DC
  • Ashy Slate DC
Premier Blackout Arch 4.3 (32 Reviews)
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  • Luxe Modern Light Filtering Arch
  • Luxe Modern Light Filtering Arch
  • Dry Sage
  • Bubble
  • Shell Tan
  • Twilight Gray
  • Aesthetic Ivory
  • Natural Ivory
  • Linen Ivory
  • Washed Lace
  • Camellia White
  • Tavern Taupe
  • Modern Honey
  • Manor Sage
  • Pavilion Beige
  • Bungalow Beige
  • Wood Ash
  • Desert Dune
  • Warm Taupe
  • Warm Brown
  • Greige Tone
  • Warm Silk
  • Wispy Rose
  • Suave Liliac
  • Foggy Day
  • Riverway
  • French Beret
  • Light French Gray
  • Repose Gray
  • Fog
  • Essential Gray
New Luxe Modern Light Filtering Arch
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Why Buy Arched Window Treatments?

There’s nothing like a graceful arch to instantly add architectural detail and interest to a plain window. In fact, arches are so popular, it’s hard to think of them as “odd shaped” windows, but they are still considered a specialty custom window treatment. Some people think they may be hard to cover, too, but they're not. Honeycomb-style arch treatments are easy to coordinate with your existing cellular shades -- or new ones -- for a custom, well-designed look from floor to ceiling.  

Covering arched windows with soft, light filtering or room darkening energy efficient cellulars that trap unwanted cold or hot air will help save you money on energy costs, too. You may not realize how much light and heat comes through an uncovered arch. By covering them, you can control the amount of sunlight you want coming through to help reduce glare or keep rooms dark, and to give you more privacy.

Arch Shapes & Styles

There are several different arch-shaped windows, including traditional half-moon and sunburst styles, as well as quarter arches. Depending on the size and location of the window, you can customize with a stationary or movable covering to meet your needs.

Traditional Arch    Left Quarter Arch    Right Quarter Arch

                         Traditional Arch                                                  Left Quarter Arch                                                Right Quarter Arch

Ready to order, have any questions, or need help selecting the perfect arched shades or arched blinds? Just call our Customer Care Team arch experts, or shoot them an email at

Have other types of odd-shaped or specialty windows, like skylights? Here's a handy buyer guide to help you find the perfect custom specialty window coverings for those, too.

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