# of Blinds To Quote:
Qty    Width Height
1- X
2- X
3- X
4- X
5- X
6- X
7- X
8- X
9- X
10- X
All prices quoted are the base price. Additional options will increase the price.

 1-Select Product to quote.
 2-Select number of blinds
 3-Enter sizes and quantities.
 4-Click the "Calculate Quote" button.
You may change products and click the "Calculate Quote" button again to compare products.

To Add item to your cart(After calculating quote)
 1-Select the "Buy!" button for each item.
 2-Once you click the button, you must select the color and options.
 3-Click the "Add to Cart" button on the shopping cart page.
 4-You may then return to select additional blinds on the Quick Quote page.