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Rick Steele

Select Blinds encourages everyone concerned about energy bills to consider the energy saving and insulating value of updating their window blinds and window shades.

Select Blinds' executive team grew up in the four season weather of the Northeast. The fickle hand of Mother Nature seemingly takes most by surprise each year. Waking one morning wondering when exactly it was that the weather turned cold.

Select Blinds, the Internet's leading brand of window blinds and window shades, encourages everyone concerned about energy bills to consider the energy saving, insulating value of updating their window blinds and window shades. Offering 30% instant savings off of their already great prices, as well as free shipping, the Select Blinds product development team has these recommendations for both blinds and shades.

Horizontal wood blinds offer a certain amount of insulating value. There are ways to customize horizontal wood blinds to squeeze every possible drop of energy savings out of them. Ordering real wood blinds with either "No-Holes Privacy", or achieve the same energy saving result by adding cloth tape. Either option provides you with horizontal slats that will not let in that pinprick of light that is the result of the tiny holes in all horizontal wood blinds used for the tilt and lift ladders. And if the light is not able to get through, then surely there is some energy saving benefit.

Window shades, in nearly any style, will offer superior energy savings when compared to real wood blinds. Window shades, in particular honeycomb shades, which are also known as cellular shades, provide the most in energy savings. Either name aptly describes the construction of the broad selection of honeycomb shades at Select Just take a look at the sides of these window shades, and you will see the honeycomb shape of the soft, insulating material. These cells act like an added pocket of insulation for your windows.

The Select Blinds' 3/8" double cell shades top the list of any interior designer, or home decorator, with an eye for that perfect balance of beauty, elegance, value, and energy savings, in a window covering product. These insulating blinds, offered in more than two dozen beautiful fabric colors, are available as a light filtering window shade, or a blackout shade.

Visit the brand America trusts, at, and view the impressive selection of both window blinds and window shades.

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