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12 Colors Available
Sonoma Light Filtering No-Holes Pleated Shades
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  |  F.I.T.™
Innovative privacy shade
Reduces UV light by 95%
10 Colors Available
Basic Pleated Shades
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  |  F.I.T.™
Crisp, fashionable fabrics
Most popular pleated shades
12 Colors Available
Sonoma Blackout No-Holes Pleated Shade
+ free shipping *
  |  F.I.T.™
Fabric blocks 98% of light
Innovative privacy shade
10 Colors Available
@Home Collection Solids Blackout Pleated Shades
+ free shipping *
  |  F.I.T.™
Metallic hardware available
Reduces UV light by 98%
10 Colors Available
@Home Collection Solids Light Filtering Pleated Shades
+ free shipping *
  |  F.I.T.™
Designer fabric options
Fabric wrapped headrail
16 Colors Available
Grand Pleated Shades
+ free shipping *
  |  F.I.T.™
Blackout liner available
Ideal for larger windows
4 Colors Available
Cordless Top Down Bottom Up Pleated Shades
+ free shipping *
  |  F.I.T.™
Child Safe
Elegant Fabric Shade
2 Colors Available
Redi Shades Temporary Paper Shades 36x72 (6-pack)
+ free shipping *
Perfect temporary shade
Sold as a 6-pack
4 Colors Available
Cordless Pleated Shades
+ free shipping *
  |  F.I.T.™
Child Safe Product
Color Matched Headrail
14 Colors Available
Premium Pleated Shades
+ free shipping *
  |  F.I.T.™
Modern textured fabrics
Sleek, refined headrail
2 Colors Available
Redi Shades Temporary Paper Shades 48x72 (6-pack)
Size Not Available
Perfect temporary shade
Sold as a 6 pack
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Pleated Shades

Cellular shade look for a lot less money
Insulate your windows for energy efficiency
Compact stack height for maximum view
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Transform any room with new blinds and window shades

Pleated Shades

Pleated shades personify simplistic beauty in a window covering. The SelectBlinds' line of custom pleated shades is as versatile a window shade as any shade that is available on the market today.

Pleated shades are very similar to honeycomb shades. The biggest difference is that the pleated shade is a single layer of material, and a honeycomb shade, or cellular shade is a dual layer of material that is filled in with tiny cells that provide an increased level of insulation.

Custom pleated shades can be configured in many ways, depending on your specific window covering needs.

The standard pleated shade, which is offered by SelectBlinds, is priced as a discount pleated shade, but don't let that mislead you. These are the highest quality pleated shades available, and can be ordered for both inside mount and outside mount. In addition to the standard configuration, the following options and configurations are available to allow further personalization to your custom pleated shade.

  • Continuous Cord Loop – This is a true safety feature for your pleated shade. Rather than having a lift cord that extends as you raise the shade, the continuous cord loop is secured at the bottom of the window or door with a cord cleat, and you simply pull in one direction to raise the pleated blind, and pull the cord in the opposite direction to lower the pleated shade.
  • Cutouts – Custom pleated shades from Select Blinds are a great solution as a door blind or door shade. The single layer of fabric means that they are thin enough to look good on a French door, and that the fabric will also fit behind most door handles. Even if that is not the case, you can order your custom pleated shade with a cutout, which leaves an opening for the door handle. This is also quite effective if you have a window with a crank for opening the window.
  • Privacy – The standard pleated shade, which again, is priced as a discount pleated shade, will allow light to filter through into the room, giving a warm soft glow to the room during the day, can also be ordered with liners to add more privacy and light blockage.
  • Blackout liners provide the most light blockage, and are ideal for bedrooms and media rooms, where eliminating any light is the most important.
  • Privacy liners also block light, but are at a level that will not totally block the light. This level of privacy is also good for bedrooms, and is ideal for living rooms, dens, and dining rooms.
  • Top down / Bottom up – This is one of the most popular features on our honeycomb shades, and is sure to be a favorite on custom pleated shades as well. This feature allows you to lower the pleated shade from the top, as well as raising it from the bottom. This is particularly handy if there are privacy concerns in certain rooms. Like the bathroom, where people can see in if the shade is raised from the bottom.


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