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Fixing Roller Shade that does not roll up evenly (Telescoping).

Not rolling up evenly is the most common problem with any type of roller shade. Telescoping is when the shade gathers to one side or the other as it is rolled up. This is typically a leveling problem, however; you do not have to remove the shade to fix it. Solution:

  • First check the mounting brackets to ensure that they are aligned and level. Ensure that the roller barrel is level. Please use a leveling device.

If the shade is leveled then there is one more thing you can do to prevent the shade from rolling up unevenly

  • Some fabrics have a tendency to telescope to one side or the other when being roller up. To remedy this, unroll the shade until you can see where the fabric is attached to the roller. Place a small piece of masking tape at the attachment on the opposite side end from where the shade is telescoping. A second or even third piece can be placed on to fix more extreme telescoping problems.
fixing roller Shades
If the instructions mentioned above don't help with the problem then maybe it's time to shop for a new roller shade or blinds!

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