Using Pastels in Your Home Decor

by Charlene 15 Apr 2014

When you think of pastels, you probably think of Easter. And with Easter just around the corner, perhaps it's time to incorporate a few more pastels into your home décor. But pastels aren't just for Easter. They're not even just for spring. You can use pastels all year long. But if you want to start small, here are a few ways to use pastels in your home.

Pastel Planters

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Photo Credit: Organized Clutter Queen

One easy way to introduce pastels is to paint your planters. If you feel the colors are too much, you can easily repaint them or move them to a more appropriate location, even if that means outside. Planters can be very affordable, so choosing pastel planters will keep you on budget, all while experimenting with color.


Pastel Window Coverings

Did you know that you can find pastel window coverings? And paired with a modern, clean style, they can look fabulous! At first thought, you may consider pastel window blinds and shades a little too much, design-wise, but it can actually work very well. This is one of the best ways to make a statement and create a unique look.

Pastel Furniture

Photo Credit: The Home Style Directory

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This doesn't mean you have to have an entirely pastel blue couch, although that could be fantastic. Paint a wooden chair a pastel cover or create a pastel slipcover for your loveseat. Sometimes just a subtle hint of pastel can make all the difference.

Pastel Walls

Photo Credit: Momtoob

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Whether you decide an accent wall is more your style or you want to immerse yourself in pastel, painting your walls a pastel color can give you the oomph your space needs. Pair it with whites and grays in the rest of the room for balance. Or, if you're feeling extra brave, go for a monochromatic look.

Pastel Bedding

If you're looking to spice up your bedroom a bit, find pastel bedding. The great thing about bedding is that you can switch it out whenever you want a different look. This is a less permanent way to decorate, so it's perfect if you change your mind often or you just want to experiment with pastels a bit before moving forward with pastels in other rooms.

Easter is the perfect time to use pastels. And if you like it, you can find new ways to use it all throughout the year. What are your favorite places in your home to use pastels?


Charlene Jimenez

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