9 Reasons Why You May Need New Window Coverings


Look, we understand how nice it is to have new things and decorate your home. We get it. But there are legitimate reasons to get new window coverings. They can actually improve your daily life. And sometimes it’s the little things in life that bring the most joy. Window coverings may be a tiny detail, but they have the potential to improve your life.

Here are 9 reasons you may want to consider buying new window coverings:

1. Your children wake you up at the crack of dawn.

What does your alarm clock sound like these days? Is it the sound of children playing or fighting? Or is your alarm more of the silent type – you know, like when your child stands a foot away from you and silently watches you sleep? Blackout window shades are the perfect solution. They’ll make your children think it’s still dark outside, and hopefully that will lull them back to sleep until a more reasonable hour, like noon.

2. You’ve awkwardly seen your neighbor too many times.

How many times have you looked out your window and straight through your neighbor’s window? There are just some people in life that you don’t want to know what they do in their free time. Protect yourself with new window coverings. If you want to block your view of your neighbor’s habits, but you don’t want to give up that natural light, consider top down/bottom up shades. You can leave the top open for the light, but protect your eyes and your soul while keeping the bottom of the shade drawn.

3. Your neighbor has awkwardly seen you too many times.

Sure, it’s fun to get a kick out of seeing our neighbors in their natural habitats, but let’s be honest. How many times has a neighbor seen you through your naked window? Probably more times than you can imagine. Every private moment of your life is on display to anyone walking by. If that doesn’t motivate you to cover your windows, then nothing will.

4. You almost need a second mortgage to pay for your energy bill.

If it feels like you have to cut off a pound of flesh (hello, Shakespeare allusion!) to pay your monthly energy bill, then it might be time to get some energy-saving window coverings. Did you know that the right window covering can actually save you money? Insulated shades will keep the heat out in the summer and the cold out in the winter.

5. Your pets use your current window coverings as their personal jungle gym.

Pets. You love them, but they just don’t care about keeping the house nice (the nerve!).  And when it comes to window coverings, it’s a losing battle for everyone…except the pets. If you have blinds, they shove their heads straight through those slats. After all, how else are they supposed to see if that suspicious character called a mailman is approaching?

6. You wish you could raise and lower your shades without leaving the couch.

Sometimes life is just better on a couch. For real. What if we told you that you could raise, lower, and tilt your window coverings without ever leaving it? You’re welcome. With motorized shades, you can have it all, and you only have to use your thumb to press a button on a remote.

7. You panic every time your child is too quiet, and you could use a little more peace of mind.

When your child wanders off at home and is suddenly very quiet, what’s your first thought? It’s probably:  Oh no! What have they gotten into now? And where’s the cat? But there is actually a very real danger if you have corded window coverings in your home. The best way to make sure you have peace of mind is to choose cordless window coverings, period.

8. Your window coverings have been there so long, you’re afraid they’re essential to your home’s structural integrity.

How long have your current window coverings been on your windows?  Are you sure they haven’t fused to the window itself? If you have to wonder if they’re a part of your homes structural integrity, new, modern window coverings are long overdue.

9. Lastly, we just know you’ll love us!

What’s not to love? We have the best cordless selection at the best prices. That’s not even bringing up that everything ships for free. EVERYTHING! And when’s the last time you shopped with a company who has taken a stand for something they believe in? Because we’re dedicated and committed to child safety, we only sell cordless window coverings. It’s not about the money. It’s about saving lives.

Before and After Window Coverings – Arizona Homeowner Edition

My husband and I bought our first home together a little over two years ago. We knew we wanted an open floor plan and space for both a living room and a family room. And we found exactly that.

house 1

home 2

But we didn’t realize the design problems we would face when it came to our window coverings.

Problem #1 – We loved all the natural light, but we didn’t have any privacy.

Problem #2 – We live in Arizona, and it’s hot. Leaving our windows uncovered or not appropriately covered would mean atrociously expensive energy bills.

Problem #3 – Two windows sat directly across from our TV, causing an annoying glare, especially for my husband who didn’t like that the glare disrupted his sports-watching marathons.

Problem #4 – We knew those two windows in the family room had different covering needs than the rest of the windows, but we still wanted design consistency, even if the needs of each room were different.


home 3

home 4

For the main portion of our house, we used two different types of window coverings. The two across from the TV were the same, and the two on the other side of the house were the same. We decided to go with cellular shades because they help lower energy costs, and they are great at insulating windows, making them perfect for an Arizona summer.

To solve our problem of avoiding blocking natural light while retaining our privacy, we chose light filtering honeycombs for one end of the house and light filtering/blackout cell shades for the family room. The light filtering/blackout shades are actually 2 shades in 1. You get both a light filtering shade and a blackout shade. My husband uses the blackout section when he’s watching TV, and he hasn’t had to deal with a TV glare ever since.

We ordered white for all the shades, but we ordered free samples first, just to make sure the whites were similar enough.


home 5

home 6


home 7


home 8


home 9

If we could do it all over again, we’d use the light filtering/blackout cell shades on every window in the house. They are incredible and serve their purpose perfectly.

These are the window coverings we used:

The Case for Gray – Why You Need it in Your Home Decor

Gray Home Decor

Gray is the little black dress for your home,” according to a fabulous article on Freshome.com, and we couldn’t agree more. We love this idea. The color gray is subtle, classic, and it dresses up your home perfectly. After all, you can’t go wrong with a little black dress, right? The same idea applies to your home decor. Here’s are just a few reasons why you should incorporate gray into every room in your home (and we’re going to show you a lot of awesome gray window coverings because, you know, they’re our favorite!).

1. It goes with everything.


Some believe that gray is the perfect neutral. It goes with every style and palette. Not sure what color to paint your walls or which color you should choose for your new window coverings? When in doubt, go gray.

2. It’s timeless.


You won’t have to redo your decor every few months. Gray is timeless and effortless. A lot of details may change around the grays in your home, but those gray walls or other gray details will remain constant, strong, and true.

3. Gray is more than just gray.


When it comes to the color gray, one size does not fit all. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to. Gray is more than just gray. It can be dark charcoal gray or elephant gray or smokey gray.

4. It showcases the other colors in the room.


Gray is beautiful, and it has a way of providing a great background for your most important decor pieces. It complements your decor, but it won’t draw your attention away from where you want it.

How have you used the color gray in your home’s decor? Show us some pictures!

The Right Time for Picking Blinds


Sometimes the room just looks old, and you know it. There is a need to redecorate, renovate, upgrade, or refresh that room.

Which room?

Any room. Every room.

The bedroom could be in need of a new blanket, bedspread, or crisp new sheets. Or it could be none of those items. It might be something that you just can’t quite put your finger on.

The family room could be the one that sets you off on taking action to redecorate. It is the family room, after all, and this is a room to be taken very seriously, especially if it is treated in the way that lets you call it the family room – without any caveats.

Or the kitchen might be the attention-required room. This is the most difficult room to pin down. There are so many things that can make a huge impact on the room and make it seem like you did a whole new kitchen makeover. New place settings, new paint, new wallpaper, upgraded appliances. And the number one way to significantly transform the look and feel of any room in your house is new window blinds.

There is more than one way to look at anything. Generally speaking, are you wondering what the best timing is for choosing new window treatments? There is a school of thought that says, go ahead and pick new window coverings and get them installed, and then decide if it is necessary to look at further updates. This can be said for the simple reason that fabrics, colors, materials, lift systems, and UV protection blinds have progressed tremendously in recent years.

Lift cords are on the road to extinction. Cordless lift from the bottom up and from the top down is now a reality. In fact, SelectBlinds.com has transitioned to a cordless window covering site, period. There are safety reasons for eliminating the lift cords. They can act like a noose, and they manage to kill an average of one kid a month, and this is with the measures in place as dictated by the CPSC. And they are just plain unsightly.

Have you had guests over to your home, and you’ve managed to work this kind of comment into the conversation? “Hey, Bill. We just got new blinds. Man, you gotta see the way these lift cords pool on the floor in such a neat pattern.”

Of course not! But I can tell you that I have had people over to my house and have indeed said things like:

“Hey, Lee. You gotta see these new shades that we are bringing in for 2016. First of all, they’re cellular, and we are the online leader of selling cordless window shades. We shipped 83% of our cellular window coverings in a cordless lift in 2015. We have increased that in 2016.

“They look great, they are easy to install, and measuring is pretty cut and dry. Plus, they will help with the insulation factor of your house. And you’re buying from the most reviewed and recommended blind company on the web.”

So with all that said, you might find that after the relatively minor expense of the window treatment renovation, you need do nothing else.

Roman Shade Patterns That Will Make You Drool

Cordless roman shades are the perfect blend of traditional elegance and modern usability. But what we love most of all are the available patterns. They are an easy way to add visual interest and subtle-to-dramatic style to every room in your home. Here are just a few of our favorite. Keep in mind that we have hundreds of pattern, color, and fabric options, so it just makes it that much easier to find the perfect fit.

pattern 1

pattern 2

pattern 3

pattern 4

pattern 5

pattern 6

pattern 7

pattern 8

pattern 9

Which one was your favorite?

Amy S. – First Project Cordless Winner

Congratulations to Amy S. from Tennessee! She’s our first nominee chosen for Project Cordless, and she will receive free cordless window coverings for her entire home!

Her story caught our attention and reminded us why we started this program in the first place. Here’s a small portion of her story:

A video posted by @bella_a2013 on


“I have debated sharing this because my mommy guilt is as high as it can be on this one and I am going through the “if onlys” and “what ifs” just fine without any help. But I feel like this is a cautionary tale that needs repeated. “When we moved into our house I immediately cut all the cords on the blinds short so my young children could not reach them. Yesterday, my husband and I decided it was time to replace our torn screens. We pulled our blinds all the way to the top, leaving the cords long. FAIL. My four-year-old son was jumping on and off the ottoman that is in front of the window.

“When we moved into our house I immediately cut all the cords on the blinds short so my young children could not reach them. Yesterday, my husband and I decided it was time to replace our torn screens. We pulled our blinds all the way to the top, leaving the cords long. FAIL. My four-year-old son was jumping on and off the ottoman that is in front of the window.

amy 1

“During that time the cord got wrapped around his neck and when he jumped off it strangled him. I was there in the room; I saw it happen and couldn’t get to him in time. He’s fine, but it could’ve been worse.”

amy 2

What’s even scarier is that her blinds had breakaway tassels, which are marketed as a child-safe option. They get so tangled that they didn’t work when she needed it the most. Thankfully, Amy was in the room and helped her child, but what if she wasn’t? The only true safe option is cordless.

If you’d like to nominate someone for Project Cordless, please visit this page: http://www.selectblinds.com/gocordless.html

The Dangerous Truth of Corded Window Coverings & How We’re Changing the World


Did you know that one child every month dies from window covering cord strangulation? And that’s not counting those who are injured or those injuries and close-calls that aren’t even reported.  And did you know that these types of deaths are silent deaths? Even if it’s happening in the next room, you might not know until it’s too late, until the damage has already been done, until you’ve lost your child.

Take a moment and think. How many windows do you have in your house? And how many of those windows have some kind of covering on them?

My Own House

I live in a decent-sized house, and it sports 25 or so windows with coverings. I’d like to believe that I was involved in the decision-making process when choosing them, but really that just makes me feel better about the fact that I was only involved in the paying part.

When it was all said and done, my wife and I had a good mixture of treatments on our windows. Because my house wasn’t a new construction, we left some up that came with the house. And that’s when I started comparing corded versus cordless coverings for windows.

Out of 25 treatments, only 3 of them had a corded lift system – all of them roman shades. Two I intentionally designed that way and the other was from the stack of returns SelectBlinds.com had received. After all, I wanted something for my man cave, and my only criterion was the size of the treatment. And if you were to come to my house, you’d agree that it’s the ugliest shade in the whole house, by a long shot.


Needless to say, these are my least favorite treatments in the house. Not only are the dangling lift cords visually unappealing, but they’re also unsafe. Even though this shade and all the coverings for windows sold by my company, SelectBlinds.com, prior to April 1st, 2016 were CPSC compliant with safety regulations, you can see how they still posed a threat to young children. The cords are knotted every six or seven inches, which is meant to make it impossible for a child or pet to get entangled, but it can lead to strangulation or even suffocation.

Even though I have no small children in my house, these tangled cords remind me of a noose. And that’s exactly what it could become, and what it has become for many families over the years.

Making a Difference

The safety regulations are meant to keep kids safe, but obviously the current regulations aren’t the right ones. These corded shades are coming off of my window and they have come off of SelectBlinds.com as well.

We’ve known for a while that we needed to do more, and so we did:

1. We offer the most free cordless options in the industry.

2. Our free cord cleat program is open to everyone, not just customers. Cord cleats are small parts that window covering cords can be wrapped around. This keeps cords out of the reach of children and pets. After all, we understand that not everyone can upgrade their current coverings to cordless ones. People just have to request them through our site, and they’re sent free of charge, no strings attached. Even so, a cordless lift system is the only 100% safe option. No cords = safe children.

And yet, we still felt the need to make more of a difference, to save more lives. And so…

At Select Blinds, 2016 is the year of cordless.

So why do all this? Why do it when it will cost us a lot of money, time, and resources?

Because it’s the right thing to do. Simple as that.

We’ve cut the cord!

100% Cordless and 100% Free Shipping

Select Blinds is a leader in the online window treatment business. We have been helping people across the country add fashion and function to their homes, with industry-leading advancements in window treatments for more than twelve years.

I’m the CEO of the company, and I own it, along with the founder, Rick Steele, whose function is CMO. The both of us are very hands on, and we are proud of the fact that we have helped hundreds of thousands of consumers outfit their windows with quality, aesthetically-pleasing window coverings.

Big deal. So what. What have we done for you lately?

I’m so glad that I asked. 2016 brings two major initiatives to SelectBlinds.com, and they are both going to benefit you in a big way.

1. 100% Cordless


First off, we have transformed our site to sell only cordless window shades and blinds. They look better. They work better. They are safe for kids and pets. And the price is right in line with our competitors’ standard cord lift products. Is this big? Not exactly. It is huge.

2. 100% Free Shipping


Secondly, we have made the decision to be the only window fashion company on the internet that is truly FREE SHIPPING. Look at the different sites out there.  They all advertise free shipping. So then, how can I say such a thing when every online seller offers free shipping? Yes, they do, but…

There is an oversize charge. We have been also charging this. It is basically a $70 charge for a product over 94” long or wide or tall. It makes sense. A 94” window blind cannot go UPS or FedEx ground. It requires a common carrier, which does cost more, and there is nothing that we can do about the logistics of this.

There is also a charge tacked on for shutters. Shutters cost more to ship, so every seller of them adds a surcharge. That included Select Blinds, until recently.

Select Blinds now provides FREE SHIPPING on every order within the 48 contiguous states. Oversize products get free shipping. Shutter orders get free shipping. Every order gets shipped for free. Period. End of report.

SelectBlinds, we’ve got you covered. Or at least your windows!