See our Products Featured on "Home Free" on FOX!

by Charlene 28 Jul 2015
FOX's new design competition series has begun. Not only does it inspire us all with new design ideas, but this show is making a difference in these deserving contestants' lives. Tune in every Wednesday to see our products featured in this heartfelt show! [More]

How to Create the Perfect Guest Bedroom

by Charlene 12 Jun 2015
Creating the perfect guest bedroom is easy! Just add a few things and you'll be the host or hostess everyone is talking about. [More]

Treat Your Home to a Makeover - Giveaway

by Charlene 17 Apr 2015
You could win our $5,000 home makeover giveaway! Learn more at! [More]

Tiffani Thiessen Bathroom Remodel – Featuring Woven Wood Shades

by Charlene 19 Sep 2014
Actress Tiffani Thiessen's master bedroom is remodeled and designed by Kim Lewis. This gorgeous design features our woven wood shades, and it's clean, contemporary, and youthful. Take a look at these amazing photos. [More]

Grandparents Day - Keeping Your Grandchildren Safe

by Charlene 5 Sep 2014
As grandparents, you worry about the safety of your grandchildren, especially at your home. But you can get rid of that with cordless and motorized window coverings and our free cord cleats. [More]

How to Layer Window Coverings

by Charlene 15 Aug 2014
Layering your window coverings comes down to three easy steps. Just three steps and your windows will be stylish, modern, and beautiful. [More]

Accentuate the Beauty of Your Bay Windows with the Right Window Coverings

by Charlene 29 Jul 2014
Bay windows are beautiful, but they can be difficult to cover with the right window coverings. Here's a list of window blinds and shades that are perfect for your bay windows. [More]

Get the Look - Master Bedroom Edition

by Charlene 2 Apr 2014
The winning design on episode 2 of American Dream Builders was dreamy. Want the master bedroom look? Here's what you need, including the duvet, pillows, and even the curtains. [More]

Should You Decorate in Neutral or Vibrant Colors?

by Charlene 4 Feb 2014
Should you decorate in bright colors or neutrals? Each choice comes with pros and cons, but you can find the right choice for your personal style and home. [More]

How to Open Up a Small Bedroom

by admin 27 Jun 2013
A small room with poor lighting is bound to feel like a closed-in cave, so be generous with the light you’re utilizing. If you have a window, avoid covering it with dark curtains or shades, but instead, consider investing in a decorative set of blinds. [More]

Brand Name Window Blinds for your Home

by AL__-S 28 May 2013
I did visit one site,, that carried only their own brand. At first I hesitated to dig deeply into their offerings because I never heard of SelectBlinds. There were a couple things about their website that brought me back a second time and then a third. First of all, they claim to be the most reviewed, highest rated brand on the Internet. Do a Google search for window blinds or window shades and you’ll see that the claim is true. They have more reviews than all of their competitors combined. So just for kicks I started putting together an order. Much to my surprise, they fulfilled every window covering need that I had. [More]

Rustic Modern Dining Table Project

by Lisa Hs 18 Mar 2013
We cut the rough edges off all slabs except the ones facing the outside, then with the help of some serious wood glue and heavy duty clamps we were able to seamlessly glue 3 slabs together. The joints had to be reinforced underneath the table top with screws and metal slats. Then we had to move the 300+lbs table top into a truck and back to our home, 3 hours away. [More]

Why Updating Mom's Decor is Like Going to the Dentist

by Lisa Hs 12 Mar 2013
Ever had to do something painful, that you did not want to do? In fact, something that you did not want to do so much, that it seemed easier or more a... [More]

The Interior Design Alphabet - 26 Project Ideas

by Chris S 8 Mar 2013
Interior design is a little like marmite; you either love it or hate it! If you are a lover then this post is most definitely for you as it runs through 26 different projects or interior design features that could be introduced in your home, following the lovely letters of the alphabet of course! So, prepare yourself for a few great ideas and the odd questionable use of a letter to make it fit with the theme; it’s not that easy you know! [More]

Making A Small Room Bigger

by admin 22 Feb 2013
Successful interior design can stem from a few different actions; you can focus on light, upgrade your furniture or re-paint the walls. But whatever your course, the aim is the same; to make your living spaces feel more comfortable. By using clever décor, functional furniture and sensible design, you can make any room feel more spacious. So even if you live in a tiny apartment, don’t despair, just follow these tips! [More]

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