Alysa G. and Landy H. are Happy Customers!

Alysa G. chose Express Light Filtering Cordless Cellular Shades.

“We are very happy with our order. Everything was as we expected and we are delighted, as we were on another order we have done with you. We have recommended you, with only the best and highest quality. Will only use you for all our windows.”



Landy H. chose the @Home Collection Designer Screen Shades.

“I received them this week and installed today. They are discrete and give privacy as well.”

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100% Cordless Roman Shades Now Available

Normally, when roman shades are described as “cordless,” they still have cords on the backside, which is used to raise and lower the shade. Of course these shades still comply with safety regulations, but let’s face it – they still have cords, and all cords can pose a threat to children and pets.

But we’re excited to announce our new cord-free roman shades, and they’re actually 100% cordless. Finally, right?

Say hello to our Serenity Cord-Free Roman Shades, available in both light filtering and blackout.

These aren’t your ordinary roman shades, however. They actually have a roller shade attached to the back, and that’s how they can be completely cord-free while still giving you the beauty of roman shades.

And with the beautiful, unique texture, you’re going to fall in love.

Winterize Your Home Decor & Stay Warm

Winter is here. And sometimes winter is harsh and unforgiving. Winter can leave your home cold and drafty,  every bit of warm air escaping as quickly as it can. But there are ways to keep your electric bills low and still have a comfortable, warm home. And the best part is that you have options. The first step is to cover your windows.

Use Drapery


When you hear the word “drapery,” you might think of your grandmother’s house, but drapes have been modernized to include interesting and fashionable fabrics and patterns, making them a great, customized fit for every home. With drapes, you can:

  •  Keep the warmth in and block the cold out.
  •  Update your room instantly and create a whole new look with one simple change, with 100s of color, pattern, and fabric options.
  • Add liners for your needs, like blackout and privacy liners. This will add even more insulation to your windows.

Add Honeycomb or Solar Shades


Honeycombs and solar shades provide added insulation for your windows, but using these shades doesn’t mean you have to spend your winter in darkness. With these shades, you can:

  • Maintain a comfortable home temperature and block out harmful UV rays.
  •  Choose a blackout shade option for added privacy and improved insulation.
  • Filter and diffuse the bright sunlight to create a warm, inviting glow with light filtering shades.
  • Reduce glare, making it perfect for viewing computer and television screens.

Combining both the shades and the drapes can give your home the barrier it needs from the cold.

Layer Bedding


‘Tis the season for warmer bedding. Either swap out your bedding for warmer, cozier items, or learn to layer your bedding to keep the look you want while staying warm these next few months. If this still isn’t keeping you warm, it’s either time to upgrade your bedding or simply use more layers. Plus, adding bedding layers will give your room a chic look, so what’s to lose?

Add Rugs

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If you don’t already have rugs or carpet on your floor, add a few rugs. If you already have rugs that are a bit thin, consider upgrading to thicker, fuller rugs just for the winter. Or you can even layer rugs to create a unique look with loads of winter-related benefits. Not only will it keep your feet warm this winter, but it can keep the warmth in your house, right where it belongs.

Winterizing your home decor is easy. All it takes is a few changes and updates, and you’re looking at a toasty and comfortable winter season inside your home.

Preparing Your Home for Holiday House Guests

The holidays are fast-approaching and that means your home will soon be filled with family, friends, parties, and holiday house guests. Don’t get overwhelmed just yet. You can prepare your home for your guests with just a few simple changes and upgrades. Don’t worry; there’s still time.

New Window Coverings


By simply adding or swapping out your current window coverings, you’ll give your home a whole new look, from the inside out. It doesn’t matter which window coverings you choose, as long as it works with your style and your personality. Need help deciding which window coverings are best? Check out our buying guides, which cover different styles, materials, and room functions and then shows you the perfect complementary window coverings. If you order now, there are some products from that are even guaranteed to be delivered by Christmas or they’re free.

New Bedding for Guest Rooms


Whether you want your home to feel like an expensive luxury hotel or a part of a cozy cottage, you can find the perfect bedding, and you don’t have to spend a fortune. New bedding will not only give your guest room an instant facelift, but it can even make you feel better about the space and more comfortable with having loved ones stay at your home during the holidays.

Prepare the Bathroom


Stock up your guest bathroom with toiletries and fresh flowers. You can pick these up at the dollar store or even if you’ve stocked up yourself while staying in hotels. Your guests will probably bring their own toiletries, but it’s nice to have them there just in case. Your guests will feel spoiled and loved.

Childproof Your Home

If your guests have young children, it’s time to make sure you place is safe for the entire family. Put baby gates at the stairs and make sure electrical outlets are covered. If you have corded window coverings, you can request free cord cleats so you keep those dangling cords out of the reach of children and pets.

Now just bake some cookies, decorate for the holidays, and play some soothing music. And don’t forget to relax before the hustle and bustle of house guests begins.

Carol H. and Mike B. are Happy Customers!

Carol H. chose Cordless Top Down Bottom Up Cellular Shades.




Mike B. chose Sonoma Light Filtering No-Holes Pleated Shades.

“I am delighted to say that I am very happy with my new Sonoma Light Filtering Pleated Shades. I replaced my ugly mini blinds (see photo of old blinds) with my new shades (see photo new blinds). I can lower them from top down to provide greater privacy, because every time my neighbor is out on his deck, he can look directly into my living room. Now I have marvelous looking shades that let in much, much more light than ever before, and better privacy. The shades are simply terrific! The room is aglow with wonderful light compared to the old mini blinds that I inherited from the prior owner of my town house.”





Troy M. and Hayley S. are Happy Customers!

Troy M. chose the 2″ Express Faux Wood Blinds.

“…I’m writing today to inform you all how pleased my wife and I are at the quality, functionality and beauty of our blinds ordered from your website! We loved them so much that we’re offering again in the near future to install additional blinds for other windows in our home. Family and friends cannot believe how well they turned out and as a first time blinds installer I found the product very easy and quick to install!”







Hayley S. chose 2″ Designer Faux Wood Blinds.

“Lovely and easy to install! My husband installed 10 sets of 2″ faux wood blinds in oyster by himself while I was at church one evening. Came home to this beautiful dining room!”



Are You Ready for Black Friday 2015? We Are.

Black Friday 2015 is almost here! And that means you’re prepping for big sales. We’re prepping on our side, too, to give you access to our biggest sale EVER! When you see what we’re going to offer, you won’t believe we’re giving such large discounts. But we’re determined to make it your best Black Friday ever.


Inspiring Decorator – Bethany Dufilho – The House of Figs


If you haven’t experienced The House of Figs blog, then you need to take a moment and do so. You won’t be disappointed. Bethany Dufilho has a beautiful eye for design, which is really showcased on her Instagram. Get ready to feel inspired!

Find out a little more about Bethany and discover what she’s all about.

1. What inspired you to become a designer? What has your journey been like?


I was inspired to become a designer after my oldest child was born and I became a stay-at-home mom in 2008. While decorating his nursery, I just had so much fun getting creative. I thought, Why can’t I be this creative in the rest of my house? I started reading design blogs and realized I didn’t need specialized training or a degree in design to make my home how I wanted it. I just needed to take some risks, paint some wall, and experiment a little. So that’s what I started doing and I was hooked! Our first home became like design school for me. I can’t tell you how many times I painted and repainted, how many times I rearranged furniture, and how many nail holes I put in the walls. It really was the training ground for me to discover my style and learn things like scale, contrast, and how to plan a room from start to finish. During that time, I had a few friends and family members reach out to me and ask for help with projects in their own homes. My business grew from there!

2. How would you describe your design aesthetic?


I work with clients with all different types of homes, but my favorite is really a modern farmhouse look. For example, I just love when something really old, like a rough wooden farmhouse table, is paired with a really modern stark white chair. Can’t get enough of it!

3. What was your favorite project(s)? Why?



My favorite project was for a dear friend and client and I call it the “Montgomery House” on my blog. It was a custom home that I helped design from start to finish, so that was really fun. It has a farmhouse aesthetic with lots of craftsman detailing – a new home but with lots of old home charm. The homeowners really trusted me, which I think is so important when working with a designer.

4. What’s your favorite trend right now?


I don’t know if you’d call it a trend, but I love to decorate with books! I love to read so I enjoy having books around my own home and I feel like they bring so much life and color to a room. I hate for things to be overly matchy and books are like their own little works of art that don’t have to fit in with a color scheme.